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Are the Canucks Now Canada’s Team?

Well folks, with Nathan Horton’s second consecutive OT goal Montreal was eliminated from the playoffs last night. Their exit from the postseason leaves only one Canadian based team contending for Lord Stanely’s Cup. At this time of the year most Canadian based hockey fans will now shift their attention and support to the Canuck’s hoping that the Cup will venture North of the Border for the first time since 1993. However for some us it is tough to support the Canuck’s as they just don’t seem Canadian…. I decided to explore this notion.

What makes a team Canadian? Does the fact that the Canuck’s reside in Canada simply make them Canadian? I don’t know about you but Canada’s team should look Canadian; play with the passion, desire and determination that Canadian hockey players are known for… the location of the team should be secondary in my opinion.

I prefer to believe that Canada’s team is the NHL franchise that provides the greatest number of Canadians an opportunity to play the Canadian game of hockey. Every NHL franchise regardless of where reside has the same opportunity to draft and sign players from whatever Country they see fit and the roster each team puts forth is a representation of what they believe a winning team looks like.

Those of us who consider ourselves proud Canadians should be examining the sum of all it’s parts not just the zip code when determining who we support come spring time when our team is elminated or fails to qualify for the post season. I decided to put my line of reasoning to work and examine the remaining 8 teams to see who Canada’s Team should be.

To begin I first had to generate a baseline to work with and according the NHL’s website 454 of the 852 players who either registered a single point or one win were Canadian; as a result we can conclude that 53.3% of the NHL’s players are Canadian. After reviewing the starting 12 forwards, 6 defencemen and 1 goalie of each remaining team I was able to determine each teams “Canadian content”…… and the results shocked me.

San Jose – 78.9%

Boston – 73.7%

Nashville – 63.2%

Philadelphia – 63.2%

Washington – 57.9%

Tampa Bay – 57.9%

Vancouver – 47.4%

Detroit – 31.6%

Of all the teams remaining only the Detroit Red Wings have fewer Canadian born hockey players on their roster than the Canuck’s; and if you examine the Canuck’s roster in further detail you will find that 3 of the 9 Canadian born players they have play on their 4th line leaving only 6 notable Canadian born hockey players on a roster of 19. The zip code may suggest they are Canada’s team but their roster surely contradicts this opinion. They didn’t even meet the league average!! In my opinion the Canuck’s should be described as a Canadian based team only.. not Canada’s team.

The numbers were so shocking that I could only conclude that Canadian hockey fans looking for a temporary team to support should look no further than the Boston Bruins or the San Jose Sharks this postseason… as clearly they care about supporting the Canadian hockey player. Here’s hoping the Bruins or the Sharks help bring the Cup north of the border!

What do you think?? Please comment and let me know which idea you support…. Zip Code or Roster Content?

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Born and raised in Murray Harbour - PEI. Like many Canadians hockey is my religion; as a kid I had the pleasure of playing my minor hockey with Conn Smythe winner Brad Richards of the 2004 Stanley Cup winning Tampa Bay Lightning. I played competitive hockey until the age of 21 which included stops in the American Prep School System, Canadian Junior Hockey and the CIS. I now get my competitive fix on the golf course as a scratch golfer. More to come: Kirk Butler PEI, Canada

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In response to “Are the Canucks Now Canada’s Team?”

  1. BK May 12 20114:22 pm


    “Are the Vancouver Canucks Canada’s Team? … No. They’re not.” -Edmonton Sun sports columnist Terry Jones, in his May 6 column.

    “Canucks as Canada’s team? No thanks” -April 28 posting of National Post blogger Joe O’Connor, in which he stated he would rather starve than cheer for the Canucks.

    “Of some 2,500 posts related to the Vancouver-Nashville series on the Flames Forum at calgarypuck.com, the vast majority are virulently anti-Canuck …” -Calgary Herald sports columnist Kevin Brooker, in his May 9 column.

    As you can see, the rest of Canada, which we here in Vancouver officially refer to as A Good Place To Be From, has been busy reminding us that they do not like our hockey team.

    What they really mean is they do not like Vancouver.

