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Saying the Bears and Eagles play a huge game at Soldier Field on Sunday would be like saying Jimi Hendrix is sorta good at playing guitar.  The contest has playoff implications galore and certainly is expected to provide plenty of drama.  Lovie Smith entered the 2010 campaign on the hot seat.  Many thought it wasn’t a question of if he’d be fired, but when.  Now the likeable leader from Big Sandy, Texas is a victory away from silencing even his harshest critics.  A win over red hot Philadelphia would give Chicago the inside track to a playoff berth and a super shot at a bye week.

On the flip side, a Bears setback on Sunday could be disastrous.  There’d be no shame in losing to the high flying Eagles, but the Bears schedule the rest of the way is not kind.  With New England and the Jets still on the docket, plus three divisional tilts, all on the road, Chicago must stockpile wins whenever they can.  They’ve done a great job at that so far.  The Eagles, however are sure to be their toughest test.

The Philadelphia resurgence has been led by Mike Vick.  The quarterback has been sensational, running and throwing for scores at every turn.  He hasn’t turned the ball over yet via interception and his performance against Washington a few Mondays ago was one of the greatest games ever played by an NFL signal caller.  Vick’s crazy good game was nationally televised, feeding the buzz about his accomplishments and fueling the talk about his MVP candidacy.  The Eagles seem to be Super Bowl contenders, a big deal for a franchise that hasn’t won it all since 1960.

What people aren’t talking about, at least not in NFL circles, is the reason why Vick had to make a comeback at all.  Vick’s long-term participation and front line role in a gruesome dog fighting operation has been absolved by most sports fans and by seemingly every NFL player, coach, broadcaster, mascot, vendor, and parking attendant.  He has not been forgiven by me.  Quite the contrary.

Vick didn’t plunk a few bucks down and watch a couple of Pit Bulls wrestle.  He personally murdered multiple animals.  He hanged dogs, drowned dogs, electrocuted dogs.  On at least one occasion when he electrocuted a dog, he wet the canine down first,  just to make sure the dog was zapped with plenty of power.  Vick and his crew removed the teeth from female dogs with pliers to prevent them from snapping at male dogs who were forced to impregnate them again and again on the so-called ‘rape machine’.

According to legal documents Vick also slammed one dog’s skull into the ground until the victim took one last breath.  People don’t talk about that anymore.  They’re too busy talking about dazzling touchdowns and lopsided scores in favor of the club Vick pilots.  They don’t talk about the dogs who survived Vick’s dog ring that continue to shake on a daily basis and live in fear.  They’re too busy talking about the shake and bake moves Vick is displaying while dodging tacklers and the fear the Philadelphia offense is putting into opposing defenders.

The NFL is a union shop.  Players have always stood by one another.  Drug charges, assault accusations, and suspensions of any kind are always appealed with much solidarity.  The NFLPA is up there with teachers unions when it comes to power.  So, it’s not that much of a surprise that the players throughout this league have been very pro-Vick since day one.  The robust, hearty, vocal nature of the support is what’s off-putting.  You want to use the tired line that Vick ‘paid his debt to society and now deserves a second chance’?  That’s fine.  It’s the onslaught of celebration that makes many people, albeit very quietly, cringe.  Some players don’t say anything on the subject.  Jason Taylor made a vague reference to his distaste for what Vick did through an ASPCA ad.  Other than that it’s been all pro-Vick, all the time.

Democrats love him.  Republicans love him.  Blacks, whites, men, women, fat, skinny, short, tall.  Pro-Vick.  LeBron James recently tweeted ’Michael Vick for President’.  Jordan loves him.  Ditka thinks he’s good for the game.  Wow.

The verbiage is probably the most troublesome part of all of this.  You’ve heard it all by now.  You know, the ‘mistake’ he made.  A mistake is when you leave the milk out overnight.  Not when you purposely kill a bait dog and laugh.

