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NFL talk….

 Well there is all the talk these days in the NFL, is there going to be a season, is there not going to be a season, lock out this and that, 18 game schedule pros and cons, the list is endless right now on NFL talk.  I have heard the whole how can the NFLpa, the owners not come across something to save the season, avoid a lock-out, I personally do not have any idea how a billion dollar venture as President Obama said cannot figure something out between the two parties.

  Now with all that above being said I want to throw something at you readers and this can be tweaked both for the better and I guess the worse and I do encourage some football brainstorming here.   The talk of the 18 game schedule does not seem to favour the players, injuries, arms turning to jello after a full NFL season, knees etc etc etc.

  O.k, so hear me out and lets see if this makes any sense and or anyone actually listens.  I have somewhat thrown this out before but we approach an 18 game schedule in the NFL, we take away 2 exhibition games so in effect the players are still playing the same amount of games albeit at a different calibre.   Here is where we tweak my idea.—any given player outside of maybe the kickers can only play 16 games, you heard it correctly, 16 games.  So for example the Patriots are playing the Bills in Buffalo, the Pats seem this game to be a win no matter who plays so they say that this game Tom Brady will not be playing and X will be the starting QB and so on going down the list of players.  This throughout the seasons would create rivalries between teams as how would you feel if you were the Buffalo Bills and the New England Patriots said they were not starting their marquee QB this week, I would say hey, lets go out and get them.   It gives the back-up players a chance to get in some gametime to hone their skills when they would usually be watching from the bench outside of an injury.  It also gives the lower payroll teams an actual chance to win some games they would not usually have a chance in winning.   Is everyone still with me on this?.   I am sure your starters would play all of your now 9 home games and you would tweak your line-ups for the away games well your starters would still be playing away games as you have to focus on your starters or marque players only playing 16 games. 

  I agree there is a lot of tweaking to be done with my senario but it can make sense.   Now as far as Las Vegas goes and we all know how HUGE football is with Vegas, you would have to announce your starters as they usually do in the past years but clearly you can’t tease with someone like the Tom Brady’s out there and all of a sudden he starts when the Pats were a dog by Vegas so there is some tweaking to be done there but again, it could work out with the players still only playing 16 regular season games but in an 18 game schedule.

  The revenue would still be there, I am still sure the fans would be there and the money would still be there and the salary cap would still stay in place albeit maybe tweaked a little also.

  I have brainstormed now I hope the rest of the NFL and NFL fans alike can give this some thought and think about it, throw in some tweaks and maybe someone may listen and actually see about this working and give it some weight to save the season and move forward to playing football.  I could continue and go on but want to throw this out there to everyone and see what kind of response we get both positive and negative and see if there is a happy medium out there and move forward.

thanks for reading and hopefully commenting, it can work folks, think about an 18 game schedule but you can only play 16 games….


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In response to “NFL talk….”

  1. Christopher Rowe Mar 23 20116:50 pm


    Well start with the fact that 18 game season has been taken off the table. Two you want to designate games as junior varisty squad games but you think fans will still come to them? Isn’t this the problem with preseason games? Would the NFL really stand for having throwaway games? Would the fans? Would TV networks? OK all of that being said, you want to field a team of backups with a 53-man roster/. How does that one work? Do you expand the travel squad? Expand rosters? Carry 20 more players on the active roster thus increasing the payroll monumentally?

    1. Glenn Stants Mar 23 20117:21 pm


      Chris, this is exactly the kind of response I am looking for. Well I agree with you in some sense, it is not like every week you are going to see a back-up team, remember your best players are going to still be playing a 16 game schedule. I still think the ratings and attendance would still be there. You sit Brady but you play all the best RB’s, WR’s, linemen and you also get to see your back-up QB play and likewise on other weeks back-up RB’s, WR’s etc etc etc. On any given week in the NFL you see back-ups come in and carry a team sometimes better than the starters. Look when Brady replaced Bledsoe and there are more than can be named. I still think and will have to brainstorm more but it could work with almost the same size roster and payroll. Look forward to further figuring this out with the help of you guys and PSB.

      1. Christopher Rowe Mar 23 20117:35 pm


        Indeed but the injuries would mount with your defensive players, linemen on both sides of the ball AND skill players – plus uyour backups often play on special teams. Now you have to carry 3 or 4 more LB, 2 extra safeties, four D-lineman, 5 O-linemen (because most teams don’t have an entire set of backups) plus who plays special teams?

        Perhaps it is better to still eradicate the 2 extra preseason games and add another bye week? Maybe expand the rosters from 53 to 60?

