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NFL Power Rankings Week 13: Brady and the Patriots Back on Top with Jets Lurking

Posted By Bear Heiser On Dec 1 2010 @ 3:28 pm In NFL | No Comments

What a week of headlines. Andre Johnson fights Cortland Finnegan, Derek Anderson melts down after the Cardinals loss on Monday Night Football, Andy Reid makes DeSean Jackson cry in front of his teammates, Steve Johnson drops a game-winning touchdown pass in the end zone. The NFL has become a full-fledged reality show.

The top five is still a bit murky, but thanks to some brilliant scheduling by the NFL we get to see the best play the best in Week 13.

Top Five Matchups To Watch in Week 13:

1. New York Jets at New England Patriots

2. Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens

3. Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

4. Dallas Cowboys at Indianapolis Colts

5. Houston Texans at Philadelphia Eagles

Top Five Quarterbacks in Week 13:

1. Philip Rivers

2. Mike Vick

3. Eli Manning

4. Aaron Rodgers

5. Sam Bradford

Top Five Running Backs in Week 13:

1. Peyton Hillis

2. LeSean McCoy

3. Michael Turner

4. Steven Jackson

5. Chris Johnson

Top Five Wide Receivers in Week 13:

1. Dwayne Bowe

2. Roddy White

3. Brandon Lloyd

4. Wes Welker

5. Greg Jennings

And now what you’ve all been waiting for: My absurd but fun Week 13 Power Rankings.

Don’t like my list? I want to hear from you! Share yours in the comments section below. Let’s discuss people! Have any mock headlines? Share those too.

32. Arizona Cardinals 3-7

Previously Ranked:

Week 12: 27-6 loss to San Francisco

Did you see the Derek Anderson press conference? Even if you have–you know you want to see it again.

Next up: St. Louis

They beat the Rams in the opening week of the season. I asked my magic 8-ball if they can beat them again and got the following response: A Cardinal win is about as likely as Brett Favre’s return next season.


31. Carolina Panthers 1-10

Previously Ranked: 32

Week 12: 24-23 loss at Cleveland

Poor John Kasay. His 42-yard game-winning field goal attempt grazed the left upright as time expired Sunday. It’s a shame nobody cares that he had already made one field goal from 42 yards and two from 43 yards earlier in the game.

Like I said: Poor John Kasay.

Next up: at Seattle

Don’t see the Panthers getting their second win here. Seattle is tough at home and the Panthers aren’t good anywhere. #SUCKSTOBEJOHNFOX

30. Tennessee Titans 5-6

Previously Ranked: 21

Week 12: 20-0 loss at Houston

Oh how far they’ve fallen. Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that we were talking about the Titans being a top five team? The curse of Randy Moss continues! Speaking of Moss, he had a game-changing three catches against the Texans–so there’s that.

Next up: Jacksonville

I can’t believe I’m saying this but, where’s Kerry Collins when you need him?

29. Detroit Lions 2-9

Previously Ranked: 30

Week 12: 45-24 loss to New England

The Lions led this one 17-10 at halftime, but as expected they give up 35 points and the win in the second half. Way to blow it on Turkey Day. The Lions are creeping back toward laughing stock status.

Next up: Chicago

A rematch of the Week 1 touchdown fiasco. The Lions need to find their sense of pride and become the spoiler.

28. Denver Broncos 3-8

Previously Ranked: 26

Week 12: 36-33 loss to St. Louis

What a bad day for Jay Cutler to throw four touchdowns against perhaps the best team in the NFL. I’m so glad my name isn’t Josh McDaniels.


Next up: at Kansas City

The Chiefs are undefeated at home. #NuffSaid

27. Cincinnati Bengals 2-9

Previously Ranked: 28

Week 12: 26-10 loss at the New York Jets

I just cannot understand how this team only has two wins. It’s almost laughable, hold on a second, nope it’s definitely laughable. I was able to realize that because I couldn’t stop laughing–haha.


Next up: New Orleans

Is there anything left for the Bengals to play for? Doesn’t seem like it. It’s a shame because jobs are at stake.

