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Seattle over Saints 41-36

Posted By Kevin OHanlon On Jan 9 2011 @ 8:40 am In New Orleans Saints | No Comments

I guess this is why they play the game.  Let me preference this by letting you all know this is going to be a little difficult for me!  Let me remind you all, I’m a fan of football and really all sports! I’ve never been someone who would don a hat or jersey and say I am a “who ever fan” Now with that said, I was a supporter, fan and believer in the Saints walking threw the Seahwaks. I believed in a previous post (And their has just been 2 so it wont be hard to find!) I used an analogy of jumping in an ocean full of sharks and walking out 99% of the time fine. Something along the lines. Yes its a 1% chance of being ate by JAWS but it was just 1%. Well all I have to say is “STUPID SHARK” I guess the shark does not understand his place! And well I guess I should also not jump in the ocean when its full of sharks!

Boy this is a painful blogg. I have tried to break my keyboard, smash my laptop and crush my fingers, but just like the Saints I couldn’t finish the job!

Pete Carroll had his players ready! He and his staff put together a game plan that turned the defending Super Bowl Champions Saints into just another statistic. Another Super Bowl Champ who fell short the following year. As much as when I blogg this do I believe this, I cant help but think about what I watched just hours ago. I want to believe the Saints fell short, but in actuality I know the Seahawks stopped the defending champions, the Seahawks DEFEATED the defending champions.  Yes D. Brees passed for over 404yds and 2 TD’s good numbers! Heck great numbers just what me and many others thought was going to happen. D.Henderson had 7 receptions for 77yds and 1 TD. M.Colston had 4 receptions for 66yds. Brees spread the ball to 7 other saints for 266yds with H. Evans bringing in one for Drew’s second TD through the air. Now the ground attack of the Saints. They averaged 94.9 yds per game during the regular season. Good enough to finish (yuck) 28th over all in the NFL. Heck that’s 3 spots better then the Seahawks! (They finished dead last) The Saints ground attack well it only rushed for 77 total yards on 22 carries. Yes the Saints scored 2 TD’S on the ground but they finished actually with a lower .yds per game then the Seahawk’s had for their season. (89yds)

What went right for the Seahwaks. M. Hasselbeck passed for 272yds and 4TD’s with 1 int. His QB rating 113.0 Yes the yards are less then Brees, but Hasselbeck threw 2 more TD’s and his rating shows he made better choices. He controlled the game! His efficiency open up the Seahwaks offense. That dead last rushing offense that averaged a league worst 89yds per game, well as the video shows the second season is just what it is. A second season. M. Lynch ran for 131yds on 19 carries with 1 TD and a long of 67yds. That long run, will be remembered for a long time.  It was Walter Paytonesk. (If you dont know who Mr. Payton is, use the power of You Tube and research this man) Lynch’s run was so much a resemblance of the Seattle Seahawks. With a monstrous get off me stiff arm,  Tracy Porter and the Saints were done.

As I sat and watched the games closing moments I noticed something. The 12th man! They were loud and nuts the entire time. They weren’t cheering the 7-9 Seahawk’s, they cheered the 0-0 Seahawk’s! As I sat there watching the Saints up 17-7 early, I shook my head and thought these fans must have very little to cheer for! Then Lynch broke threw the Saints defensive line and on to the end zone, leaving behind a symbolic stiff arm, I got it! It was clear! They believed! The entire stadium knew something everyone outside of Seattle didnt know. The Seahawk’s didnt believe they were 7-9. They believed the would be 1-0. I laughed when Pete Carroll stated the Seahawk’s were just 3 more losses from winning the super bowl. Now the Seahawks just need 2 more losses. A nutty way to look at it, but heck 7-9 was an even nuttier way to make the playoffs, let alone host a game.

In closing a fan asked me to prepare an apology. I thought at first, what a HOMER! Nothing worst then a fan rooting for their team only but for it being their team.  Forget the stats forget the reality of being out played 9 of 16 games and having the worst run game and one of the over all worst offenses in the NFL.

With all this said, I don’t apologize cause “ART” asked me too, I apologize cause he and Seattle was right! The 12th man is fitting in Seattle, you could really see it in the way they played and how it carried them. Hope is a powerful thing. My apologize Art and Seattle! Great job Seahawks and even bigger props for standing strong with your team.

Seahawks are 1-0

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