    This, of course, is nothing new to Vancouver. The rest of Canada has always hated us because we’re the prettiest girl in school, and the less pretty girls -you know, the kind who dress all in black and think they’re intellectuals because they looked up “existentialism” -like to think we are dumber and shallower than they are, which normally we would respond to, except that we’re too busy right now brushing our hair. We’re getting ready to go out. We have a totally bitchin’ night ahead of us. We’re going out dancing.

    The rest of Canada says, oh no, it’s not you. It’s nothing personal. It’s not envy or anything like that.

    We just don’t like your team, the rest of Canada says. They’re not Canadian.

    Well, okay. Point taken. There is Ryan Kesler, who is American, and therefore someone who is only being nice so he can steal our oil and water. There are the Sedin twins, who National Post blogger Joe O’Connor referred to as “identically brilliant but somehow bland” -by which he means, I can only suppose, that he prefers brilliance with a side order of criminal charges and drug abuse, or that the Sedins have yet to commit the requisite violence needed to make it into a Don Cherry Rock’em Sock’em video. And there is Roberto Luongo, whose hair gel is Italian.

    In our defence, we would point out the obvious, that many Canadians are not from Canada -Exhibit A, most of Vancouver -which even the Conservatives had figured out by election time.

    But that’s a fact that hasn’t seemed to have penetrated hockey’s thicker craniums. All those concussions. This is your brain on skates.

    But what they really mean by the Canucks being un-Canadian is that Vancouver is un-Canadian -that here, frostbitten bodily extremities do not fall off during the winters as nature intended, that the coffee does not taste sufficiently enough of pencil shavings and that we no longer consider chicken à la king Chinese food.

    Edmonton Sun columnist Terry Jones lumbered down this well-worn path by interviewing, of all people I have never heard of, Vancouverbased sportswriter Vesa Rantanen, NHL correspondent for a Finnish magazine that has three a’s and two k’s in its name.

    “How Canadian a city is Vancouver to start with?” Rantanen mused in Jones’s column. “It never snows. It never freezes. The city is not known about any real Canadian thing … I find Vancouver the least Canadian city of all the places I’ve been.

    “It’s not just a climate thing, but attitude. This is more Northern California than Canada. Nothing bad about that, but I think outsiders see it as yuppie, expensive and shallow.”

    Well, duh. Tell us something we didn’t know, Rantanen. We are yuppie, expensive and shallow. Look at the place! We’d be stupid not to be yuppie, expensive and shallow. I’m writing this column in my hot tub while sipping a clever little Okanagan Pinot Gris. Life is good here.

    Which is stating the obvious. Which is like telling Edmontonians that they live on an ice rink where the only thing standing between them and the frigid blasts that come roaring out of Siberia are the frozen bodies of other Edmontonians, or like telling Calgarians that their uniquely colourful city explores the full range of the spectrum from tan to cowchip. And also that both of their hockey teams suck.

    Not that we hold any of that against you, rest of Canada. You are who you are, and we are who we are.

    All we would ask of you is don’t hate us because we’re beautiful.

    Oh, who am I kidding?

    Go ahead. Hate us.

    We don’t care.

    In fact, we revel in it.

    Because we have a dance to go to, and you don’t, poor things.


    Read more: http://www.vancouver…l#ixzz1M9jLeW4Y

    1. Kirk Butler May 12 20114:47 pm


      Both the initial articles (and yes I have read them all) and resonse couldn’t be more off point in my opinion. So I guess I wish that you could have realized my post differed from the likes of those posted in the Edmonton Sun, National Post.. and calgarypuck.net….. if you can’t then I’m wasting my time because you too are interested in arguing who’s city is nicer.. who’s residents are better looking.. which city has better people… all of which is absolutely rediculous to me.

      For me this has nothing to do with the city, the people that live in the city.. it only has to do with the team meaning their ROSTER.

      As a Canadian HOCKEY fan I like finding a team with Canadians on their roster that I respect and can rally around. The current Canucks roster has none… and as a matter of fact Kesler is the only player that would fall into that group and he isn’t even Canadian. I’ll admit that Burrows works hard but he behaves too much like a rat for my liking. I don’t respect the way that Bieksa plays and when it comes to Luongo I have always believed he is overrated and because the media has blown him up to be more than he is so I am not a fan as a result.

      As a Canucks fan can you provide me with an example of another Canadian on your roster that I could rally around??

