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Fantasy Hoops Stock Market: The Trade Deadline

Fantasy Hoops Stock Market: The Trade Deadline

This trade deadline has been one of the most active in recent memory.  As a result many changes have occurred. While its fun to be the first one in your league to get the hot new free agent who now has value, there are some owners who are now crushed as their players have taken a hit. Sorry Raymond Felton owners. So here we go with a look at rising value of some and plummeting value of a few others. I usually list the players in alphabetical order so I will remain with that format.

Nicolas Batum/Wesley Matthews: The acquisition of Gerald Wallace hurts both of their values and probably hit Batum the hardest. Brandon Roy is attempting to come back as well playing 15 uninspiring minutes in Portland’s last game. Sorry Batum owners but his stock is way down, sell him if you can.

Chauncey Billups: Did you know the Denver Nuggets were the highest scoring team in the league at 107.79 per game? Guess who is second? Yes Mr. Big Shot’s new team the New York Knicks.  Billups will actually see a slight increase being more involved in the offense due to the pick and roll offense implemented by New York. 21pts, 8ast, 6rebs & 2ast in his first game with the Knicks. Fantasy gold.

Aaron Brooks: Freed from the shadows of Kyle Lowry, AB heads to Phoenix to play and learn behind Steve Nash.  I think Brooks is going to flourish spelling Nash and given the struggles of Vince Carter the two might share some court time together. Brooks is worth a look if you need a guard.

Chase Budinger/Courtney Lee: Shane Battier was moved to Memphis where he originally started his career. As a result the door is open for Chase Budinger to become a full time fantasy contributor.  It is a little unclear right now if he or Courtney Lee will start or if they are going to be locked into a time share. I really like Budinger’s game and although Lee is a strong defender, Chase is slightly better overall shooting, driving, passing and rebounding.  Give them both a look.

Baron Davis: The Baron has been sent to the wasteland that is the Cleveland Cavaliers. How unfortunate for Davis owners who were enjoying some solid play from him as he teamed alongside Blake Griffin. Davis might actually be hurt as he sat out the last game with a knee injury. Playing for the Cavs and mortal enemy Byron Scott might make that knee fall completely off his leg. It’s probably wrong to speculate on the negative side of things like that but Davis took a huge hit. Maybe he relishes the opportunity and tries to go for his on that mess of a team. That would be great for owners but it will depend on the leash Scott allows him.

Derrick Favors: If owners were stashing him in hopes of a trade to Denver it’s time to cut bait as he has no chance of value unless Paul Milsap or Al Jefferson go down.

Raymond Felton: For the time being Felton is the back-up behind Ty Lawson in Denver. Chances are they play some minutes together in the backcourt but otherwise this trade is going to be brutal for Felton owners.  At the first sign of life from Felton sell, sell, sell although finding a buyer is going to be very difficult.

Danilo Gallinari: I keep thinking that Gallo might become the feature player in the Denver offense. Reports out of Denver say that honor is going to go to Nene, who is enjoying a career year. Hmm, that actually makes a bit of sense. The wing position in Denver is very crowded and is being compared to the Trailblazers of a few years ago. With Afflalo, Chandler, J.R. Smith. Gallinari, all vying for time the Nuggets are like Noah’s ark (two deep) everywhere. Sorry Gallinari owners but if you get a chance to move him, you should consider doing it.

Jeff Green: In the trade that nobody saw coming Jeff Green and Nenad Kristic were swapped for Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson. None of the players in this trade actually increase in value. Green likely becomes less valuable unless a key Celtic goes down with injury, which is always a possibility. Green is too big of a name to waive but I think he is going to become almost unplayable. Hopefully I will stand corrected.

Gerald Henderson: I don’t know if there is a bigger winner in terms of fantasy value than Gerald Henderson. He had quietly been playing very well lately, 18.3pts, 5rebs, and 58.6% shooting over his last 3 games. With G. Wallace now in Portland, Henderson is sitting pretty and looking like a breakout candidate for the stretch run of the season. Go get him.

Kirk Hinrich: Captain Kirk has had an up and down season but with a trade to Atlanta, Hirich’s prospectus looks bright. He should be given the keys to the car to drive a Hawks offense that has been struggling.  Add in his tough defensive nature and the Hawks made quite the coup. If he can stay healthy look for Hinrich to be very valuable as we close out the season.

Serge Ibaka: Fresh off of being robbed in the dunk contest at All Star-Weekend Ibaka gets a nice consolation prize of a starting role with the trade of Kristic and Green. Foul trouble is always a concern with Ibaka but the minutes are going to be there for the rest of the season. His potential is like 12 o’clock on a watch, straight up. If he is somehow available in your league, remedy that.

