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A Solemn Wish for Christmas…

Posted By Gabe Hidalgo On Dec 19 2010 @ 1:54 am In New York,New York Jets | 1 Comment

Dear Santa,

Yes, I know that I haven’t believed you existed in quite sometime. Why you ask? When I asked you for that Mets Championship in 2006…you let Beltran keep his bat on his Shoulder…STRIKE THREE! When I ask you in 2000 for a Mets Championship you let the crosstown rivals beat us! Last Year I called on you again and you allowed Shonn Greene to get injured and there went our Jets in the SB dreams go up in smoke.

Maybe I was asking for too much then. Now, I will be more modest in my request. Please Santa, let the Jets make the Playoffs. I know it sounds pathetic coming from a fan of a team that is currently 9-4, but you have to know better than most that the Jets have a wretched history when it comes to achieving easy entry into the playoffs and winning games. Maybe I should ask the Wizard of Oz for a new Heart for Sanchez, a Muzzle for Rex and a Brain for Schotty. Santa, please let me know that despite the last two weeks this isn’t another ambush like years past. In 1998, we were up at halftime in the AFC Championship game and LOST to Denver. In 2009, we were up in the AFC Championship game at halftime and we lost to Indy.

Ok, so cookies don’t work for you…hmm, how about some Brandy and a sandwich? Maybe a T-Bone Steak and some wine? Kamikaze shots??? Santa..name your price! The Easter bunny ratted you out and said you can be bought!

Help land the Jets into the Playoffs and NYC will stop being naughty and start being nice. We will help little old ladies across the street, we will give to charity, we will be polite on the road…ok that went too far, I cannot speak for the Cabbies of NYC who think that the streets of NYC are a scene from Spy Hunter (that old video game from the 80′s).

Thanks Santa, I needed to vent. No please, work your Kris Kringle magic and get our Jets that win!

P.S. Ms. Claus is a Jets fan.

Prediction: Nope, basically a good hard-hitting game between the Jets and Steelers…i won’t jinx us with a Jets prediction. However, I do believe the Giants will beat Philly, 28-20. Vick is awesome but the Giants have some horses on that D and I think they will take the game.

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