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Bottom line: Angels are sinking fast

I’m pissed off. So if all you want to hear is positive stories about the Halos, click away from this site. If you’d like to learn a few things, stick around.

First off: Saw an Angels promo, had 5 pitchers on the screen. Weaver, Haren and Santana–yes, good. Scott Downs and, for the love of god, Fernando Rodney were also part of it. Give me an F’n break. If your promos include 2 middle relievers, your team sucks. And what person with a pulse would ever come out to see Rodney pitch? Downs has had a good season, but no one, this side of a relative, wife, girlfriend, or skank would come out to see him pitch.

The Angels sent out Kevin Jepsen. Really, that’s surprising. Is that why he wasn’t part of the promo? Jepsen takes sucking to a new level. Nice to read the Angels MLB notes, which complimented Jepsen on some fine performances. Let’s see his season stats: 13 IP, 21 hits and 11 ER. In June he has given up 4 hits and a run in just 3 innings. It would have been more if Torii Hunter hadn’t thrown a guy out at the plate Saturday night. Compliment him on being a magician (The Amazing Jepsen), because he sure pulled the wool over our eyes all season long.

Wait, this just in! Angels make a player move. Yep, the season is saved, Andy Romine is in the house. Whew, and I thought the Angels would go with a no name to replace Alberto Callaspo.

It’s been noted by people more famous than me, that Southern California fans are laid back, apathetic and inattentive. That is, when they aren’t cheering for the Yankees or Red Sox – which is more to irritate the people around them than actually liking the teams. Now I know there are some passionate Halo fans, but they are drowned out by the drabble in the stadium. Why am I saying that? How can you not be booing today’s performance? Your team is pummeled, embarrassed and humiliated, yet you cheer when they get a single down 9-0. If you accept this crappy product, how can you expect them to improve the team? If I’m an owner, I wouldn’t. I would just laugh my way to the bank. No, that’s B-S. I would be Steinbrenner west if my team played like they did today and throughout the home stand. Maybe you can fire all the players?

First thing to do is get a damn 3rd baseman? Maicer Izturis breaking for the 3rd base bag with two Royal runners on, and letting the ball roll past where he had just been standing, is embarrassing. Field the freaking ball and get an out at first. Also an option is to field the ball and get an out at seconnd or tag the guy heading for third – but get an out somewhere! He is a shortstop playing 3rd – and not very well!!!!!!! Looking back, the Halos should have paid the extra $15 million for Adrian Beltre. Naw, make it 20, or 30.

Five double plays today. 5! Yes, 5! Understandable if you are facing Greg Maddux or Tom Glavine or maybe Lefty Grove, but Vin Mazzaro. Geez

Oh I’m not done yet. Vernon Wells should be next to go. He won’t, but he should. He just went through the motions today, including taking a bad route on Alex Gordon’s double in the 3rd. Sorry people, he’s just cashing a check. He lost his desire once he signed his huge contract in Toronto. It was hoped that playing in Anaheim would rejuvenate him, but it has just highlighted that his career is done. Hey, don’t worry baseball fans, JP Ricciardi will be GM again some day, and I’m sure he’ll get back to doaling out huge, unwarranted contracts to marginal players.

Now let’s get back to Vin Mazzaro. The last time we heard from him he was giving up 14 ER in just over 2 innings. Today, he impersonated a pitcher, and a damn good one. 7 IP, 5 hits, 5 walks, with no strike outs. Do the Angels even care? My god, they couldn’t muster up any offense against this guy? 4 singles, 1 double. This from a team that is marketing itself as a contender. They are, a contender for one of the top picks in next year’s draft. I’ll go out on a limb and say that Mazzaro will get hit hard in his next start…and the start after that…

Angels lose 9-0. They have been shut out 9 times, matching last year’s total (with nearly 100 games to go). They also hit one home run on this 9 game home stand, finishing with just 2 wins against 9 losses. Don’t know when “it’s early” goes to “lost season”, but it has to be getting close, especially with the players the Halos trot out every night.

Sorry—Can we stop the stupid commercial songs? Sing with me; “Angels will cross the bridge, they are headed west”. Stupid songs don’t make me watch any more games than I already do. I am waiting for one of these stupid dittys to end up on a Billboard chart, or get an award at one of the million music show awards.

Angels get another team they can’t beat, the Mariners, starting tomorrow, then head east for interleague play.

I hope the Angels bring up Kazmir soon, as he looks ready—NOT!

Maybe I jinxed the Angels in to playing well. Still a fan, albeit an angry one.

Go Angels!!!

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O'kay I'll talk about myself a little. I've been working in the television/radio industry for over 21 years. I started at 2 so I am just a tad over 21 (That is a joke). My career has taken me around and and even out of the United States. Right now I call Vegas home, but I just never know where life will take me next. Until 2002 my irrational love for the California/Anaheim/LAA had taken me down some very dark roads, but with Arte Moreno in charge I finally saw the a light at the end of the road. I really love most every sports and having as much fun as possible.

