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Fantasy Hoops Stock Market Volume 3

Posted By Warren Shaw On Jan 14 2011 @ 12:20 am In Fantasy Basketball | No Comments

It’s a New Year and people are focused on losing weight, working out and improving themselves. I see no reason why this new outlook can’t be applied to your fantasy teams as well, the improving part that is. The All-Star break is fast approaching and many players pick their games up after the extended rest. Lets take a look at some guys you should buy low and sell high as we head into the 2nd half of the season.

Aaron Brooks: A high ankle sprain kept Brooks out for 5 weeks of this season. His backup Kyle Lowry played well but will not be able to hold off Brooks who is clearly a better offensive player. Brooks was still struggling with his ankle coming into the week but has shown signs of major life with Kevin Martin now ailing for Houston. He is bit of a risk but you might be able to still buy low.

Stephen Curry: Projected as a first round pick in many circles Curry has battled multiple injuries and is not quite living up the lofty expectations placed on him after last year’s torrid 2nd half. He is averaging 18pts,5.8ast,3.5 rebs, and 2stls. Not exactly waiver wire material. Still he might be had for slightly less than the premium price tag he had at the beginning of the season. Buy Low.

Baron Davis: Baron has improved his play over the last few weeks, learning how to coexist with Blake Griffin and ignore Donald Sterling. It’s hard to fathom that Eric Bledsoe nearly stole his job or got Davis shipped out of town. The opportunity to buy low has passed if you were interested in acquiring Davis, unless the owner that has his him is afraid Davis will eventually go down again this season. Which is very likely. Owners would be wise to sell high.

Pau Gasol: There is probably no such thing as buying low on a player of Gasol’s caliber but owners might be shook by Andrew Bynum’s increased minutes and production. Throw out some feelers to gauge the temperature but understand he won’t come cheap.

Danny Granger: Granger is another guy on the list that isn’t having a terrible season but still is not living up to lofty expectations. His minutes are the same but his points are down from 24.1 to 20.9 compared to a year ago. Honestly Granger just isn’t very efficient and has a slightly bigger name than he is worth in my opinion. The Pacers said 2weeks ago that they were going to play small and deploy Granger at the 4. So far that hasn’t happened except for one game against the Knicks where Granger snatched 15 rebounds. If the Pacers can get their actual plan together Granger could be in store for a resurgent 2nd half. Buy low.

Roy Hibbert: I don’t know if anybody’s fantasy stock has dropped faster than Hibbert’s has this year. Although Gilbert Arenas comes to mind. Anyway….Hibbert is a victim of the confusion Coach Jim O’brien is having with his lineups. Hibbert has seen his minutes fluctuate since December 1 and is not the stud owners thought they had on their hands. If the minutes return he too can return to number 1 center value. My advice if you own him is to hope he strings together some good games soon and ship him and if your a risk taker you can buy low.

Jrue Holiday: Jrue is on a tear and is playing with extreme confidence. Part of his surge has to do with the decline of Andre Iguodala. Holiday is averaging 18.3pts, 8.7ast, 4.5rebs , and 1.5stls over the last two weeks. I like the young man a lot and he is getting all the run he can in Philly. I am not sure if he is quite this good and the bulk of this spike in production has been without Iggy. He could keep this up for the remainder of the season (especially of Iguodala continues to battle injury) but selling high seems like the right move

Andre Iguodala: Iggy’s achilles has slowed him down all season and his owners are growing frustrated with the lack of production and missed games. As of now he seems like he is going to play through the injury but who knows when it may flare up again. There is no better time to buy low especially after his 1 point outing in his return this week.

Rashard Lewis: Lewis is back in a role that suits him best. Good player on a bad team. I know that seems like a low blow but what else can explain his recent production since arriving in Washington? 13.8pts, 8.7rebs, 4.2ast, 1.8stl, and 0.8blks over the last two weeks. He is grabbing rebounds and assisting extremely well in the Wizards offense and I doubt he can keep it up. I had a minor debate with a friend about who the better pickup would be between Lewis and Marcin Gortat. I maddened him with my insistence that Lewis had value, and luckily have been right up to this point but this could be fool’s gold. Sell high.

Kevin Love: This guy is quickly becoming one of my favorite players ever in fantasy basketball. I thought I was too high on him coming into the season and stopped myself from jumping to get him in drafts. Excuse me as a I dry the tears! It hurts to watch the gargantuan numbers he puts up go to other owners. Hurts I tell you. Self pity aside if your team is struggling and you own Love then he can really bring you back multiple contributors depending on the size of your league. I repeat, only sell high if your team is struggling and Love is like the only good player you have. He is as good as he has been and will keep producing barring injury. Otherwise ride him out the rest of the season and watch me cry.

Brook Lopez: One double double on the year, and only 2 double digit rebounding games should tell you all you need to know about Lopez. I am shy to endorse him as a buy low as I really think this could be who he is. If the Melo trade does occur he goes from option 1 to option 2b (if that’s possible). Billups and Hamilton are rumored to be accompanying Melo in Jersey if the trade occurs. Does Lopez become a token big man or does he stay closer to the basket with better offensive options surrounding him and finally grab some rebounds? I tend to think the latter and I am not exactly an optimist. Buy low…like bag of chips low.

Chris Kaman: The Clippers have completely developed an identity without the services of Kaman. DeAndre Jordan is fly swatting shots and rebounding at a rate that Kaman simply isn’t capable of. Nor does Jordan require the ball on offense nearly as much. Jordan and Blake Griffin are actually making the Clippers an exciting team to watch, well as exciting as a 13-24 team can be. I don’t doubt that Kaman could come back and try to coexist but the Clippers just don’t need him. He is reportedly out until February and is very likely to be moved somewhere when he returns. He might actually appear on a wavier wire near you very soon if your patient. If you have the roster space offering any warm body, or perhaps a Wal-mart soda might be enough to buy low and stash Kaman.

Gerald Wallace: Injury is the only reason Wallace appears on this list. The new uptempo offense in Charlotte is bound to pay dividends for owners of Wallace. It also guarantees Crash will be flying up and down the floor putting himself at risk for further injury. If your the squeamish type I can see selling Wallace for a more stable option. Otherwise I would try to buy now while the price is somewhat moderate.

David West: Every year David West kind of coasts through the first half of the season then produces like a top 20 player after the All-Star break. History tends to repeat itself and West might be ready for his annual 2nd half tear. Buying low here is a relative term and West will not come dirt cheap. Still it makes sense to inquire about his services based on his past history.

Best wishes and my apologizes if there is anybody on the list you think I should have covered. See you all on Monday with Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em alone.

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