  2. BK May 12 20118:03 pm


    How many Canucks games did you watch this season?
    I think most Canucks fans know more about there team
    than you do, and I think you missed my earlier point and

    1. Kirk Butler May 12 20118:17 pm


      Fair enough… of course Canucks fans know more about the team than I would.. that’s a given. And I have watched enough to form my own educated opinion.

      And I hate to say it but CLEARLY YOU DO CARE!!! Otherwise you wouldn’t have spent time posting a lengthy article on my blog…..

      Oh and I have to admit prior to this postseason I wasn’t aware that Canucks fans had such a superiority complex it’s starting to rival that of Leafs fans….

      Quote: “The rest of Canada has always hated us because we’re the prettiest girl in school”..

      It’s hard to imagine why the rest of the Country isn’t rallying around a group of people who NOT ONLY THINK THEY ARE THE PRETTIEST GIRL IN SCHOOL….. BUT ALSO BEHAVE LIKE IT.

      From what I recall from high-school the prettiest girls also had the most fragile egos and hated being challenged… and that is probably why Canucks fans have taken this whole debate so personally and responded the way you have.

      What I want to know is what will another postseason disappointment do to that fragile ego???????

  3. BK May 12 20119:17 pm


    We will see what happens…
    I don’t have a fragile ego. You just seem like
    a bit of a knob, that I wouldn’t have been friends
    with in school…

    1. Kirk Butler May 13 20112:10 pm


      Haha fair enough… and he who reverts to name calling typically has nothing of substance left to say.

      Good luck against the Sharks!!

  4. Gracye May 14 201111:14 pm


    Posts like this brighten up my day. Tanhks for taking the time.

    1. Kirk Butler May 14 201111:16 pm


      No worries and thank you. This is the first positive response I have had on this post…. so again thanks for letting me know that I’m not alone haha.

  5. BK May 15 201110:52 pm


    I’m glad the Canucks are showing that you are full of shite!
    1 down 7 to go!

    1. Kirk Butler May 16 20113:02 am


      Gloating after 1 game….. dangerous thing to do…

  6. Holland May 16 201110:10 am


    BION I’m imrpessed! Cool post!

    1. Kirk Butler May 16 20112:58 pm


      Thanks for reading and glad you enjoyed it!

  7. Demetre May 16 20115:35 pm


    Defining a team as “Canada’s Team” should have nothing to do with the roster to begin with if you ask me. I am a Canucks fan regardless of who plays on the team and I think it is fair to assume that this applies to all fans across Canada (Leafs fans were still Leafs fans despite having Mats Sundin wearing the “C”).

    I agree that this article has nothing to do with which city is nicer etc. which I appreciate; however, to cheer on the glory shared by fans in San Jose or Tampa Bay over fellow Canadians is, in my opinion, sounds bitter and jealous. The Stanley Cup has not had the name of a Canadian City on it for almost 20 years, which means Canadian hockey fans have had little to celebrate within those past 2 decades.

    Lets bring it back North of the border, regardless of who is on the roster. I won’t bother even arguing the points about the team, because this season, the Canucks have adopted a system built around hard work and accountability and have eliminated cheap-shots and agitation… subtle differences that someone who does not follow the team would fail to notice.

    Don’t be bitter Canada. We deserve it and this team deserves it.

    1. BK May 16 20115:51 pm



    2. Kirk Butler May 16 20115:53 pm


      Thanks for commenting Demetre and thanks for noticing that this was not an attack on Vancouver just an alternative way of thinking. I entirely agree with your first paragraph.. the other 2 however we differ in opinion which is absoutley fine.. this is a sport we are talking about.

      Regarding the first part I agree with as a Canucks fan you are obviously entitled to state the Canucks are “your” team.. or “Canada’s Team”.. and that same would apply for those in EDM, CGY, OTT, TOR or MTL if the Oilers, Flames, Sens, Leafs or Habs find themselves in the position the Canucks currently are. I can’t agree that those of us who do not resdie in one of those cities (or even those that this particular postseason don’t reside in Vancouver) should support the Canucks “for their fans” despite the roster has nothing to do with being bitter or jealous. I don’t live in one of those 6 cities.. what do i have to be jealous of?? By no means do I wish those in Vancouver to any “ill will” however I watch those who are wearing gear on the ice.. not those drinking beer in the stands!

