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Jets Shock the World! Now we get to (hopefully) F*** Brady up!

The Ultimate Baby Daddy?

Two Timing Brady and his two Baby Mamas

Antonio Cromartie and I are very different. He is a world class athlete, I am a Saturday co-ed league athlete. He has 7 different kids with 7 different women, I have 2 kids with one woman. BUT, we both agree on one thing, we hate Tom Brady. So when Cromartie says “Tom Brady is an ass****” I completely agree. In fact, I will go one better…F**K Brady! The NFL idolizes this guy because the Patriots have been so good this past decade. But, pull back the covers and you see the true Brady. Tom Brady was previously dating an actress, Bridget Moynahan  , then Tom impregnated her…surely, America’s sweetheart, Tom “Hairplugs” Brady would do the right thing and marry the woman. Nope, he goes behind Bridget’s back and dates a supermodel, Gisele Bundchen while Bridget is pregnant. He dumps Bridget and marries Gisele Bundchen and inseminates her as well. So yeah, there is a great role model for today’s youth. Everyone makes fun of Antonio Cromartie and his situation with the illegitimate children, but what about Tom Brady. Can you imagine the conversation that Bridget must have with her son Jack? “Yes Jack, your father and I were together but after we made you he left because he is a scumbag…” So, repeat after me….F*#K Brady!

Rex finally defeats Peyton Manning!

All Peyton has left is the Oreo Double Stuf Racing League...

On the strength of a great running game, some timely passes, a great defensive scheme and the leg of Nick Folk, the Jets defeated the Colts 17-16. Honestly, I could not imagine a better ending to the game than what actually occurred in this game. In the first half, both the Colts and Jets offense were stale. The Colts scored a touchdown when Peyton caught Broadney Pool napping and he hit Garcon with a long bomb for a TD.

The Jets were in the Red Zone towards the end of the half but Sanchez threw a ball high and the Colts intercepted it. However, Rex Ryan lit into his charges and told them that they came here to win and that they weren’t going to leave without a W. The Jets came out and attacked the Colts on the ground, Shonn Greene and LaDainian Tomlinson were gashing the Colts D with big time runs. The Jets ended up scoring their first touchdown on a bruising  long drive, Jets 7 Colts 7. The Colts drove down the field but stalled and kicked a Field Goal. Colts 10, Jets 7. The Jets came back with another long drive that culminated in another rushing touchdown, Jets 14, Colts 10.

Peyton quickly got his team in FG range and brought the Colts to 14-13.  The Jets tried to mount a game ending drive but left the colts about 3 minutes to move down the field. Peyton drove the Colts to the Jet 32 but could not secure another first down, so with 58 seconds left, Adam Vinateri kicked a field goal to ice the game…but wait, there are still 53 seconds left in the game…the Jets have pulled off Miracles

New York Jets CB Antonio Cromartie (31) runs back the kick off during the fourth quarter of an NFL AFC wild card football playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts in Indianapolis, Saturday, Jan. 8, 2011.

this year (See Detroit, Houston and Denver games). The Colts kick it off to Antonio Cromartie, my buddy, and he RACES 47 yards to set the Jets up at their own 46 yard line with 49 seconds on the clock. Mark Sanchez awakens from his overthrowing slumber and hits Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes with quick strike passes to move them to the Colts 32 Yard line with about 29 seconds on the clock. This is where the first of three miracles happens….for some ungodly reason the Colts Coach calls a TIMEOUT! The Colts explanation was that they wanted to make sure the Jets had one more snap so that maybe a fumble or interception could occur. Anyway, with the timeout, Sanchez goes to Schottenheimer and says I want to throw the ball to get closer. Schotty says “Mark, you call the play you want…” Sanchez calls for a comeback throw to Braylon Edwards who makes a leaping catch at the Colts 12 yard line, that was the second miracle (Edwards has had, in previous years, the case of dropitis…).

New York Jets place kicker Nick Folk (2) reacts after kicking the game winning 32-yard field goal during the fourth quarter of an NFL AFC wild card game

So now, Nick Folk, who was 30-39 this year in making field goals comes on the field. This was the third and last miracle of the night. Nick Folk, a cast off of the Dallas Cowboys, a guy who missed a ton of field goals in the Cleveland Game, the guy who most people though could not be clutch, splits the uprights and sends the Colts packing.

Nick Folk Splits the Uprights! Jets Win 17-16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could not believe my eyes. Rex Ryan and the New York Jets beat the Indianapolis Colts in the Lucas Oil Dome, 17-16! Can you believe it? In my house, my daughter, my wife and I went BANANAS as the kick split the uprights! And here in this video you can see the reaction of Jets fans in Austin Texas, Boston Massachusetts, Queens NY, Manhattan NY, Charlotte North Carolina, Atlanta Georgia and Staten Island NY. Jets Fans Across the Country Celebrate! – Thx to Pereiro16 at

The New York Jets vs. The New England Patriots Part III – Winner Takes ALL!

Are you kidding me? We have to play the Jets again???

