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Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em Alone Week 18 the ‘Melo Edition

Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em Alone Week 18 the ‘Melo Edition

Finally the drama has ended! Carmelo Anthony was traded to his preferred destination of New York in a blockbuster trade that will send shock waves throughout the NBA and Fantasy Basketball worlds. I have many feelings about this trade but only the fantasy ones matter here. So I will begin this edition of Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em Alone with a fantasy analysis of the trade and then proceed to the rest of the league’s players of interest this week. This is going to be a fairly long article so I will try to be brief on each player.

The Trade:

The specifics of the trade and can be found here in an article by David Aldridge of NBA.COM. But in case you don’t thirst for real NBA knowledge and just want the fantasy facts it breaks down something like this. The Knicks get Carmelo, Chauncey Billups, Renaldo Balkman, Anthony Carter and the husband of Candace Parker (Shelden Williams). The Nuggets get the services of Raymond Felton, Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, and Timofey Mozgov. The Knicks also moved Anthony Randolph and Eddy Curry to Minnesota in exchange for Corey Brewer.

The Knicks

Carmelo Anthony: His value remains pretty much unchanged although it will be interesting to see how he will vibewith Amare Stoudemire. Melo could see a very slight increase in assists with the up and down nature of the Knicks and owners should start him as they would ordinarily. Love ‘Em

Chauncey Billups: You almost feel bad for him in a way as he wanted to finish his career in Denver. Billups is a professional and will not sulk because the bright lights of NYC are on him. Love ‘Em.

Shelden Williams: He might find himself getting minutes in the paper thin Knicks frontcourt. I am not a fan of Williams by any stretch but putting my bias aside he could produce some big rebound numbers given the minutes. We are more than likely looking at a timeshare between him and Rony Turiaf when all is said and done. Scoop him up if you have a roster spot to waste and see how it plays out.

Rony Turiaf: Suddenly he should be the starting center if he can stay healthy which makes him somewhat intriguing. As just mentioned I think a timeshare is likely between he and Shelden Williams. Same rules apply here, scoop him up and see what happens.

Landry Fields: If he was dropped in your league it is time to remedy that. With no Gallinari, or Chandler he is pretty much unchallenged for minutes. Tony Douglas will come in and back up both positions but should primarily be used at the point, (I see no need for the Knicks to play Anthony Carter, but stranger things have happened) leaving Landry to receive a sick amount of minutes. Love ‘Em.

Renaldo Balkman: I know some Knicks fan who are very excited about his return to New York. I on the other hand am yawning. Leave ‘Em Alone.

The Nuggets

Raymond Felton: Much discussion of Felton’s final destination is in question and if you know please tell me. He undoubtedly will take a hit wherever he lands but should remain a starting guard for a fantasy roster. The question is how many games does he miss due to travel in trade. I don’t like how it is looking for Felton owners this week. Loving Felton this week is a bit of a gamble.

Danilo Gallinari: How Gallo is going to respond to George Karl should be fun to see. He could very well become the feature player in their offense because of this trade. The guy is still largely unproven but as long as he doesn’t start pouting he should be in store for a slight spike across the board. Love ‘Em.

Wilson Chandler: I don’t think Chandler is going to start over Gallo or over Aaron Aflallo. Rumors are swirling that Gallo might be moved again by Denver opening up a spot for Chandler. With all the confusion because of the trade deadline I would Leave ‘Em alone for now.

Timofey Mozgov: Under no circumstance can Mozgov be trusted this week, Despite some solid play of late, the situation is too murky to determine his value in Denver. Leave ‘Em alone.

Ty Lawson: He is probably the biggest winner from the trade as Denver is in love with him in every sense of the word. It is hard to imagine that Felton comes in to be the back-up but it could very well happen making Lawson a potential number 2 guard in most fantasy formats. Chances are he was scooped up a long time ago but double check. Love ‘Em.

Some others to consider in Denver are Kenyon Martin, J.R. Smith, and Aaron Afllalo. They all could have nice weeks while the acquired players travel, pass physicals, or are moved again. Now on to the rest of the league with some semi-quick hitters.