I’m also amazed at this golly gee willikers attitude over how well he’s doing on the field after he murdered so many dogs.  Why does one have anything to do with the other?  If a world class juggler raped children and then got out of prison, he’d still be able to juggle.  If a master painter embezzled millions of dollars, then served his time in the clink, he’d still be able to produce art after he was freed.  I’m sure Martha Stewart’s penchant for folding napkins into birds didn’t suffer any blow after her time away.  Vick played football at a high level before he murdered animals and went to prison.  Of course he can still play.

Nowadays people don’t even talk about what Vick did.  Those of us who beat the drum are now the pariahs in sports circles.  Back when those on board the Vick love train did still engage us, their arguments were flawed at best.  They’d say convoluted things like Donte Stallworth and Leonard Little killed people, Vick just killed dogs.  I say, while Stallworth and Little should both be locked up for life, neither intentionally got in their cars and sought to run someone down.  They did claim lives because they were stupid enough to drive drunk.  They did not however have malicious intent.  Vick purposely killed dogs for years.  We were told that Ray Lewis and Kobe Bryant are much worse than Vick.  Last time I checked, neither of those athletes were proven guilty of the crimes that were alleged.  They talked about Ben Roethlisberger and his disgusting display against a woman in a well guarded bathroom.  They’re right that Roethlisberger’s actions are as low as one can go.  They’re wrong to think Vick isn’t right there with him.

The real brainiacs would say things like ‘dog fighting is a southern tradition’, a ‘cultural thing’.  You know what else happened a lot down south, and regrettably still does to this day?  Cross burning.  Klan meetings.  Just because it’s happened for years somewhere doesn’t make it OK.  It doesn’t make the person responsible for it free of blame because of his surroundings.  Personal responsibility must be considered.  Vick displayed none.

Andy Reid continues to be the biggest, literally and figuratively, cheerleader for Vick.  Referring to his quarterback as “kid” and “tough cookie”.  Cute names masking the real man.  Fans and reporters have thrown Donovan McNabb under the bus, saying Vick is already a better leader than McNabb etc. etc., even though the team appeared in championship game after championship game with #5 in charge.  They praise Vick, yet vilify athletes like Terrell Owens, Randy Moss, Chad Ochocinco, Milton Bradley, and Roger Clemens, even though they’ve never hurt anyone.  The frustrating part about all of this is they all love Vick too.  Everyone seems to.

Mike Vick did indeed serve his time to society and has every right to go back to work.  I agree wholeheartedly.  There’s nothing more American than that.  That doesn’t mean the Eagles had to hire him, that doesn’t mean people have to root for him, and it certainly doesn’t mean that he should be celebrated as if he beat cancer or overcame a family tragedy.  That’s what it seems like though.  The way Vick is portrayed, he is the comeback kid.  He got through his problems to succeed on the athletic field.  Those problems however were self-inflicted and dogs were brutally killed.  Darryl Strawberry and Josh Hamilton overcame substance abuse.  While their addictions surely caused distress to friends and family members, no one was intentionally hurt.  They really hurt themselves.  Their efforts toward redemption are noble.  Lance Armstrong beat cancer.  Sam Mills gave it his all to try to do the same.  Noble.  Vick murdered dogs and got caught.  He now speaks to kids about dog fighting because he has to or else.  He now on the surface stays out of public trouble (except for that little party shooting a few months back) because he has to.  Noble?  Not so much.  Just a guy who got caught and now doesn’t want to be booted out of the NFL and booted back into jail.

On Philadelphia sports radio this week the hosts and a reporter were talking Eagles and of course it turned into an I Love Mike Vick rally.  The reporter waxed poetic about how Vick has a sign in his locker that reads Walk the Talk.  The host responded in kind saying something along the lines of ‘Wow, that really shows what a leader he is’.  WHEN DID I MOVE TO ANOTHER PLANET???  So, let me get this straight.  Murder dogs for years.  Finally get caught.  Then and only then speak about your ‘mistake’ to classrooms, hang up a cute little sign, and be lauded by Fantasy Football geeks everywhere as the greatest quarterback ever, on and off the field.  Weird.  Sad.

