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CBC & Officiating Lack Credibility and Integrity in Epic Game 7

Posted By Kirk Butler On Apr 27 2011 @ 3:07 am In NHL | 4 Comments

To begin I just wanted to congratulate Craig Simpson, Jim Houston and the rest of the Canucks organization for winning the Stanley Cup… Oh Wait… that was only the 1st round? Are you sure? The post game celebration seemed to suggested otherwise! It is a game I will never forget; however for all the wrong reasons.

As a Canadian not residing in the province of BC it was a frustrating game to watch due to the clear and relentless biased call by Jim Houston and Craig Simpson. CBC is a National Broadcast and to display such a clear biased towards one team for 7 straight games has pushed me to the brink; and knowing that I will have to listen to at least 4 more has me deeply depressed. Houston and Simpson must have forgot that their salaries are funded by the tax payers of this country and this just in…..30 Million of us do not live in BC.

Gents I have only one thing to say to you both: Buy some land in BC because I and many other Canadians have officially lost all respect for you as professionals. By pandering to the Canuck fans you have alienated the rest of the country and forced a majority of us to form a level of hate towards the Canucks that they really don’t deserve. All credibility and integrity in the media circle is lost when you can not display an ability to remain unbiased….. and you two clowns are a primary example.

Now that I have taken a rather large swing at CBC I still need to throw a few jabs at Paul Devorski and Steve Kozari. Watching this game was a flashback to the pre-lockout era; and it sure wasn’t pretty. Don’t get me wrong the game was exciting… but what Game 7 that ends in OT isn’t??? It was never more clear to me why the NHL eliminated clutching and grabbing and obstruction after watching last nights game. Devorski and Kozari should have stayed home because they clearly had no interest in doing their job; and the few times they did decide to intervene in the wrestling match the weakest infractions they could find were called.

For those that don’t agree. Explain me this?

With less than 5 minutes left Kesler hits Patrick Kane from behind (similar to Lucic who was awarded 5 and a game hours earlier). No call is made, Kane has to go to the bench and on the odd man rush created by the previous events they decide to call a hook Duncan Keith? Keith’s stick barely touches the Canucks shoulder and Kane was split open on the play.! If I re-watch the game I bet I could pick out at least another 25 infractions similar to the Keith tap on the shoulder. If you are going to put your whistles in your pocket for a portion of the game do everyone a favor and leave them there.

Oh and could you please explain the penalty shot to me? I’ve never seen a penalty shot called where someone wasn’t tripped or hooked… but rather pushed over. Only one word can came to mind… BIZARRE.

Devorski and Kozari have set an amazing standard going forward this postseason; because it was clear to me that the officials wanted to appease a whiny Mike Gilles because he got exactly what he asked for. Both teams had similar PP opportunities despite the fact that one team committed a majority of the infractions. Apparently stomping your feet and bawling your eyes out at the Toy Store does work!

And to clarify… no I am not a Hawks fan; just an passionate and intelligent hockey fan that can’t stand being treated otherwise! Houston and Simpson were either unaware or their biased nature, simply don’t care about the rest of Canada or they figured we weren’t intelligent enough to pick up on it. No matter which way you look at it….. it doesn’t look good.

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