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Holiday Season in NYC: No Joy in Jetsville, Giants Snowed Out in Metrodome, Yanks Snubbed, Knicks Lebronned & Worst Gift Ever

Posted By Gabe Hidalgo On Dec 19 2010 @ 12:56 am In New York | 1 Comment

Ok, I know I am tardy but hey better late than never. Its hard to write sometimes when you have job duties, family duties and doody duties. Anyway, I digress… Let’s get this party started!

A good old Fashioned Butt-Whupping!

[1]The Giants had to travel around the country to play the Vikings. Why? Unless you were living underground, the Metrodome’s inflated roof caved in! Yes, it caved in…in a way it’s like a symbol of the Vikings season with Favre at the helm. The Giants met the Vikings in Detroit of all places where they totally and utterly demolished them. [2]Favre’s starting streak ended at 297. He basically gave up on playing anymore since his team is out of the playoff hunt. Sure, he said he felt pain in his arm and shoulder…but turn the clock back to 2008 and Favre played the final 7 weeks of the Jets season with a TORN BICEPS MUSCLE. Are you telling me that he sprains his arm and that keeps him out? That is BS! Yep, good ole Grandpa Wrangler Jeans begged out of playing. The Giants were clicking on all cylinders as they whooped the Vikings in all phases of the game. The only negative to come out of this game was that Steve Smith (that great WR for the Giants) is out for the year with an injury. This week the Giants face the Eagles for the Division and it should be a great game (see link http://prosportsblogging.com/nfl-football/philadelphia-eagles/eagles-vs-giants-melee-in-the-meadowlands/ [3]). The NY papers are chirping about how the Giants plan to contain Vick. I say don’t believe a shred of what you read in the NY rags. The Giants plan of attack will be good, their defense is peaking at the right time. Sad to say (at least for me as a Jets Fan) but I think the Giants have a better team overall right now than my Jets… speaking of the Jets…

No Joy in Mudville


New York Jets running back LaDainian Tomlinson (21) is tackled by Miami Dolphins safety Chris Clemons, right, as teammate Cameron Wake (91) chases the play during the first quarter of an NFL football game at New Meadowlands Stadium, Sunday, Dec. 12, 2010

The Jets played one of their arch-enemies, the Miami Dolphins. Usually, when you hold the opposing team to 55 yards passing you win the game. Usually when you hold a team to 10 points in a game, you win. Well, there are no usuallies for the Jets. They sleptwalked on offense and made the Dolphin defense look like the second coming of the 1985 Bears (sans Super Bowl shuffle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFnbYW8MCXc [5]).  Sanchez completely regressed. Santonio Holmes, Cotchery and the forgotten TE all had major drops in the game. Additionally, the Dolphins defense discovered that if you rush Sanchez up the middle, he will waver and throw off his back foot causing a badly thrown pass.


Sal Alosi, Massapequa native & former Hofstra player, was suspended indefinitely for tripping special-teamer Nolan Carroll during the Jets' 10-6 loss to the Dolphins - the league issued a reminder of sideline guidelines to all 32 teams.

The Jets lost 10-6 and are in that patented death spiral. Can they pull out of it in time to salvage a wild card? I can’t believe that after a 9-2 start, they are now hoping to be a wildcard. I hope that Rex and Sanchez had a real heart to heart and not just a conversation discussing which is better the Chimichanga or the Taco. Oh and to make the Jets look even worse than the loss were the actions of Sal Alosi the Jets trainer. He supposedly instructed the non-active players to form a boundary on the sideline so that the Miami “gunner” could not drift too far out of bounds before coming back in to make a tackle on a punt return…what did Sal do? The gunner is coming and SAL WHIPS HIS KNEE OUT…AND THE GUNNER CRUMPLES TO THE TURF!!! Luckily,the gunner is not injured but that was a bush league move. As a fan in general, can’t we get by without resorting to taping practices, coaches tripping players and other such nonsense? They suspended Alosi indefinitely…but he should have been canned. He has brought even more shame to this downtrodden franchise…like we need it after the Favre Sexting scandal..


Alosi's heinous orchestrated incident in question (trips gunner)

P.S. Brian Schottenheimer, listen and listen good. If you don’t get the offense going in these last three weeks there is no way on Earth that you land a head coaching gig. Your father could not win in the playoffs and you look like you can’t run a good offense to develop a good quarterback.

