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Knicks/Heat – 5 things

Posted By Jordan Lauterbach On Dec 18 2010 @ 12:58 am In New York Knicks | No Comments

What a bummer. While Wednesday’s loss to the Boston Celtics was filled with positives, Friday’s Miami Heat loss left a lot to be desired. As I collected my thoughts after the final whistle, it became abundantly clear that Knicks Nation is still generally positive…  As it should be…

Like I wrote many times this summer, there is no shame in losing to the Miami Heat. Love them (few), hate them (many) but you cannot speak intelligently and deny how good this team is. Are they better then the Celtics? Probably not. They’ve sure looked better in the last two weeks. Are they better then the Lakers? Probably not. They’ve sure looked it in the past two weeks…

 It may not be the “best loss of the season” (as Wednesday was) but if you take anything away from this game, it’s this – the Knicks were uncharacteristically bad in the second half….and that’s where we start the Five Tthings.

 1. Better to get blown out playing poorly than get blown out while playing “ok” – Follow me on this for a second. It’s a good thing that the Knicks shot so poorly in the second half, given the result. The Knicks shot 39% from the field and 33% from behind the arc. These are shooting numbers that we haven’t seen in a while and logic would tell you that they won’t show up often. If the Knicks had a shooting night that was average (or even a little below) it would be cause for concern. The thought process being, “if we play like this and still get slammed, how good are we?

 That stream of consciousness could spiral. Those kind of performances (shoot ok, lose badly) tend to start trends. This kind of night is much easier to chalk up to “we just didn’t have it” and move on then some others.

 I wonder if they emotion of it all finally caught up to the Knicks in the second half. That was my major concern after Wednesday night – would they be emotionally spent at the beginning of the game? Would an exciting, pressure-packed game with a seemingly elite opponent affect them? While that didn’t appear to be the case in the first half, it may have in the second.

 2. Free throw shooting – It plays into point one, but deserves it’s own because it’s such an outlying statistic.   13 of 23 – 57%

Here’s a team that is excellent from the free throw line, shooting poorly on free throws. That just doesn’t happen. This game is very different if the Knicks are within the normal 76 % – 82% range.  Just too bad it had to come against the Heat.

 3. This is the last time I’m writing this excuse/rationalization – “It’s ok if this kind of letdown happens in December.” This group – let alone this organization – hasn’t had many big games in the last decade. Running out of gas in the second half of the second biggie in 72 hours is ok…ONCE. If this team plans to compete, the games will get bigger. The legs will get heavier. They’ll have to deal with it. They’ll have to learn how to play multipe important games per week.  This is ok in December, not April.  

 4. Amare’s streak is over- The 30 point game streak is no more. Stoudemire only had 24 points and 14 rebounds tonight. The last time he had less then 30? November 24th vs. Atlanta. It was also the last time the Knicks lost prior to the Boston game. How many did he have that day?  24…   OOOOOOOO, freaky

 Last time he had less than 24? November 24th @ Charlotte (17)

 5. Dud of the night: Raymond Felton – Knicks really felt (ha, get it) his poor percentage on Friday.  3 of 12 from the field. 0 of 3 from behind the arc. 5 points. But he did have ten assists, so it wasn’t all bad.

 Bonus Point: I know Knick fans are angry that Lebron didn’t come, but don’t chant overrated every time he’s at the line. You sound like idiots. He finished with a triple – double on Friday and is averaging 24 and 7. It stinks that he didn’t sign but the Knicks appear to be fine. Get over it. The Lebron Hate Tour is getting ridiculous.

CPR 12-18-2010

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