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In response to “Bottom line: Angels are sinking fast”

  1. Barbara Schriebman Jun 12 201111:59 pm


    I, too, am a “longtime” fan. I don’t blame you for being angry. The only bright spots here are the youngsters. They should try and acquire a 3rd baseman. Then I read, that Haren should be traded, because Weaver will be easier to sign. Did that guy know his agent is Boras? When they acquired Wells, we took for granted, that he was scouted.
    There are bright spits here: Bourjos, Trumbo, Walden and Conger and Haren. Rodney would not be on my team. We waist more money signing expensive bargains then anything.
    The young men would flourish, if the rest of the team were playing the game. Figure out the problem with Hunter and you’ll learn a lot. They aren’t this bad, or are they?

    1. Bill Mahoney Jun 14 20116:39 pm


      Barbara, remember the day’s when the Angels would break in one or two young guys at a time? Now it’s 4. Bourjos, Conger, Trumbo and Walden. Can Trout be far behind. Hunters skills may be in decline, but he such a positive clubhouse presence. Changing positions, and all. I do believe the angels will deal Weaver. Haren still has a couple years left on his deal, so keeping him around is feasible . Boras and the Angels mix like oil and water. You know that Morales is also represented by Boras? That’ll eventually get ugly too. It looks like the Angels could go back to being a farm team for big market teams. I shudder at that thought, but I know it is possible. Wells has gone down hill ever since he signed his mega-deal. I thought getting out of Toronto would help him, and it still could. He looked good last night. First time all season. I know it is only June, and it might be a tad early to get frustrated, but I am.—just like you.

  2. Pete H Jun 13 20119:36 am


    Gotta agree with you Bill. After chasing a toddler around for a couple days there’s nothing I look forward to more than a cold Corona and a soft couch and a few innings of Angels baseball. Unfortunately, I too much of a fair weather fan and if they’re playing like they were yesterday I just generally turn off the tube or just watch home improvement shows while I finish my beer. It’s sad.

    I agree with Barbara that the youngsters look promising but I didn’t sign up for a team building season. They were supposed to be a contender, at least that’s what Sports Illustrated said pre season.

    Maybe if all 40,000 paying, yammering, happy fans read your blog we’d get some booing! I will personally boo my TV set during the Seattle series. Unless magically the real Mariners show up and the old Angels come back. As a possible future Seattle resident, maybe I can get used to booing the Mariners if that happens.

    Thanks again Bill!

    1. Bill Mahoney Jun 14 20116:30 pm


      If I watch any more games like that, I will turn in to an alcoholic. See you soon.

  3. bginsc Jun 13 20118:55 pm


    I agree, I agree. Boo, people. It’s your money that is paying for this team, and your money is being wasted.

    Rodney should be cut – I read that they’re considering cutting Kazmir and eating $14.5M… Rodney should be next, or maybe even first.

    All the comments about the kids are dead on – it’s the veterans letting us down. The kids would be fine – and would be hitting for higher average if they got some protection. Hunter has turned into Mr. Double Play. Wells, whose acquisition I applauded until I saw Toronto was not required to pick up but a pittance of his salary, has been very disappointing. If Hunter and Wells don’t get it going, we’re in trouble. And that’s with the glove as well as with the bat.

    Then there’s Russell Branyan. In a word, why? The team needs a power hitting third baseman, so we go get a retread 1B/DH with apparently not a lot left in the tank. I get very annoyed when we Burjous sits in order to put Branyan in the lineup. The kid is only hitting .241 – but that’s fifty, sixty point better than Branyan… and our D is much better with Speedy Petey in center.

    Finally, there’s Callaspo. No power, started hot at the plate but has since come back to earth, and he has made a number of suspect defensive plays… sometimes glaringly suspect. I think the team got him as an attempt to replace Figgy – but a.) it’s not working, and b.) we need a power hitter at third base. Bottom line, instead of signing Branyan, they should have looked into Troy Glaus or Hank Blaylock, and looked to deal Callaspo.

    Right now, the pre-season prognosticators who picked the Angels to finish a few games under .500, in third or last place in the AL West? They’re looking pretty smart.

    It’s time to boo, people.

    1. Bill Mahoney Jun 14 20116:29 pm


      I agree with you wholeheartedly. Go with the kids, at least they will get more experience under their belt. Playing guys like Branyan just retards their progress. Isn’t it amazing that Wells cracks 2 last night. Let’s see if he can keep it up, but my hopes aren’t high. I think Kazmir is gone, money and all. At least Rodney can’t hurt as from the DL. Blaylock’s bat has slowed some, but bringing back Glaus would be something to look in to. The reaction to him would be tremendous. These are moves that should have been made in November-March.

  4. Christopher Rowe Jun 13 201110:22 pm


    How dumb am I for having picked the Angels to win the West this year! I also picked Cleveland to lose 100 games and picked the Chisox to play the Bosox in ALCS (not the Yankees mind you).

    1. Bill Mahoney Jun 14 20116:25 pm


      I feel just as dumb with my A’s pick. Can they lose more players? I still like your Chisox pick. They are primed for a big 2nd half. Right now Boston looks unbeatable, except when they play the Sox.

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