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Melo Puts Dagger in Grizz. It Huuuuuurts

Posted By LT Murray On Mar 10 2011 @ 1:42 am In Memphis Grizzlies | 14 Comments

Cashville, Ten-a-key- Wow, all the Grizzlies fans out there must be sick to their stomach’s just like me after this heartbreaking loss after a furious comeback by Memphis. Or maybe that’s just the seafood medley with rice pasta I just ate. My God, I would recommend not eating that.

Carmelo Anthony hit a game winning jumper with .5 seconds left that probably had Elvis rolling over in his grave. Memphis had just came back from 14 down in the 4th quarter to tie the game on a Zach “dough boy” Randolph 3 point play. The fans actually were making noise for what was probably only the second time all game when Melo killed their spirits. I’d really like to see more out of the crowd considering the game was sold out and how every game here on out is important. Oh well at least Walt Frasier, voice of the Knicks was announcing the game, boring me to death. Is this guy the worst announcer in the game? Maybe they should give Knick legend Latrell Sprewell a shot at the job. Hopefully he doesn’t choke out his co-anchor. How about a pairing of him and “Grandmama” aka Larry Johnson or is it a rule that you have to pair goofy, loud, un athletic white guy with every former player?

The knick’s superstar pair of Melo and Amare Stoudemire where instrumental in the victory along little Toney “buster” Douglas. Melo with a nice line of 31 points, 5 boards, and what could be close to a career high in 6 assists. Amare added on 26-6 with a couple nice blocks. How does this guy not get more rebounds when they have no big men to speak of? Or is the legend Jared Jeffries stealing all his stats? Douglas was on fire early and ended with 18 and 10 assists. Most importantly they all shot over 50 percent from the floor. The Knicks are looking like they could be a bigger challenge for top eastern conference opponents then originally expected.

I had no idea that Greg Anthony was let go by ESPN and is now working for NBA TV side by side with my boy Dennis Scott, formally of the Orlando Magic and “Vancouver” Grizzlies. Did Anthony go through a Steve Phillips like scandal at ESPN, fondling the coffee lady, or where they in that big of a hurry to get monotone Chris Mullin on the network? Dennis Scott! I loved that guy as he was part of what was probably my all-time favorite team with the Orlando Magic. They started Penny Hardaway, Nick Anderson, Scott, Horace Grant, and Shaq when they got swept in the NBA finals by Houston. I will never forget because they had game one wrapped up when choke artist of the century blew two game clenching free throws and they never won another game. I will never forgive you Nicky!

Memphis showed a lot of heart in coming back from double digits in a game that New York was in control of for most of the night. Their problem is they don’t really have any 3 point shooters so it easy for the defense to collapse on their big men trio of Randolph, Gasol, and one of the most underrated players in the NBA Darrell Arthur. Gasol only played 24 minutes which is “mind bottling” considering the Knicks have nobody that could stop him in the paint. Maybe he should get in game shape since, oh you know, is a professional athlete. Might be a good idea. Randolph wanted this one badly against his former team and almost brought them back with his intensity. O.J. Mayo was a huge factor again with 4 points in 20 minutes. I’m assuming he really doesn’t want to be there anymore after they tried to discard him for table scraps at the trade deadline. The Grizz beat teams with their inside play and their defense, with which they lead the league in steals with. Tony Allen has turned into a nice all around player to make up for the lack of testicularity shown by Mayo. Even “I am Sam” Young gets more p.t. then Mayo.

When all is said and done Memphis did not force New York into enough bad shots and it cost them a win that would have built on their momentum since the all-star break. It makes it even worse considering two of the teams they are trying to beat out for playoff spots, the Jazz and Hornets, both got wins tonight. Unfortunately it does not get any easier as they have 2 days off then travel to Miami who at that point, I’m guessing will be desperate for a win and might be too much for one of the youngest teams in the league. Maybe Hasheem Thabeet would have been the difference tonight. Great draft pick. I’m glad you had to throw in another former first round draft pick and a future first rounder, just to get rid of Thabeet for an expiring contract! Wow. They also traded Kyle Lowry a year or so ago for a late first rounder which turned into nothing and he is doing a nice job as Houston’s starting point guard. It might be nice having another good point guard on the roster. Maybe I’m wrong.

On a final note Memphis’s own Young Buck, known for his past fame with 50 cent and G-Unit records was in the building. When he was asked why he chose his profession he responded with only this gem “You know I do this for the streets, n my peeps thas behind bars
As soon as they come home, I’ll go n buy them all cars
Young Buck!” I feel it.

Shout out to the fans viewing my first post over 115 times in a couple days. Join the movement!

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