        1. Glenn Stants Mar 24 20119:13 am


          I am starting to like your brainstorming Chris. I think if the NFL decided there was more revenue out there than you could increase the CAP, add a few players, it might work to the benefit of both the owners and players. Still some tweaking to do, I am still brainstorming also. There are bona-fide back-ups in the NFL that are just itching to start but never get that chance and this example might be that chance with still giving the fans/owners/everyone the best level of football we are used to. There are some players who solely play special teams, barring a season ending injury, most of them would jump at playing all 18 games but again I hear ya on the element of injuries, the extra weeks of regular season would also allow them more time to heal. I like the idea of maybe throwing in an extra bye week, one 1st half and one 3nd half which could help out. Keep up the good work, thanks for your input and giving the idea some thought.

        2. cowboy bones Mar 24 20119:24 am


          Hey Glenn, I love the idea, The bottom line is that every team would be at the same disadvantage, for the most part every team already has these extra players, they just never get to play. Chris is right that you would probably have to expand roster size to 60, but it gets rid of two pre season games, and turns them into games that mean something. (bingo your at 18 games ) . The pre season is too long and we all know how brutal it is to lose a marquee player in a game that means nothing.
          I think this is the best solution to this labor problem. The OWNERS get 2 extra games that are true revenue events. and contracts remain at a maximum of 16 games (regular season) most importantly is that big contracts wont go up, because player can only play 16 games, yes roster size goes up, but those contracts are so small compared to revenue of REAL games ( lets remember how much more revenue they might get from television, who i know also cant stand pre season, because there is less viewers.)
          The PLAYERS still get 16 game contracts, they dont give any money back to owners. Roster is expanded, We all know Unions love this. and two extra rest games during season will mean minor injuries can have appropriate time to heal, instead of having to come back at 90% and probably making injury worse.
          I also love the idea of how this will add fuel to rivalries, there will be a feeling of insult if a team sits marquee players, and poor teams like Buffalo will have better chance of winning games, which is really what you want to see if thats the team you cheer for. Personally i dont go to Buffalo games to see Tom Brady, I go to cheer on the Bills
          Guys i love this idea, and i hope other bloggers can help you Glenn with ideas, or possible problems like Chris above did, and once you’ve got it ironed out send it to someone with actual pull.
          Again this idea rocks, Ive always wanted more games, but i know that no man can play 18 games without injuries going crazy, I can’t stand length of pre season, and losing players to injury during pre season is the absolute worst. And this will add to rivalaries and proper injury recovery time.
          Run with this idea to the goal line, i look forward to reading further blogs and replies from other people.
          Cowboy Bones gives you a first down, keep moving up the field…..

  2. James Centifonti Mar 24 20119:36 am


    I don’t see the need to eliminate any games, those whom know they will be starters already don’t play much of the pre-season but maybe 1 game plus total out of the 4.

    What they could do for the other games is hold them at the training camp sites or stadiums if needed and anybody whom want to go see pay a flat $20 that goes all to charity instead of the teams pockets.

    I think they are needed to know whom you want to select on your team as coaches, let’s be honest you can only tell so much from practices, scouting tapes, and brining them in for workouts.

  3. Glenn Stants Mar 24 20119:41 am


    I see the feedback, the idea is still somewhat new but if tweaked the right way I don’t see how this cannot get on-board with the parties to be. Thinking that some players could sign 4 game contracts, this gives a guy a chance to make a name for himself and also have incentives for who would usually be a bench player that if he can play X games, he makes X amount of money. Done properly with the Coaching staffs, you would tweak your starting line-up to make up for the player who is sitting etc etc etc. Look at the Falcons, Matt Schaub was one of the best back-ups who became a starter and still deserves to start in the NFL. He only started to get noticed when the Falcon starter went down. With the new schedule, the back-up actually gets a chance to play an entire game (barring injury). At the end of the day no one likes to see a player go down with injury but it still comes down to any player still playing only 16 games which has to still be the focus but tweaking the revenue sharing. I like Cowboy Bones idea that television will eat this up as no one likes or really watches the pre-season. The players we very well know play 100% in per-season but 150% in regular season, injuries can happen either way. will check back later but this is starting to look positive….

  4. Glenn Stants Mar 24 20119:50 am


    James, what happens here is we all know the NFL has to make money and well I am all for charity if the game is a regular season game than it should be played at the home stadium and priced accordingly with the ticket price. Really at the end of the day having an 18 game schedule also helps the little person, the stadium staff, the ticket taker, the parking attendant, beer servers, ushers etc etc etc…..I am still at wits end that there may not be an NFL season next year, something that should not be happening but hoping they can iron that out and move forward to a season.