I know there are plenty of people who loathe what Vick did.  They are not buying this ‘football success equals crimes aren’t as bad anymore’ formula.  The problem is, most of the football world is removed from this because a lot of the cerebral folks with minds, hearts, and souls are not into sports and they already knew that who wins the Bears-Eagles game on Sunday isn’t a matter of life and death.  The sports minded among us who speak out against Vick also miss the point.  The few who bother to say anything talk about how Vick ‘threw away his career’ and ‘lost money’ and ‘screwed up’.  Not that he bashed the skulls of innocent dogs.

During that same Vick kissy kiss radio fest, the hosts did a segment about who they’d like to thrown in the Spectrum, the old home of the Flyers and 76ers before it’s demolished.  They mentioned Andre Iguodala, Justin Bieber, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, and everyone who votes for Dancing With The Stars.  Then they came up with this gem.  They said anyone who wants to argue about Vick and his dogfighting past should be thrown into this fantasy death sentence as well.  They said they were sick and tired of hearing about it.  Vick did his time.  It’s over.  No it’s not.

Imagine if civil rights leaders didn’t say a word when blacks were told they had to drink out of separate fountains and ride only in the backs of buses.  What if women kept quiet when they were told they couldn’t vote?  Those of us who care about animals and a civilized society as a whole will not give it a rest.  We will continue to talk about the gory details of what this man purposely did to innocent dogs for no reason.  It’s easy to forget when you sweep things under the rug.  Don’t fall to the peer pressure or the ‘they’re just dogs’ mentality.  You know it’s wrong.  Speak out.  He can play.  Great.  So what?  Touchdowns don’t erase sick, sociopathic behavior.  He’s back in the league and when his stats warrant it, he should be treated fairly in the press.  The sooner this over the top positive attitude toward him stops, however, the better.  We’ve had pro athletes come back from true tragedy.  Murdered family members, battles with leukemia.  Paul Pierce was stabbed over and over again, only to persevere and return to win a world title.  We don’t talk about any of that however.  After all they aren’t dog killers.

On the field the Bears have done relatively well against Vick in the past, posting a 3-0 mark against his Falcons and containing the scrambler to a point.  They’ll certainly need to keep Vick in check once again to win on Sunday, but my concern is actually on the other side of the ball.  While, the Bears should be able to hold the Eagles to under 20 points, the real question is can the Chicago offense find the end zone against the very capable Philly defense? 

The talk is all about Vick but this game is a biggie for the other starting quarterback as well.  Jay Cutler has a chance to show Bears fans that he can come though on the grandest of stages.  This is really his first opportunity to do so since coming to the Windy City.

Look for this one to come down to field position and turnovers.  If Devin Hester can give the Bears good starting points, if  Cutler protects the ball, and if Robbie is as good as Gould, Lovie’s crew could be 8-3 and well on their way.  If the Bears are sloppy though, expect an opportunistic Eagles squad to capitalize and steal one on the road.     

Many thought the NFC was weak this season, but now it appears that multiple teams with winning records when all is said and done will be outside the playoff picture looking in.  The West has lived up to the less than stellar predictions, so since someone has to come out of that division that means of the Eagles, Giants, Bears, Packers, Bucs, Saints, and Atlanta…two will not be in the postseason.  This only drives home how huge a victory would be on Sunday.

The Bulls circus trip has been better than usual with some impressive wins along the way.  Things could’ve been even sweeter if not for a Carmelo Anthony buzzer beater that gored Chicago in Denver Friday night.  Derrick Rose didn’t play in that one due to a stiff neck.  C.J. Watson filled in and then some, scoring over 30 in the loss.  

King sized coincidence.  Saturday night the Bulls were at Sacramento while the Blackhawks skated at Los Angeles, meaning both the Bulls and Hawks played the Kings.           

Blue Turkeys.  After an opening win over Chicago State, DePaul has struggled mightily.  The Blue Demons have lost three straight now including a Thanksgiving heartbreaker to Oklahoma State and a drubbing at the hands of Cal State Northridge in Anaheim. 

Enjoy the football game.  I’ll be in the Spectrum if anyone needs me.