      Also if you want to be technical about it the Stanley Cup does come North of the border quite frequently. Each player on the winning Cup team gets the Cup for a period of time. With 14 Canadians on the Cup winning Blackhawks last year the Cup spent time in 14 communities across our country. I grew up with and played hockey with Brad Richards.. and when he won he beat Calgary in the Finals. Should I and most of PEI cheered for Calgary over Tampa Bay just because they were from a Canadian city?

  8. BK May 19 201112:00 am


    Gloat, gloat…maybe you should have watched a few more
    Canucks games this year before you formed an opinion
    on them…
    I’d take an American or a European on my team before
    a goof like Ben eager! 2 down 6 to go!

    1. Kirk Butler May 19 20111:46 pm


      PP opportunities through 3 games.. 11 to 3 in favor of the Canucks.. enough said!

      And regarding Eager… all of the characteristics that make Eager who is can be found in Torres, Lapierre and Burrows so technically you already have 3 Ben Eagers on your team…. you don’t need any more.

  9. BK May 19 20112:59 pm


    what ever…you are just bitter. They are all Canadian.
    You haven’t seen those players act like Eagar during these
    playoffs.And Burrows hasn’t played like that all season.
    You can’t argue the Canucks weren’t the much better
    team last night, but I know you will try. Face it, the Canucks are proving that your % of Canadians on a
    team theory is just bullshite!

    1. Kirk Butler May 19 20117:14 pm


      Bitter? I don’t think so.. I have nothing invested in the postseason. I am a fan of the game of hockey and as long as it is entertaining that is all I ask for…….

      Ben Eager definitely acted like a fool last night… Now that I have clearly admitted this and not implied it like my last comment I want you to answer this question for me…. Did you see Lapierre shake his gloves several times as if to say “wanna fight”… and then when he finally did it to Ryan Clowe at the end of the game and Clowe accepted the invitation Lapierre backed down as if his gloves were tied to the sleeves of his jersey???

      I’m interested what your thought is on this kind of behavior? Also do you have any less respect for some of the Canucks players who have been diving and embellishing to earn more PP’s for their team??? Or are you willing to support a player with no personal integrity just to see your own team win?

      I have a very strict moral code when it comes to the game I love and no matter who the player is or what team they play for I can’t stand these kinds of plays and players and I will always bring them to peoples attention whether it rubs fans of their team the wrong way or not… honor, respect and character are important to me and when I see cheating, gutless actions, a lack of integrity and classless behavior it rubs me the wrong way. So while you stated that the three players I mentioned (Torres, Lapierre, Burrows) haven’t done exactly what Eager did last night they have all behaved at some point during this playoffs with character that lacks integrity…. and that is only deniable if you are incapable of examining things from an unbiased standpoint.

      Regarding this little back and forth we have going on… I can’t argue your point that the Canucks were the better team last night and if they do win the Cup they will obviously deserve it. No one has ever won the Cup that hasn’t deserved it however I like many have noticed that the Canucks have got away with diving without any repercussions and have been the benefactor of officiating that have on occasion missed some obvious infractions the Canucks have committed…. and again I want to state this so that you don’t spin my words.. I’m not stating that the officials haven’t missed any infractions against the Canucks…. it just appears the number of infractions missed that the Canucks committed outweighs those missed for the Canucks. I’m not implying a conspiracy or that the officials are in the back pocket of the Canucks.. I can only comment on what I observe as someone who has both played and officiated the game at high levels it is clear to me that the Canucks have had some help thanks to the officials.

      As for my theory it can only be found in the comment section… if you had actually read the blog you would have realized that my initial point was merely that Canadians looking for a new team to cheer for shouldn’t feel obligated to cheer for the only Canadian based team remaining and offered another line of thinking when picking that team… And you can call it a theory if you would like but the theory is backed up with statistical data that is irrefutable. Currently 19 of the last 20 Stanley Cup winners have had a non-European Captain and the team has been mainly comprised of Canadians. If the Canucks win this year that will drop that stat from 19/20 (95%) to 19/21 (90%). So again I ask you… is 90% a significant percentage?

  10. BK May 22 20117:47 pm


    3 down 5 to go!

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