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Are you ready for some FOOT-ball? Let’s Get Serious!

Posted By Gabe Hidalgo On Dec 23 2010 @ 12:34 am In New York Jets | No Comments

[1]Wow, the NY media is having a field day with the fact that Rex Ryan and his wife did a little role playing. Someone then put these foot fetish videos on You-tube and now they are on deadspin.com. Ok, so Rex likes feet. BIG DEAL…..some guys like a nice caboose, some guys like a woman with a full bosom, some guys like rail thin women and some guys like a fuller woman. Let’s get back to what is really important. The Jets beat the Steelers….what you want to talk about FEETGATE…ok, let’s address it and move on.

Much Ado About Nothing

[2]Rex Ryan and his wife Michelle have been married for over twenty years. Rex is a strong, motivated and passionate man. You can tell Rex wears his heart on his sleeve. During several press conferences, Rex has emphatically called attention to his wife saying that she is beautiful and that he is a lucky guy (and he is). Now the NY tabloids have picked up on a story that Deadspin.com has published regarding several videos posted on Youtube.com that show Rex’s wife being filmed as she role plays with Rex. The roleplay involves his love of her and her manicured feet. In addition, Deadspin has reported that there is an Alt.com profile which alludes to Ryan’s sexual preferences.


Michelle Ryan, the wife of NY jets coach rex Ryan.

In the current digital age, traditional media (i.e. newspapers) are dying so they will do what they can to create a circulation buzz…so the NYC tabloids have picked up on this story. Is it really that important? Not really. Let’s explore some of the facts that are not in dispute:

1) Rex LOVES his wife. Good. Isn’t that good? We should all love our wives!!!

2) Rex is passionate about his love for his wife. Also good.

3) Apparently, Rex has a foot fetish involving his wife’s feet. Good for Rex! So what?

4) Michelle Ryan appears to have nicely manicured feet (No hammertoes, no bunions, no sickly callouses are apparent in the pictures)

5) They are a MARRIED couple who have been together for over 20 years.

6) There is no nudity at all in any of these videos.

7) Roleplay is a healthy activity in many marriages

8 ) There are no mentions of adultery or infidelity in any of the videos.

9) You don’t see Rex’s feet (thank God…)

10) There is no scandal because nothing obscene, illegal or patently offensive was committed here.


The bottom line is that Rex and his wife love each other and they roleplay. The only error they made was taping the episodes. Next time Rex, keep that Flip camera in the drawer and avoid the drama. Its just not worth it. Now that we settled that…lets move on to the important stuff…

Jets get Ketchup with their Hot Dog

[5]The Jets traveled to HEINZ (ketchup reference for the the condimentally challenged) Field in Pittsburgh to face off against the mighty Steelers and their rabid fans. The weather was cold and blustery. Snow was coming down and the field was frozen. The winds were howling and the Jets hopes for a playoff spot were on life support. Coming into the game we all knew what the Jets needed to accomplish:

[6]1) Sanchez must be error free – CHECK! Sanchez was efficent and did not commit one turnover. All day Sanchez threw darts in Pittsburgh. Seems like he learned to look for open passing lanes and throw with authority. Sanchez’ footwork (no Rex puns please) was solid as he strode into all his passes. He threw for only 170 yards but the weather conditions demanded a ground control type game.

[7]2) Jets must run effectively to keep control of the Game – CHECK! Greene and Tomlinson kept the game clock moving and kept the chains moving as well. Throughout the whole game, the Jets had superior field position due to drives where they went beyond the usual three and out of the past two weeks.

[8]3) Schotty must call an Offensive gameplan that is different that his usual vanilla Game plan – CHECK! Schotty used quick slants, three step drops, designed roll outs, naked boots and moving pockets to help Sanchez find open throwing lanes. He basically used the Patriots quick strike passing attack to keep the offense moving forward so you didn’t have many 3rd and longs. By mixing an effective running game with the short passing attack, the Jets were able to convert 3rd downs because they were higher percentage down and distance demands. Schotty also called a perfect play when the Jets were near the goalline and it was 4th and 1. Usually, the Jets will run a BLAST play with the running back following a fullback or offensive lineman into a hole between the guard and tackle…well this time Schotty went against this tendency and called a Naked Bootleg off a fake handoff to Shonn Greene. The handoff came and Shonn Greene dove on the pile, while Sanchez curled around and ran easily for a touchdown. It was by far the signature moment against the Steelers.

[9]4) The Defense must not allow big plays – CHECK! The Defense came up big and held the Steelers in check. On the final drive of the game the Steelers drove all the way down the field to about their 10 yard line. The Score was 22-17 and they needed to score a touchdown (thanks to Jason Taylor who scored a safety to make it a 5 point game instead of a 3 point game). The Jets stopped Big Ben cold in his tracks as Drew Coleman and Marquice Cole broke up the last two passes to ice the game with no time on the clock.

[10]Besides the keys of the Game, once again Brad Smith came up huge! Brad scored on the initial kickoff to put the Jets up 7-0 at the game’s start. You could tell that the crowd was shocked to see the Steelers already behind the proverbial eight ball to start the game. Don’t get me wrong, the Steelers are a formidible team and it took a huge team effort to get the victory. The Jets Offense scored 13 points, the Defense scored 2 points and Special Teams scored 7 points…and every single hard-fought point was needed. Now all the Jets have to do is win one of their next two games and they are in the playoffs. Speaking of the next game…

Feeling So Fly Like a G6!

[11]Before you ask, yes….I truly love the song by Far East Movement – Like a G6. Its a great workout song and really puts a spring in your step. In writing this week’s review of the Jets game I had that song playing in the background. I usually put music on in the background to remind myself that no one wants to read a boring replay of a game. They want some humor, some thought and some creativity in a blog. Anyone can read the newspaper for the same old tired review/preview. I hate reading boring stuff….maybe that is why I didn’t like my “Accounting for Lawyers” class (sorry to all you CPAs out there). Anyway, so a preview of the Bears game:


The Jets are going to need a similar Heinz field effort to win in Chi-town. What are the keys? Hmm, I think these cover it:

1) Sanchez must not turn the ball over -  It was a momentum shifter to see Sanchez throwing Darts. If he commits no turnovers, the Jets will be hard to beat.

2) Ground and Pound – Run the ball to establish the pass. Simple as that.

[13]3) Defense must convert turnovers by the Bears – The Bears QB Jay Cutler, is prone to getting frustrated and throwing bonehead INTs. It’s up to the Jets to grab some errant throws.

4) Win the field position battle – Field position will be critical to avoid having to kick the ball to Devin Hester…

[14]5) Avoid kicking the ball to Devin Hester – Quite possibly the best return guy in the history of the NFL. Avoid kicking the ball to him at all costs….remember that Miami game two years ago where we had some jag-hole run back two kicks? Yeah, we don’t need a repeat of that nighmare. Kick it AWAY from Hester to avoid giving the Bears any easy points.

and the end…

[15]I don’t have any witty stories or events to share in this blog episode but I will in the next NYC Sports review which should be posted by tomorrow night. In any case, just remember…”Foot” is not an obscene word. Love football. GO Jets!

CPR 12-23-2010

http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/Rex-Ryan-wife-foot-fetish-122210 [16]

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