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Nonsensical Hockey League – 3 Things That Make Me Go ?????

Posted By Kirk Butler On May 16 2011 @ 7:16 pm In NHL | No Comments

Well I do have to admit.. considering who is really in charge (Gary Bettman & Owners) it doesn’t surprise me when with regular frequency a new rule or addendum the NHL approves make absolutely no sense to me. So as a result I have decided to start a new regular Blog called: Nonsensical Hockey League. The frequency with which this blog will be posted all depends on Bettman and others involved in shaping the game that makes less sense every time they get together to play golf.

(1)  2 For 1 Penalties – Well it was called in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals and it embodies everything that is wrong with the NHL.. far too much grey. I don’t know about you but as a former official the idea of calling a diving penalty AND a hook, hold, trip makes absolutely no sense to me. You don’t see the NBA calling an offensive and defensive foul at the same time… you can’t be out in the MLB and get to stay on base; but for some reason in the NHL a player can dive (meaning they weren’t really hooked, held or tripped) and the referee can call a dive and a hook, hold or trip..?

This usually happens when the official can’t decide which happened, but he’s positive the receiving player embellished whatever happened. There it is again.. the Grey area that the NHL loves to give it’s officials. So instead of trying to get it right they just send them both to box. Well the problem with this is the now we have players that are diving with regular frequency; and as long as they do a good job “selling it” they will at worst go to the box with someone else.

Want to solve this problem? Give the benefit of the doubt to the one not embellishing or diving. A few bad diving penalties and their roster spot will be in jeopardy.. that much I can guarantee! Problem solved! See Gary that wasn’t that difficult..

(2) The Goal Review Process – You know what I’m talking about.. the extensive amount of time you get at random points of the game to grab a beer and make a new plate of nachos… and yes this one is covered in Grey as well! Considering the considerable amount of time it takes for the mystery man in the sky to review and decide upon a questionable goal I honestly don’t know why they don’t just put a tv screen in the box for the officials. I know that by the time CBC or TSN has shown me all of the angles they have I can make an educated decision and still grab a beer from the fridge.

I mean the officials are the ones that have to make a call on the ice.. and if the review is inconclusive the call on the ice has to stand regardless of whether it logically makes sense (i.e. – a puck under a pad or glove that isn’t visible). It couldn’t possibly take longer for the officials to just review the play on their screen in the box and at least this way he could do what he feels fit with his own call. The current method is foolish.. especially considering the plausible deniability that both the mystery man in the sky and the official have exists only because of each other.

(3) 2 Here – 3 Points There – While the post lockout hockey has definitely been faster paced and more exciting their new point structure is both unfair and illogical. Yet again the only professional sport in the North America where the number of points handed out during a giving game can vary from 2 to 3 is the NHL. I don’t know if they stated why they did this but the only thing I can come up with is that they believe that it will help create league parody. I can honestly say that I have done the math and if the point structure was even and fair (meaning 3 points for a regulation win, 2 for OT win/SO win, 1 for OT loss/SO loss, and 0 for a regulation loss) the parody would still exist. I have extrapolated the points for each season since the lockout and there are several situations where a team that missed would have made the playoffs.

The thing that makes this illogical is that while trying to create parody that already exists they are actually creating a lesser quality product. If 3 points were available for a regulation win more teams would be in contention for the playoffs for a longer period of time in the regular season. Have you also noticed how boring a third period between two tied teams can be in the regular season? Almost as if both teams are just happy to pick up at least a single point? Well I guarantee that if there was an extra point available for a regulation win the third periods of tied games would be a hell of a lot more exciting.

Well that’s it for now from the guy that just doesn’t understand!

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