D.J. Augustin: His wrist is reportedly healed from the extend time off. Love ‘Em.

Michael Beasley: B’Ez practiced and is still feeling discomfort in his ankle. Chance are he will give it a go this week. I would Leave ‘Em alone on deep rosters but if it’s between him and say Mike Dunleavy than go ahead and play Beasley.

Roddy Beaubois: Roddy has been named as a starter for the Mavs and it’s hard to ignore the love the organization has for him. He can provide some modest value with points, assists, and steals but his fg% has a lot to be desired. He is still getting his wind back but could be a very sneaky play going forward. Love ‘Em

Marcus Camby: He allegedly doesn’t want to be traded again and might sit out till after the deadline to avoid being showcased. Isn’t that rich? No choice here. Leave ‘Em alone.

Tyreke Evans: I had a chance to speak with Tyreke Evans over the All-Star break and you can see some of that clip here. The news was not encouraging as Reke said he “might be out a while” pending the evaluation he received on Monday. I will take healthy sample of no thank you on Evans this week. Leave ‘Em alone.

Eric Gordon: He is not ready to return giving Randy Foye an extra week of life. Gordon should be back next week though so make sure some fool didn’t waive him. Leave ‘Em alone this week.

Chris Kaman: The minutes are going to increase and DeAndre Jordan has been very inconsistent in recent weeks. There is still a possibility Kaman gets moved and either way I would wait to see how many minutes he gets going forward. Leave ‘Em alone.

Andrei Kirilenko: Another player who is feeling refreshed after the break get him back in your lineups. Love ‘Em.

Rashard Lewis: His minutes are going to be “limited” according to the Wizards organization. Who knows what that means and with Josh Howard back Lewis might soon be waiver wire material if he doesn’t recover soon. Leave ‘Em alone.

Emeka Okafor: Still not 100% but wants to give it a go. I like his chances to contribute this week. Love ‘Em.

Brandon Roy: Still one of the nicer guys in the league but one of the most injured. He might be coming off the bench for the first few games of his expected return. If you have gone this long with him on your bench what’s waiting one more week to see how things go? Leave ‘Em alone.

Ramon Sessions: A few unwise owners dropped Sessions when they saw Mo Williams return to help end the Cavs 26 game losing streak. Williams is again ailing and is listed as questionable for the Cavs game on Wednesday. Sessions continues to impress with or without Williams. Love ‘Em

Dwayne Wade: He turned his ankle in the All-Star game but practiced and said he was ready to go this week. Love ‘Em.

Mo Williams: See Ramon Sessions above. Leave ‘Em alone.

Nick Young: The MRI he had last week revealed no damage so Young will play on. Something about him screams sell high to me but that is a conversation for another blog. Love ‘Em.

Sam Young: Rudy Gay is out for at least a month making Young a welcome addition to your fantasy roster. The Grizzlies seem to want O.J. Mayo out of town and if that happens then Young could really blow up the last 3rd of the season. Love ‘Em.

I am currently on a plane heading home from All-Star weekend so forgive me if I forgot anyone that should have been discussed this week. The running around this past weekend and now this trade has me a bit flustered if you will. Lastly let me to apologize for skipping Week 17 as All-Star preparation had me hog-tied. See you all next week.

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In response to “Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em Alone Week 18 the ‘Melo Edition”

  1. David Willow Feb 24 20118:06 pm


    Hey Warren, I was just wanting to know who you thought would be some good pick ups after the shake up of the trade deadline. I was looking at Troy Murphy, Austin Daye, Serge Ibaka, and who looks best in Denver.

    1. Warren Shaw Feb 24 201111:19 pm


      David how are you man? Well I am going to try to put together some sort of article on the trades now but off the top of my head Chase Budinger in Houston, Gerald Henderson in Charlotte, and for sure Ibaka in OKC look like the pickups of the day as a result of all the trades. If Murphy ends up being bought out his value may not be what we all have hoped if he signs with say the Celtics or Heat.

      1. Warren Shaw Feb 24 201111:24 pm


        In Denver I dont think anybody that was on your wire would have been available. Lawson is the biggest winner but might end up time sharing with Felton. Gallinari might become the feature offensive option.

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