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NFL Power Rankings Week 16: Patriots, Bears, Falcons and Steelers Playoff Bound

NFL Power Rankings Week 16: Patriots, Bears, Falcons and Steelers Playoff Bound

Four teams have clinched a spot in the playoffs. The Bears, Patriots, Steelers and Falcons can rest easier now that their fates are sealed. All that’s left to play for is playoff seeding to see who gets home-field advantage.

You won’t see many changes this week as there weren’t many surprises. Hopefully, the parity we’ve come to love and expect will return in Week 16.

Without further delay, my always-funny NFL power rankings: Week 16 edition.

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32. Denver Broncos 3-11

Previously Ranked: 32

Week 15: 39-23 loss at Oakland

Tim Tebow accounted for 216 of the Broncos 235 yards in his first career start. What happens if the Broncos end up with the top pick? They draft ANOTHER quarterback?

Next up: Houston

31. Arizona Cardinals 4-10

Previously Ranked: 28

Week 15: 19-12 loss at Carolina

I think the only way Larry Fitzgerald stays in AZ next season is if they can somehow secure the top pick in the draft. #needsomeluck

Next up: Dallas on Saturday on the NFL Network

30. Carolina Panthers 2-12

Previously Ranked: 31

Week 15: 19-12 win over Arizona

Nice to see the Panthers win what will end up being John Fox’s last home game. He had a great run in Carolina.

Next up: at Pittsburgh on Thursday Night Football on the NFL Network

I wonder if Jimmy Clausen likes the taste of dirt.

29. Washington Redskins 5-9

Previously Ranked: 26

Week 15: 33-30 loss at Dallas

Sexy Rexy Grossman threw for 322 yards and a career-high four touchdowns in his first start as a Redskin. Who needs Donovan McNabb?

Next up: at Jacksonville

‘Skins can only play spolier at this point.

28. Cincinnati Bengals 3-11

Previously Ranked: 29

Week 15: 19-17 win over Cleveland

Coincidence that Terrell Owens is suddenly out for the season just a few days after his outburst? I think not. The Bengals may have just played their way out of the top pick in the draft. #niceworkmarvin

Next up: San Diego

27. Tennessee Titans 6-8

Previously Ranked: 30

Week 15: 31-17 win over Houston

Finally a sign of life!

Next up: at Kansas City

Chris Johnson and Jamaal Charles= Awesomeness

26. Houston Texans 5-9

Previously Ranked: 22

Week 15: 31-17 win at Tennessee

The Texans’ D is the worst I’ve ever seen.

Next up: at Denver

Gary Kubiak should get used to being in Denver because I’m getting the feeling that he’ll be there full-time next year.

25. San Francisco 49ers 5-9

Previously Ranked: 24

Week 15: 34-7 loss at San Diego

The Niners lackluster performance on Thursday Night football has them in a pretty deep hole with the playoffs approaching. Not good news for Jed York’s playoff guarantee.

Next up: at St. Louis

24. Seattle Seahawks 6-8

Previously Ranked: 23

Week 15: 34-18 loss to Atlanta

Sick to think the Seahawks can host a home playoff game if they can close out the division.

Next up: at Tampa Bay

23. St. Louis Rams 6-8

Previously Ranked: 17

Week 15: 27-13 loss to Kansas City

Sam Bradford has hit the wall. In the past three games he’s thrown zero touchdowns and five interceptions.

For more on Sam Bradford:

Next up: San Francisco

I cannot believe this game actually matters. What a joke the NFC West has become.

22. Cleveland Browns 5-9

Previously Ranked: 18

Week 15: 19-17 loss at Cincinnati

“Last year Eric Mangini saved his job with four wins in December.  After back to back losses to the Bills and Bengals, this December appears to be the thing that will lose him his job.”

-Matt Loede from

Next up: Baltimore

21. Detroit Lions 4-10

Previously Ranked: 27

Week 15: 23-20 OT win at Tampa Bay

Drew Stanton was 23-for-37 for 252 yards with one touchdown and a 91.3 QB rating. The Lions have three different quarterbacks put up solid numbers this season. Jim Schwartz is really doing a great job.

Next up: Miami

20. Buffalo Bills 4-10

Previously Ranked: 25

Week 15: 17-14 win at Miami

I’ll say it now for anyone who wants to listen. Ryan Fitzpatrick should be the Bills’ starting quarterback next season. He’s earned it.

Next up: New England

Playing for pride.

19. Miami Dolphins 7-7

Previously Ranked: 20

Week 15: 17-14 loss to Buffalo

The league’s best road team is also the worst home team. Figure that out. #icant

Next up: Detroit

The game is in Miami, of course they’re going to lose.

18. Minnesota Vikings 5-9

Previously Ranked: 19

Week 15: 40-14 loss to Chicago

This is what I said to a buddy when I found out Favre was playing: “Telling you this right now. This is Favre’s ride off into the sunset. He’ll go down with an injury after getting pounded to the hard ground then leave the game on his high horse with hero treatment.”

