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Knock Knock..Who’s there? THE JETS THAT’S WHO! 28-21 B*T*HES!!

Posted By Gabe Hidalgo On Jan 17 2011 @ 11:25 pm In New York Jets | 2 Comments

[1]All week, the national media, the NYC media, the Boston media, local Jets bloggers, local Pats bloggers, local Jets radio hosts, local Pats radio hosts, everyone basically gave the Jets no shot. THEY said the Jets had no shot. THEY said the Jets had issues in the defense, issues in their offense, issues at head coach, issues in their fan base. THEY said that it would be a similar outcome as the 45-3 Monday night game where the Patriots showed so much class that they ran up the score with no mercy.  The Patriots were all smug and lying through their teeth saying they respected the Jets and their coach. They would hand deliver fake praise so they [2]would be viewed as the model franchise that they think they are. The problem is that Rex Ryan and those lovable Jets didn’t follow the script.  Yeah, to all the doubters, I say…    SUCK IT!

Just like David beheaded Goliath, the Jets take down the Patriots 28-21! SUCK ON THAT!

What happens when Superman meets Team Kryptonite?

Maybe its just me. I hate the opposing team QBs and some of them have haunted my dreams. I call Dan Marino “The Devil”, I used to call Drew Bledsoe “The Monkey”, I used to call Jim Kelly “BALDYFACE” and of course I call Peyton Manning “Horseface”. I can’t help it, when there is a QB out there who torments my team I take it personally. For Tom Brady, I just feel he is doubly bad…he is portrayed as this guy who can do no wrong and yet he dumps his girl while she is pregnant [3]with his child to chase a supermodel and he torments my team. Brady a.k.a “Hairplugs”claims to not taunt the guys on the sideline and said he is above that but yet there is a lot of videotape that shows him doing that same exact thing. When confronted by the video, Hairplugs says maybe he lets his emotions get the best of him. Come On Tom, you know you do it, don’t be a d*ck and deny it.

Superman is to Kryptonite as the Patriots are to the Jets!

Yesterday the Jets defeated the Patriots in Foxborough 28-21. Yes, they beat them and honestly the game was not even that close as the score suggests. The Patriots were losing 28-14 with 27 seconds left when they scored their final touchdown. How is this possible? Those lowly Jets, the ones who needed some supposed luck to beat the Lions, Browns, Broncos and Texans. The lowly Jets who “barely” squeaked into the the playoffs (11-5 does not constitute barely). The lowly Jets who had a young and supposedly unrelaible Qb, a blowhard coach and a not so good defense (ranked #3 in the NFL by the way…). The GLORIOUS Patriots who could do no wrong, who would never ever speak ill about another team, whose coach’s


Ickey Woods Shuffle

[5]monotone press conferences were a thing of beauty, whose QB, full of hair (now we know its all a sham…he is losing hair faster than playoff games), a defense that was young and that doesn’t break. The GLORIOUS Patriots that were the bulwark defending the NFL against boisterous and loud teams like the Jets, Steelers and Ravens. I say, what B*LLS*IT! For years the NFL was known as the NO FUN LEAGUE. Do people remember the SACK DANCE, the Fun BUNCH and the Ickey Shuffle? Now, GOD FORBID you celebrate a touchdown, you get a penalty. Are [6]you serious? Isn’t this a game after all? Isn’t football about having fun and having a big celebration? I would counter anyone who would argue that the brand of bland civility that BS artists like Belechick and Brady represent is ultimately good for the NFL.


Is Superman dead?


New York Jets safety Eric Smith (33) and linebacker David Harris (52) tackle New England Patriots' BenJarvus Green-Ellis

What you get is a bunch of blowhards who straight up lie or  say things like “I completely respect FILL IN THE BLANK, he is a great coach.” or “I have nothing but respect for THE  FILL IN THE BLANKS, they are a great team”. Please give me a break. Show some emotion and speak your mind. I wholeheartedly respect Rex Ryan’s approach. He lets his players speak their minds and you can tell that they respect their coach. However, the coach does expect you to back up your words. Cromartie laced into Tom Brady and called him an A$$hole. Yeah, he did say that. Why? Cromartie stated that Brady taunts and showboats in front of the other team’s bench after a touchdown pass. Brady at first denied it but when video of this came out, Brady stated that maybe its because he gets emotional. You KNEW Cromartie was going to be targeted…he was 4 times. Cromartie held tough and didn’t give up any huge completions. In fact, the Jets did not give up any long touchdown passes. Cromartie backed up his tough talk.

Under Brady's Helmet, you will see this...the ugly truth. Hairplugs!

How did the Jets beat Hairplugs and the Patriots?

1) They sacked Hairplugs five times and pressured him all game.

2) They played a mix of man and zone coverage to confuse Hairplugs.

3) They did not allow Brady to have the short crossing routes to Welker and Woodhead.

4) The Jets contained the Tight End attacks of Gronkowski and Hernandez. In fact, Hernandez was a ghost….anyone seen Aaron Hernandez last night?

Mark Sanchez or as Bart Scott calls him "Our Nacho Libre version of Tom Brady".

5) Mark Sanchez threw three touchdowns, NO INTERCEPTIONS and had a higher passer rating than Hairplugs.

6) The Jets running attack bruised and battered the Patriots Defense.

7) The Patriots defense was exposed as a 25th ranked defense should be.

8) Revis shut down Deion Branch or anyone else he was assigned.

Welcome to Revis Island Deion Branch!

9) Cromartie played great defense and was a huge factor on Special teams.

10) The Jets did not need luck nor a late score to win the game.

11) Brady choked again in the playoffs. Last year, Joe Flacco came to Gillette Stadium and beat the Patriots. Now Mark Sanchez does the same exact thing, except Sanchez outshown Hairplugs as well.

S [9]o now the Jets continue the “SHOCK THE WORLD” Tour and hope to continue riding all that “non-believer” energy to Dallas and a Super Bowl appearance. While the Patriots are packing their gear, the Jets will return to Heinz Field to meet the Steelers. Ain’t life grand!

So to all the non-believers, keep picking against the Jets. We love it, in fact, we thrive on it. See you in Pittsburgh b&t^hes!!


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