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Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em Alone Week 12

Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em Alone Week 12

We have a semi short list this week and I am also getting ready to post another edition of the Hoops Stock Market hopefully no later than Wednesday of this week. In the meantime here is this week’s edition of Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em alone.

Trevor Ariza: Depending on the size of your league Ariza might still be on waivers. If so it is time to scoop him up. In 3 games last week he averaged 12pts 6.6rebs, and 4ast and the first of those 3 games was a stinker. He may have finally figured out what he needs to be doing in the New Orleans offense and the rebounds are a plus if he qualifies as a guard in your league. Inconsistency is his middle name but you got to Love ‘Em this week (in my Hubie Brown voice)

Michael Beasley: I started to write about Beasley then deleted the post when I saw him playing on Sunday. Now here I am again as he left Sunday’s game after re-injuring his ankle. It’s going to be a tough call as he seems to possess a warrior attitude about playing through his injuries this season. He did not return and will be questionable for the upcoming week. Leave ‘Em alone for the week.

Corey Brewer: I am not a big fan of Mr. Brewer but whenever a player moves into the starting lineup you have to pay attention as is this case here with Brewer. Apparently Wesley Johnson was not effective enough to hold off Brewer for the starting nod. He hasn’t done much with the minutes he got off the bench and it looks like Rambis is just trying to shake things up a bit in Minnesota. Leave ‘Em alone and watch how he does this week to determine if a move needs to be made but I doubt it will.

Chris Douglas-Roberts: There is something about CDR that intrigues me. Maybe I just like the cool acronym of his name. Whatever it is CDR has been tearing it up off the bench the last two games, 27pts, 3.5rebs, 3ast, 2.5stls and 64% shooting. The Bucks are a woeful offensive team and he provided them with a much needed spark. Numbers like those are the ceiling for CDR and he will more than likely come back to earth, but he should not be on your wire. I would only start him if I had no other option or had a player like Linas Kleiza (see below) in my lineup. Love ‘Em as an addition to see if he can keep this up.

Tyreke Evans: Reke has been torrid over the last week. Although he does most of his damage in the 2nd half and fourth quarter of games his production has been stellar. Then came Sunday where he took a night off because of a sprained ankle on his already plantar fasciitis injured foot. I don’t think he will miss anymore time this week and I plan to play him where I own him. Look for reports before setting your lineup. Love ‘Em.

Derrick Favors: Another guy who has been this list many times. So I will be brief. There are two things to love about Favors. He is finally starting with average results thus far but more importantly rumors are picking up steam that the Carmelo trade is nearing the closing stages. If that happens Favors will most likely be on his way to Denver where the Nuggets will be in full rebuilding mode and deploying Favors regularly. Love ‘Em.

Tyler Hansbrough: “Psycho T” is getting owners psyched up as the new starting power forward in Indiana. Me, not so much. As with any player on this list it depends on your needs and if you need a 3rd or 4th forward who might double double once a week and throw up a couple of duds mixed in, then here you go. He promptly lit the Spurs up for 23pts and 12rebs in his first start on Friday and was visibly gassed as the game progressed. The very next night he went for 10pts and 5rebs in a blowout loss to the Hawks. He probably shouldn’t be on waivers and his 2nd game production came in a blowout, meaning he should be better (10 and 5 isn’t that bad). I am slightly irritated because some people seem to think he is going to produce like he did at North Carolina. This isn’t college people (no offense to you reasonable readers). Despite my rant and seeming dislike for Tyler you should Love ‘Em and see how it goes this week.

J.J. Hickson: Back from the dead Hickson should be owned again in fantasy. Word has come down that Anderson Varejao is out the rest of the year. If that is the case Hickson should be in store for big minutes, assuming he can come to practice on time and stay out of Byron Scott’s doghouse. Hickson got the start against the Phoenix Suns Sunday night and is doing work as I write this. He should be owned and started. Love ‘Em.

