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Enemy Territory

Posted By Nick Clason On Jun 6 2011 @ 10:37 am In Indianapolis Colts | No Comments

This past weekend I was in Nashville, Tennessee because my cousin was getting married.  It was fun to hang out with my family, both immediate (who live in Illinois) and extended (most of which live in Wisconsin).  One afternoon we had the bright idea to go on a bus tour of downtown Nashville.  This was a great idea, however it was pushing 100 degrees and I was sweating like a pig stuck in the middle of the desert with no escape plan.

One thing I noticed was the home of the Tennessee Titans, “LP Field.” I was reminded, “Oh yeah, I’m in the home of AFC South Tennessee Titans.”  What was interesting to me, comparing my location of the city of Nashville to fellow AFC South rival city, Indianapolis, was that there was a lot less football spirit. The difference was night and day.  I was in enemy territory, in the teeth of Titan country, but I didn’t feel it.  I had to argue for the Colts with my Packer fan family way more than I did with any Titans fan.

Nashville is not a football city, it is the Music City.  Everyone plays music, no one, really, watches or cares about football.  Even our bus driver called the stadium “Last Place Field” (Which I think is a hilarious nickname).

Indianapolis, however, is completely different.  When I drive into the city of Indy I feel at home.  Billboards, bumper stickers, t-shirts, and malls all support the Indianapolis Colts.  I seriously feel at home.  I no longer have to argue Brady vs. Manning, everyone knows that Peyton beats out Brady any day.  I no longer have to argue that the Colts are the winningest franchise in the last decade, its actually statistically proven. I no longer have to argue that we are the Super Bowl favorites for XLVI, everyone feels the buzz.  I just simply can be in Indianapolis, and I love it.

I wonder if the people of Nashville feel that way about the Titans?

In the next three days on this blog I want to analyze all of our “enemies” in the AFC South.

Tuesday- Tennessee Titans
Wednesday- Houston Texans
Thursday- Jacksonville Jaguars

But being in the teeth of enemy territory this weekend it got me to thinking.  I love the fan base of Indianapolis, but I’m not sure about the fan base in Tennessee. I know Green Bay has a fantastic fan base.  What do you think are the best fan bases in the NFL? What are the worse fan bases of the NFL?

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