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Top 5 Favorite Buffalo Bills

Posted By Norm Duhamel On Apr 18 2011 @ 9:00 pm In Buffalo Bills | No Comments

According to NFL reporter,  Albert Breer,  a U.S. District Judge, Susan Nelson has ordered the NFL and the NFL Players Association to attend court-supervised mediation. Both sides came to the table on Thursday last week in Minneapolis, Minnesota with their first meeting lasting 8 hours.  This is the first time they talked in 34 days. 34 days! What are they waiting for? It really doesn’t seem like they want to settle this thing.  See full article here [1].

Last weeks Top 5 was not so uplifting, therefore, I decided to change it up and remember those Buffalo Bills players that kept us cheering week after week and tuning in every Sunday.  Please keep in mind that I only started watching in the late 80′s, so I apologize for those who get upset that I didn’t include Kemp, Simpson or the great Cookie Monster Gilchrist. This is a list of “my” favorite Buffalo Bills. Feel free to leave your own Top 5.  As always; this week in Buffalo Bills news.


  • The pre-season schedule came out. They will go on the road against Chicago and Denver and will face Jacksonville and Detroit at home. The dates are TBD.
  • The full schedule will be announced Tuesday, April 19 at 7:00 PM ET
  • According to most 2011 draft predictions, Texas A&M LB Von Miller will go to the Bills. Click here [3] to view all predictions.
  • Bills host 10th annual youth coaches clinic [4].
  • For all Bills fans that are Habs fans… GO HABS GO!


1. Steve Christie. You might ask yourself why do you have a kicker on your list? After the Norwood fiasco, it was a great relief to have a clutch kicker. He ranks among the best kickers in NFL history; he’s 17th all-time in scoring and has 9 field goals in overtime which is a record shared with Jason Elam. Oh and he’s Canadian!

4. Don Beebe. Nobody got hit like Don Beebe got hit! If I “Don Beebed” you, chances are you would be laying on the ground. You really can’t blame the guy though, he worked so hard on every play. No better example than in Super Bowl 25 when he made Leon Lett look like a fool. Buffalo did lose by 35, but Beebe gave us just a little something to cheer about. He was part of 6 Super Bowl teams, finally winning one in Green Bay in Super Bowl 31.



3. Doug Flutie.


Gotta Have Me Some Flutie Flakes!

He had a cereal named after him! I still have a box. I said to myself that the next time the Bills make the playoffs I will have a bowl. It may be the last bowl of cereal I have but it will taste great! I put him in my list because this guy showed so much determination and embodies everything the Bills stand for. It was a nine year gap between NFL starts and proved to all non believers that he was NFL material. Flutie led the Bills to a 10–5 record in 1999 but, in a controversial decision, was replaced by Rob Johnson for the playoffs by coach Wade Phillips, who later said he had been ordered by Bills owner Ralph Wilson to do so. The Bills lost 22–16 to the eventual AFC Champion Tennessee Titans in a game that has become known for the Music City Miracle. I believed he deserved the chance to play in that game. Who knows what could have been if he played.

2. Bruce Smith. BRUUUUUCCCEEEE! Rumor had it that he had 2 percent body fat. I know he wasn’t 98 percent muscle but he looked it. He’s the All-Time sack leader with 200 and the next closest active player is Jason Taylor with 117. How scared were the opposing quarterbacks when they saw Bruce Smith coming their way? Probably as scared I would be if I saw a train coming my way!  He was inducted in the NFL Hall of Fame in 2009 along with Ralph Wilson. The only BS about number 78 are his initials. I probably shouldn’t post this video but have a look and although he passed out he looked cool doing it. Check it out here [8].

1. Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed. I had to put all three of  them as number one. These guys were unstoppable when things were clicking in the 90′s. It amazes me that they couldn’t pull off one Super Bowl win however they gave me a lot of hope that they could year after year.  Let’s hope one day that they’ll all join the Bills staff and win a Super Bowl then. All three rank among the best in their respective positions. Reed will most likely be the next in the Hall Of Fame joining Kelly, Thomas and 7 other Buffalo Bills. Could Fitzpatrick, Spiller and Johnson be the next big 3?


The Big Three

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