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Kevin Scholla is an American news and sports anchor/writer for CBS Radio. He has been a professional journalist for more than a decade. Scholla's other current projects include: Anchor/Host- LBL Radio. Announcer- Trenton Thunder Baseball (New York Yankees AA), Holy Family University Men's & Women's Basketball, Lincoln University Football. Host-"Delaware County's Most Wanted TV Show" on Comcast. TV/Radio Panelist-Fox News Channel, TCN, TBN, WBCB. Scholla's past projects include: Public Address Announcer- Villanova Men's Basketball, Philadelphia Wings Lacrosse, Penn Baseball, Sotball, Lacrosse, Sussex Skyhawks Professional Baseball Club, New York Majesty and Philadelphia Passion of the Lingerie Football League. Writer/Host- LBL 360 Radio. Play by Play-Centenary College Basketball, William Paterson University Football. Radio Analyst-Delaware State University Football. Press Secretary-Gubernatorial Race. Reporter/Anchor-Millennium Radio. News Director-Clear Channel. Reporter/Anchor-ABC Radio. Scholla interned at WFAN in New York City working alongside Don Imus and Chris Russo. Scholla's career highlights include reporting live from the NCAA Basketball Final Four, serving as courthouse reporter at the Jayson Williams trial, and interviewing three U.S. presidents and two U.S. vice presidents. Scholla was the only radio or television reporter to interview former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey on his first day out of office. On January 28, 2009, Scholla was the public address announcer for the Villanova vs. Pittsburgh game at the Wachovia Spectrum. It would be the final college basketball game ever played at the historic arena. Scholla wrote, produced, and acted in a public service announcement that was named the American Cancer Society Award Winner. Scholla has also compiled quite a resume outside of journalism. He coaches youth softball and baseball. He is a committee chairman for the Miss Illinois Scholarship Association. Scholla also works as a booster and consultant for DePaul University, the Montgomery Biscuits, the Tri-City Dust Devils, and the Helena Brewers. Scholla has been recognized for his volunteer work with various charities including VFW, ASPCA and the Philadelphia Zoo. Along with Shannon Elizabeth, Scholla supports Animal Avengers, a California-based pet rescue group. Scholla has worked for numerous political campaigns and twice won the nomination for township committee in Springfield Township, Union County, New Jersey. Scholla is a fan of the Bears, Bulls, White Sox, Blackhawks, and DePaul Basketball. Outside of Chicago, he also roots for the Mets and University of Florida Football.

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  1. Dan Rakusan Nov 28 20101:11 am


    I find your unwillingness to forgive when most of society has kind of moralistic and a tad disturbing. You can love pit bulls all you want, but the fact is that he (one of the few famous) served his time. Get over it.

    I’ve seen much worse go unpunished, and while two wrongs might not make a right, in this case, you’re kind of over the line of right.

    My argument is that you can always breed more dogs. Sadistic or otherwise, you can technically call any domesticated breed (including humans) a disposable asset. You can always make more.

    I’m not advocating dog-fighting, but you make it sound like Vick invented it, or even started the ring. His “cuz” started it. Either way, Vick was stupid to get involved, and paid the price for it. Now he’s making amends by speaking to kids about the wrongs of animal cruelty and playing lights out on the field.

    Honestly, I find it funny that people still hate him. Way bigger villains out there to worry about!

    Just my opinion though.


    1. Frilly Nov 29 201011:14 pm


      Yeah I find it funny that you negate to mention dog fighting for the evil that it is – what a shame.

      1. Dan Rakusan Nov 29 201011:19 pm


        I don’t care about it, that’s why! Stop putting emotion before rational thought. He paid DEARLY for his crimes. Let him move on in life! Last thing we need is another ghetto rat…

        1. Frilly Nov 29 201011:26 pm


          This is an article about dog fighting and vicks second shot – if you don’t care about that then why the posts ?

          1. Dan Rakusan Nov 29 201011:28 pm

            I care about Vick getting a second shot. I don’t care about dog-fighting.

        2. Tee Nov 30 20109:22 am


          Exactly. You care about his “second chance” what about all the dogs he tortured? No second chances there. Anyone who would so such a thing is psychotic. Animal abuse and abuse of people go hand in hand.