Next up: at Philadelphia

Need a big game from Mike Vick in my fantasy finals. Come on Vikes! Mail in it!

17. Dallas Cowboys 5-9

Previously Ranked: 16

Week 15: 33-30 win over Washington

Jason Garrett has done everything he can to secure the Cowboys job for at least another season. On a side note, the defense needs to be better.

Next up: at Arizona on Saturday Night football on the NFL Network

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8-6

Previously Ranked: 15

Week 15: 23-20 OT loss to Detroit

Tampa’s season went down the tubes thanks to Sunday’s loss to the Lions. It’s over! For the record, LeGarrette Blount is a beast.

Next up: Seattle

The Bucs should be in the thick of the playoff race, not Seattle.

15. Oakland Raiders 7-7

Previously Ranked: 21

Week 15: 39-23 win over Denver

Darren McFadden with another game over 100 yards. He’s gotta win the NFL’s “Most Improved player” award, if there is such a thing.

Next up: Indianapolis

If the Raiders keep winning there’s still hope for the playoffs. If they don’t, well you know.

14. Kansas City Chiefs 9-5

Previously Ranked: 14

Week 15: 27-13 win at St. Louis

Matt Cassel is one tough dude. Played through a lot of pain in a must-win for the Chiefs.

Next up: Tennessee

13. Jacksonville Jaguars 8-6

Previously Ranked: 11

Week 15: 34-24 loss at Indianapolis

Maurice Jones-Drew finally came back down to earth after going over 100 yards in six straight. He’s better than the 46 yards he accrued against the Colts.

Next up: Washington

12.  New York Giants 9-5

Previously Ranked: 8

Week 15: 38-31 loss to Philadelphia

Oh man, what can I even say? I was kind of hoping for a Dennis Green-like tirade from Tom Coughlin.

“Desean Jackson is who we thought he was!”

Next up: at Green Bay

The season is lost with a loss.

11. Indianapolis Colts 8-6

Previously Ranked: 13

Week 15: 34-24 win over Jacksonville

Austin Collie is really good…… getting concussed. Sunday’s concussion is his third of the season. I have no idea how the NFL ever lets him back on the field. #poorguy

Next up: at Oakland

The Colts will have problems with Darren McFadden, I guarantee it.

10. Green Bay Packers 8-6

Previously Ranked: 7

Week 15: 31-27 loss to New England

Matt Flynn played well considering the circumstances. Too bad that isn’t going to get them into the playoffs.

Next up: New York Giants

Postseason hopes on the line in this contest.

9. San Diego Chargers 8-6

Previously Ranked: 12

Week 15: 34-7 win over San Francisco

Vincent Jackson re-introduced himself to the world on Thursday night finding the end zone three times. He said he isn’t against re-signing with the Bolts in the offseason, but will they even want him?

Next up: at Cincinnati

8. New York Jets 10-4

Previously Ranked: 10

Week 15: 22-17 win at Pittsburgh

Am I the only one who thinks the Jets are overrated?

Next up: at Chicago

Very big game for the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!

7. Chicago Bears 10-4

Previously Ranked: 6

Week 15: 40-14 win at Minnesota

Huge win for the Bears! Clinched a playoff spot, plus, Devin Hester broke the career record for most run-backs for a touchdown; all around a great night for the Bears.

Next up: New York Jets

6. New Orleans Saints 10-4

Previously Ranked: 5

Week 15: 30-24 loss at Baltimore

To contrary belief, Joe Flacco is NOT a franchise quarterback; and the fact that Ray Rice and Co. ran for over 200 yards is a sign that problems exist in the front four.

And while we’re on the topic of non-franchise players, how about Reggie Bush. What a bust! Guy avoids contact more than Monk.

Next up: at Atlanta on Monday Night Football

Might end up being the best game of the year.

5. Baltimore Ravens 10-4

Previously Ranked: 9

Week 15: 30-24 win over New Orleans

The win over the defending champs is easily their most impressive this season. New Orleans had been red-hot heading into the Week 15 matchup.

Next up: at Cleveland

4. Pittsburgh Steelers 10-4

Previously Ranked: 4

Week 15: 22-17 loss to New York Jets

The Steelers need to get healthy immediately. Defense is a shell of itself without Troy Polamalu.

Next up: Carolina on Thursday Night Football

3. Atlanta Falcons 12-2

Previously Ranked: 2

Week 15: 34-18 win at Seattle

In Matt Ryan I trust.

Next up: New Orleans on Monday Night Football

Can’t afford to let one slip by, home-field advantage is a necessity.

2. Philadelphia Eagles 10-4

Previously Ranked: 3

Week 15: 38-31 win at New York Giants

Tom Brady is great and all, but Michael Vick should win the MVP. #justsayin

Next up: Minnesota on Sunday Night Football

1. New England Patriots 12-2

Previously Ranked: 1

Week 15: 31-27 win over Green Bay

Devin McCourty is my defensive Rookie of the Year.

Next up: at Buffalo

The Brady Bunch should take it easy the next two weeks. #buttheywont

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