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He’s Gonna Find Out Who’s Naughty Or Nice

Posted By Michael Waterloo On Dec 26 2010 @ 8:29 pm In Pittsburgh | 2 Comments

Ahh yes, December 25th is here again and the jolly fat man (no not Rex Ryan) went down chimney’s world wide to deliver presents to everyone.  Now we have all heard the line in the song ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’ where he says ‘he knows if you’ve been bad or good so be good for goodness sake’ which refers to being on the Good list or the Bad list.  We all know that in order to get the gifts that you want on Christmas, that we need to stay off of Santa’s naughty list.  Well in the sports world, there are athletes who are on the good list and bad list for their behavior and performance on and off the field.  Let’s see which list some of Pittsburgh’s finest landed on shall we.

Troy Polamalu – Is there a genuinely nicer guy in the league than Polamalu?  I mean Tim Tebow does circumcisions and mission trips so he may be on top, but next to that, Polamalu is a great guy on and off the field.  Before sitting out the final three games of the season, Troy was well on his way to a Defensive Player of the year award and is the biggest playmaker on the Defensive side of the ball.  Teams literally game plan around his mere presence —- Nice List

Ben Roethlisberger – Now Ben may be an elite signal caller and the best closer in the game arguably, but when it comes to his off the field issues, Roethlisberger has struggled.  Now I know he wasn’t guilty of anything but the fact that he put himself in that position and shined a bad light on the organization is enough of a worry.  Ben has all the talent in the world and I think this was a wake up call for him.  If he can follow the likes of past struggled stars  Ray Lewis, Kobe Bryant and Michael Vick who all fixed their reputation, then Ben may have a chance to jump over to the other list —- Naughty List

Steve Peterson – Peterson may not be an athlete, but that doesn’t give him a pass from Santa.  The decision to fire Dave Wannstedt and hire Mike Haywood was justified after 6 years of underachieving so that isn’t the reason I have Peterson on this list.  The reason Peterson is making my list is the reason he handled this decision.  When hiring Haywood, he said he was hiring a man that was a disciplinarian but didn’t mention one time about the program winning.  If he wanted a good man who disciplined his players and molded them into young men Wannstedt was already there.  So Peterson, for you tarnishing Dave’s image like that, it lands you on the wrong side of Santa —- Naughty List

Jamie Dixon —- Staying on the operations side of things, Coach Dixon is known to be a great leader of the Pitt Panthers Basketball team.  He has a great record and has made Pitt a destination that many top recruits have at the top of their list.  If his leadership isn’t enough of a reason, then how about helping save someones life?  When Dixon was traveling home in the fall, he passed a car that was flipped over and had smoke coming out of it.  Dixon pulled over and broke the glass, cutting himself, to pull out one of the passengers.  While I would like to think many of us would do this kind deed, Coach Dixon proved that he is a true genuine man —- Nice List

Bob Nutting —- 18 years Bob, 18 years.  While not all of these have been under your reign, you are the front man of the operations now.  You are known as a very nice guy who is involved with many organizations and a great business man.  As a great business man, you have the third most profitable team in Baseball behind only the Yankees and Red Sox.  If only you could put a team on the field that rivaled those two teams.  You have continued the trend to not spend and said that the goal is to win.  Well Bob, Lyle Overbay and Garrett Atkins sure make me feel better about this team.  Give us some hope but until then Santa isn’t a fan —- Naughty List

Sidney Crosby —- Do you even have to guess what list Sid is on?  He has  a 23 game point streak and is the Captain of arguably the most recognized teams in the NHL.  Not only is his team recognized, but he is the face of the league and the best player.  Say what you will about Alex Ovechkin, Steve Stamkos or Evgeni Malkin, but they all fail in comparison to Sid.  Sid has the endorsements and calm good guy demeanor off the ice during his interviews where he still seems as bashful as when he first entered the league.  With all his accolades on and off the ice there is no question that he is in favor with the big man at the North Pole —- Nice List


Neil Walker – Nice List – All Rookie Team

James Harrison – Naughty List – All of these fines justified or not

Jon Baldwin – Naughty List – Just keep your mouth shut

Kris Letang – Nice List – 2nd leading vote getter for All-Star game….behind Crosby

Lynn Swann – Nice List – Pittsburgh Power Arena League Team gives us an option other than the Pirates

Mike Comrie – Naughty List – Huge disappointment in the free agent…at least he has Hilary Duff

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