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The NHL Awards: Highs, Lows, Weird, Surprise

Posted By Mika Oehling On Jun 22 2011 @ 10:36 pm In NHL | 2 Comments

The NHL Awards, now taking place in glitzy Las Vegas at the famous Palms, is upping the glamour factor and looking a little more slick. In my opinion, there are a few highs and lows to this amped-up spectacle replete with hip hop singers and real housewives, a few question marks and one or two surprises.


Nick Lindstrom’s still got it and it’s great to see it. What a fantastic moment for a player who still takes old man jokes with a smile. It’s pretty easy to see why most men would have a man crush on him.

The speeches were great, mostly because men tend to be creatures of few words to begin with and they were all gracious. There was no self-aggrandizing, no odes to individual greatness, no politics and no sour grapes. Are you listening, Oscars?

Jerry Bruckheimer and the US Army’s presentation to Doug Weight. He always knows how to put on a show and it’s kind of nice to know that the man who likes to make things go boom in Hollywood is also a puck loving fan.

Jon Hamm is an absolute delight. It’s a good thing that he reminded me that the St. Louis Blues are a team. I always seem to forget that one. And he rocks his playoffs beard.


What were those two housewives doing there? Really? Did they just stumble in because their limo was double parked? If that was supposed to bring the sexy back to the NHL Awards, it failed. If it was supposed to be a witty pop culture reference, it failed. If it turns out that nobody else said yes to the invite to present….it failed. I would have preferred to see MoviePhone present that award. Or a cardboard box. Something with a little more substance.

The Vancouver Canucks put on their brave game faces for this event, but it was clear in their eyes that no individual award was going to replace the Cup that they had struggled for and dreamed of all season. Straddled with personal and professional disappointment, as well as the ugly aftermath of the Vancouver riots shortly after their loss to the Bruins, they were clearly only there in body and not in spirit. Nobody can blame them. It really emphasizes that hockey is a team sport and that there is no room for egos or personal glory- a team that loses, loses together.

The Twitter feeds during the show added nothing. They were distracting and as usual, mundane comments which brought no insight, no added joy or anything of even mild interest. Social media’s great when you know how to use it. The NHL Awards did not need this one.


Jay Mohr, who used to be an actor as I recall, has an emcee style that can only be described as drunken uncle at your cousin’s wedding. While it’s clear that he loves the gig and is having a good time at the show, the cheese factor immediately goes up whenever he launches into an impression that nobody quite gets. The end result is pretty much the same as it is at the wedding; everyone just sits there politely, quietly and waits for it to be over.

The fan zone around the stage also puzzled me. It’s probably a lot of fun for the people who are there, but it looks sort of adolescent style. They may want to rethink that stage next year.


Far East Movement’s dancing ladies in the scary makeup made me realize that if there were strippers on the planet Naboo from the Star Wars prequels, that’s exactly what they would look like. But I’m sure Queen Amidala would have outlawed them. That has to be the geekiest cross over comment of the night for me.


What a night for Corey Perry. Could there have been a more surprising end to his season when he lit the lamp late to give the Ducks a push into the post-season almost single-handedly, and then picking up the Hart trophy to boot? Not to mention that he put in a great shoot out performance at the All Star Game this year, showing off his skills and then goofing around in Ryan vs. Ryan. The Canadian has shown that he has skill, humour and leadership. All in all, it’s a good time to be Corey Perry.

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