Grant Hill: Early in Sunday’s game Hill left the game with what is being called a mild knee sprain. If the sprains suffered by Dirk Nowitski and Danilo Gallinari are any indication then Hill is going to miss sometime. Jared Dudley and Mickael Pietrus will be next in line for Hill’s minutes. Leave Hill alone.

Linas Kleiza: This an actual talent but often gets lost in the shuffle in Toronto. Since the return of Bargnani, Kleiza has struggled despite still starting and no pressure from the injured Sonny Weems. No need to torture our line ups any further. Leave ‘Em alone and cut him for a hot free agent guy.

Corey Maggette: Searching for offense Milwaukee is desperate to turn its season around. Between Maggette and the aforementioned CDR they are the best offensive options on the Bucks roster outside of Bogut and the injured Jennings. All respect to John Salmons of course. Maggette is said to be getting a shot to start for the foreseeable future. Grab Maggette if he was waived and he could be started this week in a bind. Love ‘Em.

Greg Monroe: 15pts, 12 rebs, and 2.5stls over his last two games Monroe is gaining favor in Detroit. Waiver wire material no more, Monroe should be added immediately as he is all upside. I am little leery about starting him this week but if you have the opportunity to add him make moves. Love ‘Em.

Troy Murphy: You might be as tired of reading about Murphy as I am writing about him. He appears here only as an add and stash in the event the Melo trade happens this week. He reportedly is a huge part of the deal because his contract is essential to help balance the salaries involved. He might be headed to Detroit where he should get all the minutes he can handle. Love ‘Em, but as a stash only.

Dirk Nowitzki: He might return this week and said his knee is feeling stronger. Dirk is tougher than people give him credit for and I tend to take him at his word. If you have an a solid option behind him then don’t take the risk. If your running say an Amir Johnson or Ersan Illyasova then I would rather take my chances with Dirk. Love ‘Em.

Anderson Varejao: A good season for Varejao has been cut short due to an ankle injury that will keep him out the remainder of the year. You can read the yahoo article here regarding the details.
This is obviously devastating news if you own Varejao and the only thing that console you is acquiring J.J. Hickson. Good luck!

That’s a wrap for now. I will be back later in the week with a new edition of the Hoops Stock Market which will feature an updated list of buy lows and sell highs. If Denver and New Jersey get complete the Carmelo trade I will do my best to drop everything and give a breakdown of the fantasy fallout.

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In response to “Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em Alone Week 12”

  1. David Willow Jan 10 20119:30 pm


    Hey Warren, well it’s about time to grab Troy Murphy with the Melo trade on the cusp of happening. So I was wondering who would be the best guy to drop if I grab him in my shallow 8 team league. I could drop Hibbert, Collison, Conley, Milicic, or Brooks. I figured a PG would be ok since I have so many and I wouldn’t be hurting on assists or steals.

    Also is there any hints of Collison being moved? It doesn’t seem like O’Brien knows how to properly use him.

    My team is James/Rondo/ Love/ Howard/ Calderon/ W. Chandler/ Gallinari/ Brooks/ Collison/ Arenas/ Mayo/ Milicic/ Hibbert/ Conley

    1. Warren Shaw Jan 11 20117:19 pm


      Hey David. I haven’t heard much about any movement regarding Collison and he just is a flat out disappointment in that system thus far. He has played better of late though.

      Regarding Murphy, your team is very guard heavy as you know. Your best bet would be to package say Collison and Conley and get a forward, then have the space to pick up Murphy. But like you said the league is shallow so talent must be abound on the wire. I also am not a big fan of Mayo and would probably drop him before any of the other guards on your team but I can understand that apprehension. Keep in mind this trade seems to be on hold cause of Denver’s greed and inexperience in dealing so it might be another month before anything happens and Murphy might be useless a while longer (when I wrote the blog the trade seemed like it was going down this week). But again I would package two of those guards and see what you can get.

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