26. San Francisco 49ers 4-7

Previously Ranked: 27

Week 12: 27-6 win at Arizona

Can you believe the 49ers are only one game back of the division lead? Just when things started to turn around they lose Frank Gore for the season with some sort of hip injury. Luckily they have former Pro Bowler Brian Westbrook in the stable to take his place.

Next up: at Green Bay

The Niners may be on the comeback trail but the buck stops here, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are playing too well.

25. Seattle Seahawks 5-6

Previously Ranked: 22

Week 12: 42-24 loss to Kansas City

Every single one of the Seahawks’ six losses has been by 15 points or more. You think the players are starting to get sick of Pete Carroll’s rah-rah attitude?

USC isn’t looking so bad right about now. Coaching the ‘Hawks is just like probation in the sense that it’s guaranteed you won’t win a championship.


Next up: Carolina

Should be a win but you never know with the NFC West, strange things tend to happen.

24. Washington Redskins 5-6

Previously Ranked: 20

Week 12: 17-13 loss to Minnesota

While there’s no disputing the fact that Donovan McNabb isn’t what he used to be, there’s no way can he be blamed for what’s going on in Washington right now. The Redskins have no rushing attack whatsoever. I don’t even know why they bother trying to run the ball. Ryan Torain had a few decent game before he got hurt–but he’s hurt. Against the Vikings they ran the ball 13 times for a grand total of 29 yards. McNabb can’t do it all by himself, not anymore at least.


Next up: at the New York Giants

The Giants have some injury issues. I don’t see an upset here but then again I don’t see a lot of things–so says my fiance.

23. Oakland Raiders 5-6

Previously Ranked: 16

Week 12: 33-17 loss to Miami

Attention Darren McFadden–please pick up a white courtesy phone IMMEDIATELY. Eight carries for two yards? What happened to the 100 yards games from earlier in the season? Raider nation misses you dearly. Please come back soon.


Next up: at San Diego

I’m willing to bet the farm that Oakland’s season is done if they lose this game. Too much ground to make up on two teams that are surging (KC/SD).

22. Houston Texans 5-6

Previously Ranked: 23

Week 12: 20-0 win over Tennessee

Why is everybody so upset about the Andre Johnson-Cortland Finnegan fight? We should be thankful the NFL didn’t try to charge us for it! I’ve paid for fights that have ended quicker.

Isn’t it funny how fans encourage fighting in the NHL but in the NFL it’s totally taboo.


Next up: at Philadelphia

I’m pretty sure Houston has not shot to win this game, but I’m a bit intrigued by the growing dysfunction in Philly right now.

21. Minnesota Vikings 4-7

Previously Ranked: 29

Week 12: 17-13 win at Washington

Favre scrambled for 10 yards on third and 8 to seal the game for the Vikes. It was rather incredible. He runs like a chandelier with shoes on.

Next up: Buffalo

Adrian Peterson left Sunday’s game early due to a right ankle injury. His status for Buffalo is unknown.

20. Buffalo Bills 2-9

Previously Ranked: 18

Week 12: 19-16 OT loss to Pittsburgh

If I were a Bills fan I would only watch the second half of every game. If they could have played two second halves against the Steelers they would have won in regulation.

To be fair, they should have won anyways. Steve Johnson’s dropped touchdown catch cost me a shot at the playoffs. Not cool man–not cool.

Next up: at Minnesota

Fred Jackson should run all over this Viking defense. Can someone please explain to me why the Bills used a top 10 pick on C.J. Spiller? Why would they want to replace quite possible their most dynamic player? Jackson went over 1000 yards on the ground last season.


19. Dallas Cowboys 3-8

Previously Ranked: 17

Week 12: 30-27 loss to New Orleans

A loss is never ideal, but I think Jason Garrett and the Cowboys can take a lot from their meeting with the defending champs on Thanksgiving day. Garrett has got to be the guy moving forward. He seems to have great command of his players.