Yep, its here. The third installment of David vs. Goliath, Return of the Jedi, Rocky III, and all other trilogy related movies. The Jets vs. the Patriots in a game that is developing additional subplots as we speak. First off, Rex Ryan thinks Peyton Manning studies more film than Tom Brady. Secondly, Antonio Cromartie tells the world that Tom Brady is an ASS****. Third, Rex Ryan comes back and says that the game is a personal chess match between him and Bill Belichek. Fourth, Rex Ryan then goes and says that he dislikes Tom Brady for all the body language that he throws the Jets way after he scores in games. Lastly, Shaun Ellis says that Tom Brady does taunt the jets after a score. The Patriots in typical tightwad style reply with nothing but kindness and say things like ” They are a good football team”, speaking about Cromartie, Brady says “He and Revis are good football players”. I call BS….you know the Patsies are seething when they see all the blather that comes out of the Jets camp and they can’t reply in kind. Teddy Bruschi, who by the way is probably the most enlightened football analyst that ESPN has, broke it down like this ” The Patriots are bred to HATE the Jets.” Now, there is some honesty! Finally, some truth comes out. What do the Jets have to do to defeat the Patriots on Sunday? Here are some ideas:

1) Get in Brady’s face without sacrificing too much coverage – The Jets have to find a way to stifle Brady’s progressional analysis by creating pressure up the middle. Brady is not a scrambler, he does not run well, when Brady gets outside pressure he usually steps up into the pocket and fires bullets. How do you counter that? You shoot an LB stunt into the “A” gap and try to overwhelm Brady up the middle. If Brady feels pressure up the middle, he is likely to hit the sides of the field and that is where the Jets are strongest with Revis and Cromartie. Force Brady to throw to his outside recievers and the Jets will win this game. The Jets cannot allow the Tight ends (Gronkowski and Hernandez) nor the mighty midgets (Welker and Woodhead) to beat them, they must force the issue with pressure up the middle so Brady will look to the sides.The Jets D Line must also get their hands up to try and knock down some passes.

2) Cover the Tight Ends well – Eric Smith and Broadney pool will be tasked with covering Gronkowski and Hernandez, the two headed Tight End Beast that the Patriots employ. If Smith and Pool can play as well as they did in Indianapolis then the Jets have a great shot, if they get eaten alive by the tight ends, the game could get ugly quickly.

3) The Jets MUST establish the Run – The Jets won the game in Indianapolis because they rediscovered their identity. The Jets do best when they RUN the ball. Sanchez’ shoulder is not 100% and Shonn Greene and LaDainian Tomlinson are feeling great after last weeks win…so use the ground game to establish a good play action situation as they had in Indy. The new England defense is not that good, except for Vince Wilfork (the nose tackle) and McCourty (the rookie CB who had 7 interceptions this year). everyone else on the New England defense is good but not great. The Jets should establish the ground game and keep Hairplugs on the bench.

4) Sanchez must convert the big throws - Sanchez will probably have about 25 throwing opportunities in this game. As such, he will need to convert 60% of them and not throw more than one interception for the Jets to have a chance. Than means the Jets must scheme effectively to allow Sanchez the quick throwing lanes to Santonio and Braylon. Additionally, Sanchez must continue the good chemistry with Dustin Keller as he is the key to getting the Jets going again. If Sanchez completes 5 or more passes to Keller, I think the Jets will win.

5) Keep the Game close – The one thing the Jets cannot afford is to go down by two touchdowns or more. The Jets offense is not built for quick strike attacks. They are a methodical grind it out offense which will chew the clock up. If forced to pass, the Jets will lose.

6) Do not take crazy risks – In reviewing the last Jets- pats Game, you saw things like the jets trying a 50+ field goal (which they did not make), a challenge to the spotting of a football before a 4th and 1 attempt and the no huddle offense. Now, the no huddle was an ok idea but the other two were stupid risks to take. We need to play smart, its doesn’t matter if we win by 1 point or 14 points, the idea is to come out of there with a win. Stay true to yourselves….pound the rock, play field position and limit Brady’s possessions.

This is what you want to see at the end of the Game. Tom Brady, dejected!

If the Jets can focus on the factors above, I think they will win and shock the world again. I have faith that Rex and his staff are devising some new wrinkles that will help the Jets reach the AFC Championship again. But that is not all, the Jets can reach the Super Bowl…but let’s not get ahead of ourselves… game at a time.

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In response to “Jets Shock the World! Now we get to (hopefully) F*** Brady up!”

  1. Christopher Rowe Jan 13 20111:17 am


    Jets-Ravens in AFC Championship????

    1. Gabe Hidalgo Jan 13 201110:10 am


      I am indecisive on who they would meet. My brother is a HUGE Steeler fan and for some reason, my daughter has developed two loyalties…she loves the Jets and the RAVENS?!!?! So, either way, the Jets will be the road team again. Is there a team i would prefer to play? No. I think they are both super tough and they both present different challenges. As for Sunday’s game, I will be yelling, hooting and hollering for my boys in green! No predictions, I will just enjoy another Playoff game. Go Jets!

      1. Adrian Fedkiw Jan 13 20114:33 pm


        I think the Ravens are the only team in the NFL that can beat the Pats.

        My gut is saying Baltimore makes the Super Bowl, but they have to beat Pitt first.

        Two compelling AFC Divisonal Playoff Games. I think the Pats Jets game starts close, but Pats pull away and wins it 31-20, something like that.

        1. Gabe Hidalgo Jan 14 201110:50 am


          Pitt and Baltimore is must see TV. That game will feature some of the hardest hits you will ever see. My daughter loves the ravens and my brother loves the steelers. The Ravens can win the game but let’s see what happens. The steelers have a healthy polamalu and that guy is a game changer on Defense.

          As far as your SB prediction, all I will say is let’s see how this weekend plays out. I am not gonna make a prediction but these games will be as good or better as last week.

          1. Adrian Fedkiw Jan 14 20115:28 pm

            Besides my beloved Eagles, my favorite game to watch is Baltimore and Pittsburgh because of the physicality and intensity these teams bring.

            I’m picking Baltimore 20-17 in another Ravens/Steelers classic.

            I will be doing my NFL Playoff Previews later on tonight. Check them out if you’d like

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