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Knicks Shouldn’t Gut Roster for Melo

Posted By Brandon Marcus On Feb 19 2011 @ 3:24 pm In NBA | No Comments

Jim Dolan is at it again.

According to reports, the Knicks have substantially increased their offer to acquire Anthony, a complete 180 from Donnie Walsh’s previous position. In the trade, the Knicks would sacrifice Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler and effectively Anthony Randolph for Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups and some of Denver’s bench debris. Forget about Eddy Curry and his shapeless pathetic corpse.

James Dolan undoubtedly is pressuring Walsh to do everything necessary to acquire Anthony immediately, disregarding he and D’antoni’s opposition to demolishing the promising young core. Once again Dolan reveals himself to be a complete imbecile; previously too trustful of the hideous Isiah regime, and in Walsh’s case not trusting enough.

Yes, I understand you are getting Carmelo Anthony.  I recognize he’s amongst the top 10 basketball players in the world – a huge star to go alongside Amare Stoudemire. I get it. But this would be a poor basketball decision.

The Knicks apparently are prepared to surrender the bulk of their nucleus to ensure they secure Anthony, rather than risk him going to the Nets and never reaching free agency. Three of the best players four players on the team would go, including not just Gallinari who has star potential, but Ray Felton, whose demonstrated some true grit while jelling nicely with Stoudemire.

This current group, while not there yet, has been building organically; developing good chemistry, with plenty of room to grow. Without question there are upgrades to be made, but there is no reason to panic and force the issue.

Who decided that everything must happen right now, that its now or never, that Carmelo is the end game?

More importantly, how exactly is this team a title contender against the likes of the Celtics in the short term, and the Heat long-term? Miami has the best player in the world, and they actually play defense, something the Knicks will never do with Anthony.

You’ll have a better chance of beating the Heat with depth, versatility, an array of shooters, and players who guard people.

This is about immediate gratification for Dolan and Anthony. It would get them a little closer to contention right now but in the grand scheme they’d remain far from a title. Chris Paul would still be almost 18 months away – so what’s the bums rush?

The bum is James Dolan, whose impatience yet again may sabotage the franchise.

There is only so far you can go before the juice isn’t worth the squeeze, and the Knicks have passed it. I believed that Donnie Walsh was mindful of that, alluding to the need to have a “a good basketball team” left after any potential trade. But this deal would be a direct contradiction of that.

I am not saying you don’t make an effort to get him, but this – this is too much.

The Knicks will be left with few assets to address any present or future needs; backup point guard and center come to mind right now, neither of which is addressed in this deal. In fact you’d become older and slower at point guard.

Carmelo wants to be a Knick, not a Net. At a price the steep, take your chances that he signs the extension with the Nets. If he wants to be here so bad, there’s no need for the Knicks to be held hostage. If he wants to be here so bad, make him prove it by telling Denver  he’ll only sign with New York.

Carmelo talks about how taxing the situation has been on him, yet this situation is his own creation. Carmelo claims it’s about winning a title but his actions indicate otherwise. He wants to be a part of what New York is building, yet his actions are pressuring the Knicks into tearing it down again. Tossing away players that could help them get there, to make sure Melo gets what he wants now.

So no, its not about winning, but more about him and his extension.

Everyone says you need two stars, at least two to win a title. And that may be true.  However, that doesn’t make it necessary to jump at the first one, damn the costs. Fill in the pieces as you go, as you need them – most importantly when a deal makes sense.

This one doesn’t, and when they’re peaking in the Eastern Conference finals, the Knicks will live to regret it.

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