  2. Dan Rakusan Nov 28 20101:15 am


    BTW – Here: “Why does one have anything to do with the other? If a world class juggler raped children and then got out of prison, he’d still be able to juggle.” is where the line was crossed. That’s just out of line man… The two aren’t even in the same stratosphere.

  3. Becky Nov 28 20107:04 pm


    Thank you for this. I have been voicing the same argument for the past two years and really that’s all we can do. If it were up to me, Vick wouldn’t be playing. Anyone who can commit such atrocities has a screw loose, and I wouldn’t trust him with my franchise. But then again, I don’t own a football team or run the world. If only.

    1. Dan Rakusan Nov 29 20102:30 pm


      Sure, he could always get into crime instead. Great idea! His taxes per annum are likely more than what most of us make in a year. He’s contributing to society now, leave him alone! Nobody is asking any of you to join his fan club, but you’re all kind of kicking a dead horse (or dog).

      1. Frilly Nov 29 201011:16 pm


        dan – again you have fallen down on the side of dog fighters under the guise of taxes ?

        1. Dan Rakusan Nov 29 201011:24 pm


          I fall on the side of redemption. Paying taxes by letting Vick play football seems more important to me than some stupid dog…. Sorry, I hate them. Don’t want to kill them all, but I’m okay if others find it needed.

          I just don’t get how someone could say “this human lost $100M and 2 years of his life, but that’s not enough”… You people and your god damned dogs. Fugg I will never understand it… They’re animals! Like cows, pigs, chickens, lambs, etc… We kill millions of those each day, and many in cruel ways. I don’t hear y’all bitchin’ about that!

          Get over your moralistic attitude and join a society that forgives people once they’ve served their sentence!

          Again, you don’t have to like Vick, but you should be big enough to forgive!

          1. Frilly Nov 29 201011:34 pm

            It’s not my job to forgive the vicks of this world, thankfully for them ! I am quite certain that it is my moral compass that keeps me straight in life so if it’s ok with you I won’t get off that attitude – maybe that’s a train you might want to catch one day. Factory farming within the meat industry is in itself a full debate, it has nothing to do with vick or what he did and has no mention in this particular article.

            Again you don’t have to understand this but fugg you should try !

          2. Dan Rakusan Nov 29 201011:37 pm

            Okay, so your farts don’t smell, you’ve never done anything wrong that you got forgiven for then…. right?

            Moral compasses aside, if we can’t rehab people from bad behaviour (which I have always said was what Vick did was), why not just send them all to life in prison with no parole, or just kill em with lethal injection? That seems to be your agenda…

          3. Dan Rakusan Nov 29 201011:54 pm

            Also, as a final question “Frilly” – if it’s not your job to forgive the Vicks of the world, why do you find it to be your job to condemn them? Seriously… Why not just take your opinion and keep it personal? I’ve done that with guys like Manson, Bundy, Dahmer etc… I don’t light a bunch of torches and go on a witch-hunt. If Canada can let that freak Karla Homolka go free on society, I can hardly see how Vick is a big issue…

            You don’t have to understand it, but fugg, you should try!

  4. Timothy Nov 29 201012:53 pm


    I some times wonder if there’s anyone else in Philly who feels this way.
    I’m happy he served his time. I’m even happy that he’s getting a second chance, but the baseless claims about his strength of character are ridiculous.

