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Spurs Rumors starting to roll in

Posted By Jon Lopez On May 28 2011 @ 5:08 am In San Antonio Spurs | No Comments

With what we’re seeing in the playoffs it’s clear big changes are needed to keep pace with the better teams in the league.

But, at what cost are we willing to pay to get back to the top?

First we need to identify why the Spurs got bounced.

1. A lineup change that took Blair out of the starting lineup was a pointless move that was made to be fair to a veteran that wasn’t getting a lot of playing time. Then Blair blows up to 300 plus pounds and doesn’t perform when we need him.

2. Injuries played a small part.

3. AGE? Maybe.

4. Inability to attack the basket. Parker didn’t attack the paint against Memphis and when he did, he was shut down or blew layups.

5. SIZE. McDyess wasn’t strong enough but he battled. Blair was too short. Bonner Can’t stop anybody but that isn’t his job to be fair. Splitter did well but needs more time which is why he has stayed in town to work with the coaches.

6. Something else. Something else might haveĀ happened to this team that we might never know about. Maybe.

SO, how does it get fixed? Here is where the rumors roll in.

1. Draft. The Spurs are already working out bigs but i think there are better pure scorers in the draft then potentially great bigs wether they trade up or not.

2. Trades. But what trades? How about Andrea Bargnani. Possibly available, not sure yet but what if he is.
Would you trade TP9 and young player for him and maybe Barbosa? I would strongly consider it. A Dirk type, a proven scorer and still improving. Barbosa, another Brazilian to put next to Splitter. It might be nice to have some one who has spent a lot of time on the court with Splitter.

Brandon Jennings? Another trade involving Tony but he’s becoming the most trad-able asset we have with the way he played in the playoffs and his recent comments. He might be falling out of favor with POP and the front office. Back to Jennings. A young stud in the making. Brandon can distribute the ball well and can fill up the basket.

I’m sure more names are going to come up.

3. Free Agency. A lot of interesting names are available but who fits?

How about NENE? Again, another Brazilian to play next to Tiago. NENE is becoming a dominate scorer and re-bounder.

Maybe David West. A solid scorer but a little small.

Michael Redd. I personally would love to see Redd as a Spur. A really good scorer, a great 3point shooter, he just needs time to get back to form.

J.R. Smith? A guy with off the court issues but a really solid scorer.

So, what are you willing to give to get some of these guys, cause some may have to be sign and trades or guys will have to be cut or traded to make room. It may hurt to see some of these guys go but what is more important, having a team of guys you like or championships. Something tells me that we’ll like whoever brings in the rings.

I’m all for anything that makes the team better, all I want to see is a commitment to getting back to championship form. Tony’s comments may not have been proper or what the team would’ve liked but it doesn’t mean he was wrong.

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