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Posted By Kevin Scholla On Jan 15 2011 @ 5:32 pm In Chicago | No Comments

Wow!  One more win and the Bears are going to the NFC Championship game.  Not many of the ‘experts’ predicted that.  In fact,  many had the Bears in third place in the division.  Some had them last.  The best part about it all is watching them all reach for excuses.  None of them are wrong.  Of course not.  They point to the Bears being lucky, or the unforeseen drama in Minnesota, or the new Zodiac sign.  They point to anything except themselves.  Man up.  Admit you were wrong about the team and the coach.  You look pathetic otherwise.

Shockingly, everything worked in the Bears favor the last couple of weeks.  Yes, losing to Green Bay was somewhat disappointing.  We all would’ve liked that final drive to end in a score, a two point conversion, and an 11-10 Bears triumph, instead of a Cutler pick.  All in all though you have to take it.  The Packers win allowed Green Bay to erase the overrated Eagles and set up the Saints-Seahawks showdown which in the end brings the Bears a losing opponent in the divisional round.  Yes, Seattle beat the Bears earlier this year but remember that was a long time ago.  The Bears went the whole game without a third down conversion.  Now, the offense has more balance.  Lance Briggs did not play.  Tomorrow Briggs will be there.  That game was in October.  This is January.  The Seahawks deserve to be in the playoffs and their victory over New Orleans proves it, but the Bears should be able to grab a win at Solider Field if they stick to a balanced attack on offense and make their tackles on defense.

I’m so sick of hearing people cry about the Seahawks making the playoffs at 7-9.  The whining has subdued a bit after their wild Wild Card round win but still people need to get a grip.  They’re calling for re-seeding, for no home games if you’re under .500, for not allowing losing teams in at all.  CALM DOWN!  It happened once.  EVER.  Their division was weak this year and they did what they needed to do to get in.  I could see if this happened year in and year out.  It doesn’t.  In the NHL, the success of six, seven, even eight seeds is the norm.  Losing teams qualify for the NBA playoffs almost annually.  Everyone thought it was cute when the just over .500 Mets won the pennant in 1973.  It was even cuter when the 1987 Twins and 2006 Cards won it all after barely posting winning marks in the regular campaign.  Again, CALM DOWN!  Stop trying to change the great National Football League.  Enough damage has already been done.  You can’t hit anyone, you can’t play in snow, you can’t celebrate a touchdown, you can’t have sudden death overtime.  Can we at least allow division winners in the playoffs?

How great was it to see Desmond Clark playing special teams for the Bears?  The classy veteran wants a ring and he’s doing whatever the team needs to help get it.  Clark was a main target in the Rex Grossman-led offense of 2006 that went to the Super Bowl.  Age and injuries often lead Chicago to place him on the inactive list this season.  Clark, a true pro doesn’t sulk.  Instead he finds ways to help the Bears win. 

Speaking of doing something we’re not used to seeing, how about Rashied Davis stepping in front of that ball the other week on the fake punt?  How about skill players throwing extra blocks down field?  How about injured players cheering with all their might from the sidelines?  This team wants it from top to bottom.

The Bears say they don’t care who wins the Packers-Falcons game tonight and I tend to believe them.  There are pros and cons to both possible outcomes.  If you get Green Bay you get a home game and a team you already beat this season BUT it is the Pack and they beat the Bears too.  If you get Atlanta you get to play on artificial turf which would bode well for the likes of Julius Peppers and Brian Urlacher BUT you play on the road against a quarterback and coach that are almost perfect in their place.  Pick your poison.  Either way we know this much.  No matter what team stands in the Bears way, assuming the Bears take care of business against Seattle, everyone will be picking the Bears to lose.  You can bank on it.  It’ll be just like the 2006 title game when the world picked the Saints, even though the Bears were home and favored.  Remember how that turned out?  Bear down.

The Bulls face the Heat tonight.  I really hope they beat Miami.  The game may not mean the world in the long run but any time anyone can knock off that smug group from South Beach, you have to pull for it.  I was impressed that Chicago made short work of so-so Indiana last night and didn’t look ahead to the Heat game.

A Ficus Tree sends more creative tweets than LeBron James.  Play basketball.  You’re embarrassing otherwise.

Derrick Rose is now second in all-star voting.  Stuff those boxes.

DePaul got crushed by 20 today.  I do think they’ll get a couple of Big East wins this season but none will come easy.

The Patricks are all-star bound.  Sharp and Kane join Duncan Keith and Jonathan Toews as Blackhawks reps in the fans’ game.  Hopefully they’ll really shine in the second half of the regular season.

The Chicago Bliss has made the playoffs in the Lingerie Football League.  The team will play Los Angeles for the Western Conference crown.

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