  5. Lina Nov 29 20106:20 pm


    First of all Timothy…Baseless claims about his character????! Are you serious??! Do you know all the details of the abuse case against him?? Can you not see that behavior is directly related to character??? You need to read the definition of character and re think that comment… In short it means moral or ethical quality of a person. Do you believe what he did to be moral or ethical???? Secondly to Dan, Regardless of what his tax contribution is or how wonderful you believe he is at his sport does not mean that his behavior should be forgotten. It is great that he served time and it is great that he speaks out against the behavior that he participated in, I believe that is the least that he could have done for his crimes. This does not erase his past and the fact that he did what he did. Although it is not my place to judge it is within my right to not support him or his sponsors. you can say I hold him and the corporations to a high standard and that the man and the game should not be seen as one in the same as you implies in your juggler example, but I should hope that you would not hire that juggler to do your child’s birthday party just because he served his time. Just because he is in a line of work that has nothing to do with dogs does not change the core of the man. To you obviously animal cruelty is not a HUGE concern like it is to Kevin and I. To Kevin and I it is something that we can not separate just because he plays his position well. Forgiveness and acceptance are two very different things. It is not my place to forgive or not to forgive Vick that is between him and his maker. It is however my place to not accept what he did as ethical or moral. It is ok for me not to support a person that committed those acts regardless of his jail time. We all have a different moral compass and different views on life and as you view people and dogs as “just ” expendable creatures. I view it very differently… all life is precious and a gift and should be appreciated and honored. Maybe Kevin and I are not realistic hoping that more of mankind could believe the same and stand up against this type of behavior regardless of a persons celebrity. But I would rather expect more out of my fellow man than settle for the crap at the bottom of the barrel. If we do not hold each other accountable in this life the future of this world is a slow decay of morals and ethics and there is nothing good about that no matter how many touchdowns the Eagles score.

    1. Dan Rakusan Nov 29 20109:58 pm


      Holy ramble! I did not condone Vick’s actions in the past, but we DO have to “forget” the past sometimes, especially when dealing with things that are essentially trivial. I eat beef, am I a “cow-killer”? Same for pork, chicken, fish, or even vegetables. Is a vegetarian a mass-murdering a-hole because of all the soy beans they slaughter each year? Get off the high-horse.

      You talk about “meeting the maker” and whatnot. Guess what, I have met my mother and father, and regardless of whether I bred and killed a few dogs, I’m sure they’d still love me.

      You mention “my example” of the juggler-rapist. That was in the post itself. At least read it before accusing me of anything disgusting like letting a convicted pedophile near my twin 8-year old daughters. Really…

      Finally, nobody is asking you to like Michael Vick. But you should fill your life with things other than hating him. Really, you’re wasting valuable time and emotional energy.

      And – I hate dogs. If that’s okay with the morality police that is…

  6. Christopher Rowe Nov 29 20107:06 pm


    Judge him on the field./ He is no worse than Roethlisberger’s actions which are as low as one can go. He didn not committ murder of people and he was not a premeditated murderer. He paid his dues and I’m not a big Mike Vick fan… but I defend that you separate on field Vick from off. If he does something wrong off the field, string him up for what he did as he had no second chances. If he is just trying to make a living, half a dozen NFL players has gotten away with far worse! Murder people has been accomplished by people walking the streets! This man tortured dogs which is not good but he paid his dues and you all need some perspective! Stallowrth is far more guilty as is Ray Lewis or Ryan Leaf! Roethlisberger ahould be right there on trial with Vick!

    1. Dan Rakusan Nov 29 20109:59 pm



  7. Frilly Nov 29 201011:24 pm


    What utter rot ! vick like anyone else in this world “deserves” nothing – regardless of your personal affection towards dogs in general, it does not make it right to harm them. The meat industry and the animals contained therein are classified as such, whereby, dogs are classified as “companion animals” which means you cannot breed and fight them, nor should you. For those of you that equate dog fighting to the hunting/killing of “food animals” you must know where to send the letters !

    1. Dan Rakusan Nov 29 201011:26 pm


      I call BS!!!! Pit-bulls were genetically engineered for fighting! Read up on it, then get back to me! Sissy liberal…

      1. Tee Nov 30 20109:27 am


        Dan, you need to read up on it! You know nothing about dogs or pits….anyone who hates dogs has a major problem. Why do you hate them? I can understand not being interested in them but HATE….why?
        Do you know that they feel pain just like you do? Yeah, it hurts alot when you get your HEAD BASEHED into the concrete over and over again as the autopsy showed. Vick did that. Whatever you think about dogs or football or sissy liberals… does that not disgust you??

