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Round 3 Patriots Jets “This one is personal”

Posted By David Reid On Jan 14 2011 @ 2:39 pm In New England Patriots | 2 Comments

Oh Rex Ryan, how we love it when you make these games personal. Regardless of how “personal” Ryan wants to make this game, the Patriots are still going to blow out the Jets just like they did in week 13. Nothing has changed for the Jets over the last 5 weeks. Sure they won a playoff game against a struggling AFC team; but their offense is still terrible, their defense still has a ton of holes, and Brad Smith is about the only player on the Jets that ever shows up on the highlights, and he probably only sees the field 10 times a game…including special teams. Right now, I am thinking if the Jets’ best player is only on the field for roughly 10 plays, the Patriots don’t have much to worry about.

As for the Patriots, they have been winning consistently and blowing out almost every team they have played since the Jets in week 13, except for the Packers. Every aspect of their game is improving from week to week and every player is utilized perfectly. The offense involves everyone and makes things as easy for Brady as they can possibly get. Did I mention the Patriots are on an 8-game win streak? The Patriots are playing as good of football as possible and it could not have come at a better time. Not just playoff time, but the time where the Patriots have a second opportunity to publicly humiliate Rex Ryan and the Jets again on national television.

So Rex Ryan, you can make this game as personal as you like; and Cromartie you can interrogate Brady as much as you want, but it will not help either of you this Sunday. You just have to face the fact Mark Sanchez is too young and makes far too many mistakes and that your team just doesn’t compare to the Patriots’. Nuff said.

As for the breakdown of this game, the Patriots made things look very easy in week 13. That is by far the worst I have ever seen the Jets’ defense play before. Brady and company made it look as though there were just 11 guys on the defensive side of the ball, not having any idea what the game of football actually was. Things were just far too easy, and it was though the Jets just didn’t want to play football that week. I do not expect the same this week though. The Jets do have a solid defense, but Brady has enough weapons that he can wear them down. The Jets did have the 3rd best defense throughout the regular season, but we learned that they can be beat. Here is what the Patriots will have to do this Sunday to capture a victory:

  1. Challenge Antonio Cromartie. He is a solid corner, but he loves jumping routes and he can be beat down field, towards the sidelines. Brady needs to throw in some pump fakes to get his receivers loose against Cromartie. The Pats also just need to run some deep routes against and just challenge what he’s got.
  2. Use Danny Woodhead often. Benjarvus Green-Ellis will need to be the primary running back and for him to be effective, Woodhead will need to get some carries and a lot of screen/dump passes. This will open up some running holes for Green-Ellis, and will also keep the Jets on their toes every time Woodhead enters the game.
  3. Utilize the TEs. The Patriots have been doing this a lot lately, and the Jets’ CBs are going to be focused on Wes Welker and Deion Branch for a majority of the game. This will open up the playbook for Brady and the Pats and allow a lot of targets to the two great receiving TEs.


Now for the Patriots defense. This side of the ball deserves a ton of credit. They get on the field and they do exactly as told; stop the opposing offense as fast as you can. This gives Brady and co. more time to be on the field and rack up the points. The defense is looking great and they too have to do a few things in order to keep the Jets offense from scoring:

  1. Blitz Mark Sanchez and force him to make bad throws. Sanchez is by far at his worst when he feels pressured and has to make a quick decision. He will miss-fire a lot of passes and will hopefully throw a few picks.
  2. Keep the run game to a minimum. The Jets have a solid running attack, but they really don’t use it as much as they should. However when they do use it, the Patriots have to be ready. My plan is to stack the box. Stacking the box will create fewer holes in the defense for the running game to attack. It will also force Mark Sanchez to start throwing the ball, which is exactly what we want.
  3. Think run first when Brad Smith is under center. Most of the time when Brad Smith comes in to play QB, he ends up running the ball. If the defense can force him to pass the ball, then we can see what he’s actually got.

I am quite excited for this game on Sunday. I think it will be a battle during maybe the first 5 mins, but after that I look forward to the Patriots lighting up the scoreboard. They know this Jets team and they know what it takes to beat them. The Patriots are playing great football and I think it will take a lot to stop them. I see the Pats winning this one, 27-13. P…A…T…S… PATS PATS PATS. Suck on that Jets fans. Go Patriots!!!

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