Knicks on a run but LeBron trips them @ MSG 



LeBron James scored a triple double vs. Knicks

Dolan, sell the team already! The Knicks won a bunch of games in a row before LeBron (aka Money Grip) came to MSG with Dwayne Wade and that guy they call the BOSH man. The knicks hung basket for basket with King Money Grip until the third quarter, I happened to blink and it went from 67-67 to 81-67. What happened? Is it all Amare and no supporting cast? Galinari almost posterrized someone with a jam but the ball hit the back of the rim…too bad. Knicks lose but they are trending very well and they could make the playoffs this year (Related Knicks articles http://prosportsblogging.com/sports/nba-basketball/new-york-knicks-basketball/ [11])

Sorry Puckheads…

I don’t watch hockey. I used to like the Islanders but their foul play leaves a mark on your head if you watch too many of their games. The Rangers, it sounds like from the puckheads by the watercooler, are doing well.

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Gimme a PHILLY Cheese steak and hold the SIZZLE!


Cliff Lee chose Philadelphia over the Bronx for less money

Wow, the Yanks were sure they had Cliff Lee. They threw money at the guy like he was the second coming of Cy Young. They offered the Arkansas hurler 7 years at over 150 million. So what did Cliffy Lee do? He took 120 million from the Phillies and gave the Yanks and rangers the Arkansas salute with his middle finger. The yanks though money was enough but it looks like he just wanted to be comfortable in his surroundings. The Yanks are currently assessing what is left of the pitching pool. Maybe the they make a play for Zach Greinke of the Royals, maybe they go for Josh Johnson of the Marlins? Who knows, all I know is that the Yankee fans I know were so pissed that Lee turned them down. Honestly, I swear I thought that the Yanks had him dead to rights as they had unlimited funds. Just crazy…

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Mets make a BIG Splash


Mets GM Sandy Alderson...SANDMAN

Ok, the title is sarcastic. Sandy warned us not to expect too much from free agency as we had $5 million to spend and we had several holes to fill. I won’t even type the names here as I can’t believe how cheap we went….but gotta have faith in the SANDMAN (That is the nickname I came up for Sandy Alderson). The SANDMAN will look for players who fit the type of team that will manufacture runs, get players to fly out in the cavernous outfield at Citi field.  We just have to be patient. I don’t think we will be that good this year BUT come 2012, I believe the Mets will recruit the best available players through trades and free agency. Those albatross contracts doled out to Perez and Castillo will come off the books. OMAR, you have tied us down to some aging mofos here.

NYC Miscellany

  • Funniest thing I overheard while commuting on Subway -

    2010 Kia Sportage pre-engineered

    “Dang Son, you be like an engineers or sumthin, I never heard of nobody who be trickin out their KIA like you be. Mad props to KIA.” Yes, a Kia automobile. From what I could decipher of this young slang speaking guy, his buddy “the ENGINEER,” put some fins on the back of the vehicle, installed some high wheels, expanded the wheel wells to accommodate the new wheels, installed a chain link steering wheel and ordered some crazy modified engine from Korea. “The ENGINEER” plans to race the Kia car on some drag strip near his “hood”. So if you see a KIA car streaking by you and it has FINS just wave and congratulate “the ENGINEER” for taking a relatively cheap car and making it look worse.

  • Starbuckian Language [18]Walking into a Starbucks I saw a tourist who did not know how to speak Starbuckian…she stated ” Can I get one of those drinks with the Foam on top and in a medium cup?” Starbucks Translation “I need a GRANDE Cafe Latte.” Yeah, that is how insane we get. We make up terms for simple things to mark those items up. Cup of Coffee = $1 dollar, Tall Dark Java = $2.89. You pay an extra $1.89 for the language snobbery.
  • Worst Gift Ever [19]Buddy calls me up and tells me that a guy we knew of from my early twenties got the worst early Christmas gift ever. The guy’s wife gave birth to a healthy 8 pound boy. No, that is not bad news. A healthy baby is always a blessing, unless of course that baby is not yours and your wife can’t hide that fact. Seems that Caroline (not her real name) was a little frisky with the UPS driver one day and he gave her a special delivery. The husband is a guy with a Anglo Saxon background, parents are members of the country club…you know the drill. The wife came from a refined German family who had started a business in the Midwest and were truly well off. The baby was born and the guy started to laugh - the baby was black. My buddy says the guy turned to his wife and said “I knew you liked the FedEx guy” and she responded “No, I like the UPS guy. See this is why this happened, you never listen to me…” Yeah, that was the problem…his hearing.
  • Not Convinced [20]Walking through Manhattan you see a ton of Panhandlers. People asking for help during this time of year. This one panhandler was either dumb or just didn’t care because while he was panhandling and sitting on the floor, he was checking scores on his IPAD. I asked him if it was the Wifi version…he said no  its 3g! Wow, let me get this straight. You are begging for money, need money for food? No. For shelter? No. Ahhh…you need money to buy a new IPAD sleeve. Yeah, good luck with that..

We have the Giants playing the Eagles and the Jets playing the Steelers. NY vs. PA. Should be another good week of football. I hope everyone has a happy and SAFE Christmas.

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