  8. TLH Nov 30 201012:29 am


    Killing dogs is wrong. Brutally killing dogs is wrong. Enjoying it concerns me even more. But at the end of the day, the show of support for M.V. Is just another sad example of the breakdown of the moral compass of my fellow Americans.

    I suggest if Vick would have spilled soda on your favorite shirt, you would be less empathetic to the situation than you are of him brutalizing these poor animals.

    Horrible things happening to someone other than me… Thats ok, as long as I’m still entertained.

    Careful what you mindlessly support. You might end up on the other end of your mindlessness, someday. And I bet you wont like it a bit.

  9. JD Nov 30 20101:26 am


    Vick tortured animals for more than five years – it was both intentional, malicious and premeditated. I don’t know how you could argue anything but that. He didn’t kill animals in the heat of passion and it wasn’t with a reckless disregard for his actions, or because he didn’t know any better. It was purely intentional and the only reason it stopped was because he got caught. There is nothing to suggest that he was going to stop for any other reason but for the fact that the law intervened. I don’t believe 21 months in prison and 2 months of home confinement would necessary prompt a change in the psyche of someone who found pleasure in torturing animals. Sociopaths don’t have changes of heart and definitely do not become “reformed characters” from “serving time” with the other upstanding citizens they’re incarcerated with. Vick still hates animals and probably could give a rats-ass about the time he served or the dogs he killed. This is all PR stuff now. If the opportunity presents itself, I’m sure he’ll be back at it again or perhaps worse as clearly he is predisposed to sociopathic tendencies. Throwing a good pass or playing a good game doesn’t negate the fact that the guy is sick in the head. There’s plenty of talent the NFL could choose from but clearly greed trumps morals nowadays.

  10. diana Dec 4 20101:04 pm


    My heart Does NOT bleed for a person ( not caring who they are) that believe it is OK to harm any creature ( human or other) that cant defend themselves…this includes Vic…who in his profession is given the proper gear to be life he has legal representation that also protects him..but in LIFE TO COME?? He is at the mercy of God and that is going to be the judgment day of all …..and its not for just him it is going to be for ALL of us..We live our lives knowing what is right and proper..what is harmful and cruel..mean and viscous.. we all know in our hearts how we are to treat every living creature …we from the beginning of times were given guardianship to our gifted creatures that we “SHARE” our world with..I dont ever think God said to Adam here ya go Son do what you want with these wonders beat them and disregard them as anything less then a living thing…
    So shame on anyone who takes a loving creature and harms, kills starves or neglects them as they would if they were nothing more then a stone in the road…
    I thank you Kevin for this blog …truly I do not be afraid to say you are not a fan of someone is perfectly OK … not let the horror of those animals go by the wayside as yesterdays is important to educate others on how the inhumane ways of our world can be…do you think that a dog is just a dog ?? or a cat or horse ?? that they dont feel?? that they cant love?? Look into the eyes of one of them …talk to them …and listen to when they speak back.. when a dog lays their head in your lap or gently nudges your hand ..look down and see the love in their eyes..all any critters want is all we all want to belong and be loved …not so hard to understand is it?? Nothing dumb about them ..they think they feel and they respond to all the same things we do..we are not born to fight but we will when backed into a corner..their spirits can be broken just as we can do the same…loose all self worth and the only thing we/they look forward to might be death as a means to end the endless day/nights of horror in our world..

    I cant help myself and not forgive someone that has harmed another it is my belief in God that tells me to do this..but the thing that God has given me is He tells me this …I dont ever have to like that person for what they did..or who they are…

    I also know that every living creature God breathed life into will make it to heaven… “TO” heaven not that they will stay there after the judgment…So for those that have done horrific things ..will see what they are going to miss for eternity as they take the elevator “DOWN” and the rest will enjoy the sight of all life as it was presented to us..two legger …four leggers ,, winged swimming and otherwise..

    Prayers for all those that have suffered at the hand of mans inability to see the right from the wrong to be unable to feel the pain and anguish of any other and find happiness in the brutal things they heart breaks when anyone thinks of any living creature as a commodity to take them down the road of success..

    Always Diana and All God’s Creatures

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