    1. James Centifonti Mar 24 201110:05 am


      It doesn’t make sense to me as it doesn’t for the players to talk “player safety” and then want to extend a season by 2 games.

      I am at wits end to a degree, I love the NFL but have always enjoyed College Football more maybe it’s partly due to the fact I know they’ll always have a season.

      It’s just a struggle to find ways to improve the game and make both sides happy. I was thinking maybe the owners could guarantee a little bit more of the contracts players sign even if they are cut to make a step in the right direction but who knows, I have very little hair left to pull out before it all goes on it’s own.

      1. Glenn Stants Mar 24 201110:59 am


        James you have to remember under my senario the players are still just playing a 16 game schedule and will still be under their 16 game contract. The 2 games are just replacing 2 pre-season games that it seems the players do not like anyway and making them regular season grossing games as far as standings and revenue goes. It could be a win-win as player salaries in general will still be a 16 game contract, well I understand there will be an increase in a teams roster and that would mean more player salaries, the owners would gross the extra home game albeit lose the pre-season game which was basically a non-factor game that no one cares about, players still play at 100% but mostly due to in the NFL if you don’t play at 100% you risk injury and could lose your job. I am not happy about the possibility of there NOT being an NFL season this year but it is what it is and out of OUR hands, I just hope they can come to some element of an agreement……

  5. Jennifer Mar 24 201110:52 am


    Well, I am most worried about lack of football on Sundays. If this happens, my husband will want ME to wear that Dallas Cheerleader outfit.

    1. Glenn Stants Mar 24 201111:01 am


      thanks for the comment Jennifer, I am not sure if you husband would be happier with the NFL season or you in a Cowboys cheerleader outfit, time will tell, good luck to you and your husband, let me know how it goes….

      1. Stephanie Geosits Mar 24 201112:59 pm


        This would completely wreak havoc on fantasy football leagues (one of which is sponsored by the NFL)! It is definitely creative, though. I say cut out some of the BS pre-season games, don’t give a break before the Super Bowl, and just get er done! Everyone has a bye week so there’s at least one break built into the schedule already.

        1. Christopher Rowe Mar 24 20111:44 pm


          Preseasons games are the bane of existence for players, fans and TV networks but they ARe needed for coaches to make decisions on who gets to be on thew roster. Maybe this is the step needed for the UFL, CFL and Arena League to become essentially minor leagues of the NFL? UFL and Arena League play in the Spring so the timing of the Draft would become problematic. CFL plays in college football season (fall) so that would be too late to evaluate BUT if used as a minor league system (NHL, MLB, NBADL), it may solve the rookie salary cap problem as well as the talent evaluation and roster size oproblem. This was attempted to a limited degree with NFL Europe/WLAF… but never perfected. Have teams designate drafted players (practice squad) or backup players to CFL, UFL and Arena League teams as they hone their skills. Then NFL teams could do what all other major leagues do which is bring up talent when they are ready to play and pay them accordingly!

          1. Glenn Stants Mar 24 20112:29 pm

            certainly some good input and who knows if any will ever be implemented and who knows who might read this but hoping it gets out there and well also hoping there is an NFL season next year. On Stephanie’s note, they would have to announce their starting line-ups lets say the Tuesday prior so any fantasy player would have time to submit their teams….lots to iron out but I am still convinced it could work albeit there seems to be too much to iron out but thanks for all the input readers….

  6. Christopher Rowe Mar 24 20113:29 pm


    All of this may be moot as the 18-game season proposal has been taken off the tasble for this round of CBA negotiations. Now that the two sides failed to hammer out their own agreement and forced de-cretification of the existing CBA and NFLPA it is going to be a lot uglier than it might have been. We’re not talking strike (as in 1987 or 1982 – see “Players Brace for Impending Lockout” 1/14/2011 for issues) but still a horrendous and embarassing reality. Fantasy footbasll lineups should not be the top priority – though it is sanctioned by the NFL as suggested

  7. cowboy bones Mar 25 20111:57 pm


    If they actually have taken 18 game season off table, the players should put it back on, with the 16 game idea. Its probably the only way that the players will not have to give up any money, and lets the owners make more money. I believe that Glenn’s idea is the only solution where both groups dont lose and the fans get two more games that mean something, In final Glenn you should send your idea to some American sports collumnists and hopefully someone with a broader following,because i dont know how many people actually view your blogging site, time for you to think bigger
    Cowboy Bones says “GO BIGGER”

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