James Johnson: Here is guy nobody is talking about. He is talented and I have always wondered why he couldn’t crack the Bulls rotation consistently.  The Raptors have decided to take a chance on Mr. Johnson and he is good pick-up if you are in the market for a versatile forward on your roster. I am not proclaiming him to be the next Carmelo Anthony or anything but keep an eye on Johnson going forward.

Ty Lawson: The former UNC guard is a Denver favorite.  Having been anointed the starting point guard  owners have to be happy. That said, Felton is not going to just rot on the bench. A very ugly timeshare could be brewing. Stay posted.

Troy Murphy: I am not a fan of Murphy having any value this year. It just seems like this is going to be a lost season for Murph all because of the Little General.  If he stays in GSW how many touches can he get with Curry, Ellis, and Lee already in the mix? If he gets bought out he is supposed to sign with a contender Miami, Boston, or Orlando. Boston probably gives him the best chance at value as he would go there and almost immediately become one of their better rebounders. If your stashing him I guess it’s wise to hold on to see how it plays out.

Gerald Wallace: G Dub is being added to the surging Trailblazers roster in hopes of a deep Portland push in the playoffs. While he won’t be required to do quite as much as he did in Charlotte, he is still valuable for his all around game. Keep in mind Portland is also expecting Marcus Camby back soon.

Sam Young/Tony Allen: With Rudy Gay out for at least a month, owners of Young and Allen had to hope for some decent production coming their way. Suddenly the acquisition of Shane Battier practically crushes the value of all 3 players.  Battier will make the Grizzlies a better defensive team but that does nothing for the owners of Young and Allen. Sorry folks this looks like a lose a lose.

Best wishes to you all as you scour the wire trying to pick up the newly valuble and my condolences If you own any of the newly useless (or slightly less useful). See you all on Monday with Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em alone week 19.

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In response to “Fantasy Hoops Stock Market: The Trade Deadline”

  1. Установка автосигнализации Pandora Feb 25 20112:56 am


    Great info dude!!

    1. Warren Shaw Feb 25 20113:25 am


      Thanks. I appreciate you reading.

  2. Josh Lehmer Feb 25 20118:27 am


    Good article….one more name: I think Marcus Thornton may be in for some big minutes. Just got traded to the Kings and Tyreke Evans will be out for at least three weeks if not more, and they’re going to have to start Thornton immediately. He showed some flashes in N’awlins last year before riding the pine this year due to some disagreements so I think he’ll get a chance to shine in Sactown.

    1. Warren Shaw Feb 25 201110:23 am


      Good point Josh. My oversight there. Coach Westphal has been maddening for fantasy owners but Thornton should step in immediately as you suggested challenging Jermaine Taylor.

      1. David Willow Feb 25 20113:29 pm


        Doing well by the way Warren. Speaking of Tyreke, what do you think his outlook is come fantasy playoff time. He’s been dropped in my league and since I have a sinking ship in Batum thought he may worth a look in a a few weeks to help out my PG/SG position. Any thoughts?

        1. Warren Shaw Feb 25 20114:07 pm


          Well David that’s a great question. Tyreke has been tough playing through his injuries but the fact he decided to have this procedure now makes me speculate if he will come back. I mean what purpose would he have to? That said if I had a spot to stash him, I would. Nobody worse than Batum on your team?

          1. David Willow Feb 25 20118:21 pm

            Probably Batum or Gallinari if he keeps struggling in Denver. Here’s the team.
            LeBron/D Howard/C Anthony/M Ellis/D Cousins/JJ Hickson/Calderon/K Hinrich/S Ibaka/R Hibbert/D Collison/W Chandler/Gallinari/Batum

  3. Mo Feb 25 20119:00 pm


    Hey David I think you’d have to pick up Tyreke just on the potential that he could help you on a playoff run. But I’m just the baseball guy. lol
    Warren, what kind of numbers do you think we can espect from Hinrich? And do you think he will have any impact, negative or positive on Joe Johnson’s stats?

    1. David Willow Feb 25 201110:18 pm


      Ok. Thanks Mo. Well I also had a trade offered for Monta Ellis and Gallinari. I’d get Stephen Jackson, Eric Gordon, and Andre Miller. Seems like a good deal, but I’m pretty high on Ellis.

      1. Warren Shaw Feb 26 201112:20 am


        That’s a pretty even deal David. Jackson should be better without G Wallace, Gordon is due back next week, and Wallace might actually effect Miller’s scoring slightly but help assists? Ellis is a beast and we don’t how Gallo is going to pan out in Denver. Across the board you probably win that trade though especially if Gordon comes back to help you in 3′s.

    2. Warren Shaw Feb 26 201112:25 am


      Hey Mo,

      I think Hinrich should be about 12pts and 6.5ast
      with a steal. Joe Johnson should see his turnovers and his assists dip slightly but he is still the focal point of their not so imaginative offense.

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