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Reed Will Get Reed-demption On Steelers

For the past few years around Pittsburgh, there are a few people that the fans love to blame when their team loses the game.  For the Pirates, it was John Russell.  For the Panthers, it is Dave Wannstedt.  The Penguins main scapegoat, Marc-Andre Fleury.  Last but not least for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Bruce Arians and  Jeff Reed.  Well Steeler fans, one of your wishes came true as the somewhat controversial kicker Jeff Reed got his walking papers.  Time to celebrate right?  Well like the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for.

Fans have been calling for Reed’s head since the stunning loss last year against the Bears when Reed missed two field goals in what may be the only stadium that is equally as hard to kick in as Heinz Field is.  After that game, Reed missed only two more field goals the rest of the way.  That game against the Bears was in Week 2.  In what is a down year for Reed, he has only made 15 of 22 field goals on the year which is way below his average.  Sunday nights game against the Patriots was the final straw for most fans for missing a 26 yard field goal, but the straw that broke the kicker’s back came in a postgame interview where Reed blamed the fans for getting on him and the field conditions.  Put that with his preseason blasting of the Rooney’s about lying to him about a possible contract extension to be paid like the top kicker in the league.  “See ya later Jeff”, “It’s about time” and “Good for the guy, leave and never come back” were some of the reactions to his release.  Well Pittsburgh faithful, I hate to tell you, but you won’t realize the quality of a kicker that you had.

Reed led the NFL in kicking percentage the past three years kicking in the worst stadium to kick in.  Is he having a down year, yes, but the Steelers gave up on him to fast not allowing him to right the ship.  How many times has this man came up clutch in the playoffs and game winning kicks.  Everybody loved the guy then.  I suppose that 2 Super Bowls mean nothing and not even mentioning his extensive work with charities around the area.  “We got rid of him because he ran his mouth and punched in a towel dispenser at Sheetz” is what some of you may say.  Yes Jeff has made some mistakes and spoke his mind when he hasn’t, but if he was 21-22 this year on field goals would you care?  If the organization didn’t stand for off the field incidents, then why is Reed and Santonio Holmes gone but Ben Roethlisberger and James Harrison are still around?  Ben wasn’t found guilty I understand, but he still shed some bad light on the organization.  Give it a few weeks and see how much of a fan of Shaun Suisham you are.  He is a standout kickoff man, sending the ball 6 yards deep in the endzone consistently, but have you seen this guys track record.  He is known for the ‘choke’. If you don’t know what that is, ask a Redskins fan, they’ll tell you.  Ask the Cowboys how Suisham looked in the playoffs last year after missing two field goals in what was a blowout anyway.  Let’s see, he was cut by the Steelers in 2005 and then signed by the Redskins then released.  The Cowboys signed him and released him.  Within in the past 12 months, he endured his second stints and releases by the Redskins and Cowboys, signed for 2 months with the Browns in March, and released by the Rams in training camp.  Sounds like a great choice Tomlin.  He must have shined at the open audition at Heinz Field.  I guess it couldn’t have been hard when he was the only one.

Reed missed a field goal opening day which could have sealed the game that they ended up winning anyways.  Besides that, how much affect have the field goals he missed really had on the team?  The others that come up is the one is Cincinnati where the defense allowed the Bengals to come back into the game and Reed missed a field goal that could have sealed the game, not won the game, but sealed it.  The 26 yarder he missed against the Patriots changed the game alot.  Maybe if they lost by 3 points that is.  The fact is, when you have to rely on your kicker to make a kick from the 9 yard line is pathetic that the offense can’t punch the ball in.  If Mike Wallace and Randel El hold onto the ball in the endzone, the kick never takes place.  Not to mention William Gay giving up 3 touchdowns the the Rookie Rob Gronkowski, a Tight End none the less.  I hope you enjoyed the years that Reed gave you because mark my words, sometime this year or next, whether Reed is a Patriot, Bengal, Jet or Cowboy, he will make a kick to beat the Steelers and have the fans calling for him to be back.