Next up: at Indianapolis

I’m picking the ‘Boys to win this one. The Colts have too many injury issues to deal with at the moment.

18. Cleveland Browns 4-7

Previously Ranked: 24

Week 12: 24-23 win over Carolina

The Browns finally got back on track with a win. Glad to see it Browns fans. Peyton Hillis (3TDs vs. CAR) has to win Most Improved Player–doesn’t he?


Next up: at Miami

Giving up 23 points to the Panthers is the same as a loss in my book. Rob Ryan forgot he is supposed to be making his case for a head coaching job.

17. Miami Dolphins 6-5

Previously Ranked: 19

Week 12: 33-17 win at Oakland

What a wild season for the Fish. Five of their six wins have come on the road, leaving them 1-4 at home.


Nice to see Ricky Williams back running well. He carried the ball 20 times for 95 yards and a touchdown. If you haven’t seen ESPN’s 30 for 30 series on Ricky Williams titled, “Run Ricky Run”, I highly recommend it.

Next up: Cleveland

This one is a homer for the Dolphins. If Colt McCoy plays I think the Browns can be competitive. If he doesn’t I expect this to be a #Blowout.

16. St. Louis Rams 5-6

Previously Ranked: 25

Week 12: 36-33 win at Denver

The Rams lead the NFC West, can you believe that? Their 5-6 record is the same as the Seahawks [1], but the Rams hold the tiebreaker edge because of a head-to-head win earlier in the season. Seattle will have a shot at redemption down the road in Week 17.


Next up: at Arizona

I hope for the NFL’s sake that whoever wins the NFC West has at least 8 wins. Come on Rams!!!

15. Jacksonville Jaguars 6-5

Previously Ranked: 15

Week 12: 24-20 loss at the New York Giants

The Jags really blew this one. Jack Del Rio needs to do a better job of reeling in his quarterback when leading late. David Garrard makes way too many mistakes. There isn’t enough talent around him to make up for his lack of awareness.


Next up: at Tennessee

Cortland Finnegan wasn’t suspended for his fight with Andre Johnson. I bet he fights Mike Sims-Walker this time.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-4

Previously Ranked: 13

Week 12: 17-10 loss at Baltimore

The Bucs really needed this one. Playoff hopes are fading fast as Atlanta and New Orleans keep winning. It’s going to take 10 or 11 wins to lock up the NFC South.


Next up: Atlanta

Here’s where we find out just how bad Josh Freeman and the Bucs want to make the postseason. He needs to put up better numbers than he did against the Ravens, 17-37-164 yards, for them to be competitive.

13. Indianapolis Colts 6-5

Previously Ranked: 12

Week 12: 36-14 loss to San Diego

Peyton Manning completed 64.5% of his passes, threw for 285 yards, two touchdowns and FOUR PICKS! Things are quickly spiraling out of control for the Colts and I’m not sure there’s an end in sight. Not even Tony Dungy could fix these Colts.

Next up: Dallas

The Cowboys will be very well-rested after their Thanksgiving day loss. Bad news for Peyton and the Colts.

12. New York Giants 7-4

Previously Ranked: 9

Week 12: 24-20 win over Jacksonville

Eli Manning did it again–another fourth quarter comeback. He looks like Peyton more and more each week. Keep in mind he did it without his two best receivers: Hakeem Nicks and Steve Smith. That’s also very Peyton like.

Next up: Washington

11. Kansas City Chiefs 7-4

Previously Ranked: 14

Week 12: 42-24 win at Seattle

Let me run a few stats by you:

Matt Cassel: 4th-QB rating (99.7), T5th-TD passes (22), T1st-INTs thrown (4)

Jamaal Charles: 2nd-rush yards (1021), 1st-yards per carry (6.4)

Dwayne Bowe: 1st, TD receptions (13)

Who knew Kansas City’s offense was so explosive?

Next up: Denver

The Chiefs need to keep winning because San Diego is charging! There’s only enough room for one AFC West team this year.


