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NFL talk….

Posted By Glenn Stants On Mar 23 2011 @ 4:35 pm In NFL | 18 Comments

 Well there is all the talk these days in the NFL, is there going to be a season, is there not going to be a season, lock out this and that, 18 game schedule pros and cons, the list is endless right now on NFL talk.  I have heard the whole how can the NFLpa, the owners not come across something to save the season, avoid a lock-out, I personally do not have any idea how a billion dollar venture as President Obama said cannot figure something out between the two parties.

  Now with all that above being said I want to throw something at you readers and this can be tweaked both for the better and I guess the worse and I do encourage some football brainstorming here.   The talk of the 18 game schedule does not seem to favour the players, injuries, arms turning to jello after a full NFL season, knees etc etc etc.

  O.k, so hear me out and lets see if this makes any sense and or anyone actually listens.  I have somewhat thrown this out before but we approach an 18 game schedule in the NFL, we take away 2 exhibition games so in effect the players are still playing the same amount of games albeit at a different calibre.   Here is where we tweak my idea.—any given player outside of maybe the kickers can only play 16 games, you heard it correctly, 16 games.  So for example the Patriots are playing the Bills in Buffalo, the Pats seem this game to be a win no matter who plays so they say that this game Tom Brady will not be playing and X will be the starting QB and so on going down the list of players.  This throughout the seasons would create rivalries between teams as how would you feel if you were the Buffalo Bills and the New England Patriots said they were not starting their marquee QB this week, I would say hey, lets go out and get them.   It gives the back-up players a chance to get in some gametime to hone their skills when they would usually be watching from the bench outside of an injury.  It also gives the lower payroll teams an actual chance to win some games they would not usually have a chance in winning.   Is everyone still with me on this?.   I am sure your starters would play all of your now 9 home games and you would tweak your line-ups for the away games well your starters would still be playing away games as you have to focus on your starters or marque players only playing 16 games. 

  I agree there is a lot of tweaking to be done with my senario but it can make sense.   Now as far as Las Vegas goes and we all know how HUGE football is with Vegas, you would have to announce your starters as they usually do in the past years but clearly you can’t tease with someone like the Tom Brady’s out there and all of a sudden he starts when the Pats were a dog by Vegas so there is some tweaking to be done there but again, it could work out with the players still only playing 16 regular season games but in an 18 game schedule.

  The revenue would still be there, I am still sure the fans would be there and the money would still be there and the salary cap would still stay in place albeit maybe tweaked a little also.

  I have brainstormed now I hope the rest of the NFL and NFL fans alike can give this some thought and think about it, throw in some tweaks and maybe someone may listen and actually see about this working and give it some weight to save the season and move forward to playing football.  I could continue and go on but want to throw this out there to everyone and see what kind of response we get both positive and negative and see if there is a happy medium out there and move forward.

thanks for reading and hopefully commenting, it can work folks, think about an 18 game schedule but you can only play 16 games….


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