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In response to “Reed Will Get Reed-demption On Steelers”

  1. your brother Nov 17 20108:11 pm


    William Gay needs to be the one to go. I think the Steelers are going to draft a kicker this off season or pick a new one up. Reed is becoming washed up, and if we are able to draft a new kicker we will end up just fine.

    1. Michael Waterloo Nov 18 20106:14 pm


      thanks for the comment! and yeah i agree except i don’t feel Reed is washed up. But he was the least of their problems.

  2. Steve Speicher Nov 18 20106:18 pm


    I think they made the right move. Not because of his recent misses but because of his comments about the fans. I do believe he will come back to haunt them in the playoffs.

    1. Michael Waterloo Nov 18 20106:23 pm


      Couldn’t agree with you more Steve, the comments, although maybe warranted, are not appropriate for any athlete to say whether they feel that way or not. Don’t agree with the move but only time will tell and the bad thing is, we will never know what would happen had he stayed for the rest of the year. As always, thanks for the read!

  3. dt Nov 18 20106:19 pm


    I wondered the same exact thing. If they are using “behavior” as part of their reasoning, then why is he gone but Ben still here? Mind you, I am not saying I am wishing Ben was gone, but still makes you wonder why the bad press we got from Ben was “acceptable” enough, but Jeff’s antic’s weren’t. Maybe there is more than we are privy to know, but I have to admit I wondered the same thing. Seems like the bad press from Ben was just a little more serious. He was a fine kicker for all these years…….it’s too bad.

    1. Michael Waterloo Nov 18 20106:28 pm


      Don’t agree with the way the Steelers brass handled this one at all…then again, Colbert has proved to know what he was doing in the past. Thanks for the comment!

    2. Kathy Nov 18 20106:58 pm


      The only difference is that Ben was never actually convicted…only accused……..Reed on the other hand, though his antics were of what seems to be of a much less severe nature …he was fined/charged/convicted …whatever………..Too bad they can’t lock them away for stupidity…but then again if you could there be sports at all?????

  4. BFF’s mom Nov 18 20106:55 pm


    I think it was high time that Reed was let go…….they let his behavior off the field go for way too long…the Steelers have an image…..a brand if you will, that puts them above many in the NFL. Jeff Reed showed no respect for the Rooneys, the Steelers or the fans, not to mention respect for himself with his off the field antics. Not to mention the way he treats the women he meets in Latrobe at camp every year. This, added to his less than stellar performances and his constant whining about the fans, the field conditions etc. lead me to believe that NOW was the PERFECT time to let him go. Give him a little cheese to go along with that whine and send him on his way………….oh and Mike….great article. .

    1. Michael Waterloo Nov 18 20107:03 pm


      Couldn’t agree more that Reed has dug himself in a hole and was a pig at the bars from experiences that everyone knows….Though I agree they have an image to maintain, I just wish they were more consistent in their rulings even if Ben wasn’t convicted…same with Cedric Wilson getting released but James Harrison staying, but like you said there would be no sports left lol….appreciate the comments and thanks for the compliment!

  5. dt Nov 18 20107:23 pm


    I agree that we want only the best role models, off and on the field. No one should be exempt in that requirement.. It’s just really a shame when they have the potential to be such great players but blow it by their off the field/on the field behavior or disrespect to the Rooney’s/the fans.

  6. Melissa Nov 18 20108:57 pm


    I agree that Reed may come back to haunt us in the playoffs, there’s no doubt about it that he was one of the best. Best as in kicking, not as a Steeler. The Steelers have pride in the type of guys they have on their roster and Jeff Reed stuck out like a sore thumb. Now I realize nobody’s perfect, and other guys on the team have had really great press in the pass, but I think that Jeff Reed getting cut is a step in the right direction. Honestly after incounters with him in person, I would rather this new kicker have the same kicking percentage (which is terrible) or worse, just knowing that he is out of here. Great article :) !!

    1. Michael Waterloo Nov 18 20109:36 pm


      Thanks for the comment and read again!

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