10. Green Bay Packers 7-4

Previously Ranked: 3

Week 12: 20-17 loss at Atlanta

The Packers wasted 396 total yards from Aaron Rodgers. He led them in the air and on the ground. Even in a loss he somehow manages to steal the show.

Next up: San Francisco

9. Philadelphia Eagles 7-4

Previously Ranked: 1

Week 12: 31-26 loss at Chicago

The Bears exposed quite a bit of dysfunction within the Philadelphia Eagles. Not quite sure what’s going on with DeSean Jackson and Andy Reid but they’d better figure it out real quick.

Next up: Houston on Thursday Night Football

Philly shouldn’t have any trouble with the Texans on Thursday night. Mike Vick and LeSean McCoy can easily take advantage of the porous Texans’ defense.

8. San Diego Chargers 6-5

Previously Ranked: 11

Week 12: 36-14 win at Indianapolis

The Bolts defense gave Phil Rivers a break against the Colts by scoring two touchdowns of their own. Nice to see them win one without needing four touchdowns from QB1.

Will they just move on from Vincent Jackson already! Enough is enough. It’s not like they can’t win without him.

Next up: Oakland

A win here pretty much eliminates Oakland from the playoffs.

7. Chicago Bears 8-3

Previously Ranked: 10

Week 12: 31-26 win over Philadelphia

I guess it’s time to start taking the Bears seriously again. Jay Cutler had his best game in a Chicago Bears uniform at just the right time. Is it just me or do Brian Urlacher and Julius Peppers get better every game?


Next up: at Detroit

You can be sure that Jim Schwartz is going to have his team hungry for revenge. I hope the Bears realize that and come prepared.

6. New Orleans Saints 8-3

Previously Ranked: 8

Week 12: 30-27 win at Dallas

The Saints have won four straight since their Week 7 loss to Cleveland. With the rate the Falcons are winning they may need to win out if they want to win the division.

Next up: at Cincinnati


5. New York Jets 9-2

Previously Ranked: 7

Week 12: 26-10 win over Cincinnati

And the Jets keep rolling. Another win for the mean green. I’m still unsure about them though. Obviously we’ll all know what the Jets are made of next week.

Next up: at New England on Monday Night Football

Did you hear Rex Ryan say he is a lot like Tom Brady? He says they both have super model wives. While saying it he held up a Life & Style magazine in which his wife was featured.


4. Pittsburgh Steelers 8-3

Previously Ranked: 4

Week 12: 19-16 OT win at Buffalo

Boy did the Steelers ever get lucky. How they escaped chilly Buffalo with a win I have no idea. Shaun Suisham kicked four field goals from 40 yards and out, three were 45 yards or longer. That’s pretty impressive for a guy I didn’t even know was on the team.

Next up: at Baltimore on Sunday Night Football

What a great way to wind down your Sunday.

3. Baltimore Ravens 8-3

Previously Ranked: 6

Week 12: 17-10 win over Tampa Bay

Very big win for the Ravens. Joe Flacco is quietly becoming one of the leagues top quarterbacks. His QB rating has been over 100 in five of the last six games.

Next up: Pittsburgh on Sunday Night Football

Very intriguing matchup. The last time these two met Ben Roethlisberger was still serving his suspension. I have a strong feeling this one will end a bit differently.

2. Atlanta Falcons 9-2

Previously Ranked: 5

Week 12: 20-17 win over Green Bay

Matt Ryan is something like 19-1 at home in his career. That stat is absurd! If the Falcons can secure home-field throughout, they have to be considered the favorite in the NFC.

Next up: at Tampa Bay

A win over the Bucs on the road will give them a ton more credibility.

1. New England Patriots 9-2

Previously Ranked: 2

Week 12: 45-24 win at Detroit

Tom Brady is so good. I just needed to get that out of the way. He led the Patriots to 35 second half points and another victory.


Next up: New York Jets on Monday Night Football

ESPN is already in OVERKILL mode with this matchup. It’s already starting to wear on me.

Don’t like my list? I want to hear from you! Share yours in the comments section below. Let’s discuss people! Have any mock headlines? Share those too.

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