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Buffone Fantasy Football Guide RBs 11-15: High Risk/High Reward

Posted By John Buffone On Jul 20 2011 @ 1:51 pm In Fantasy Football | No Comments

As we continue on through the ranks, tougher and tougher decisions have to be made. From numbers 6-11, owners will have to decide on either proven veterans who could break down mid-season or a young back with upside who may have been a 2010 fluke.

Running backs 1-5 [1]

Running backs 6-10 [2]





Turner will likely continue to rack up big yards and touchdowns in 2011.


#11- Michael Turner:RB- Atlanta Falcons

Age: 29

Height: 5’10

Weight: 244

Bye Week: 8

Keeper Status: Good

2010 Stats:

Rushing: 1371yards            12 TD

Receiving: 12 Rec.            85 yards            0 TD



2011 Projected Stats:

Rushing: 1325            13 TD

Receiving: 7 Rec.            40 yards            0 TD


“The Burner” has been steamrolling his way to solid fantasy numbers since joining Atlanta in 2008. While he has only missed 5 games in three seasons, he has put a lot of miles on his tires by being the lone workhorse in the Falcons run game and has racked up nearly 900 attempts in his last 43 games. Turner is non-existent in the receiving game but still has enough gas in the tank to carry the load of an entire season.


#12 Matt Forte:RB-Chicago Bears


Forte should continue to grow in Mike Martz's offense.


Age: 25

Height: 6’2

Weight: 218

Bye Week: 8

Keeper Status: Good




2010 Stats:

Rushing: 1069 yards            6TD

Receiving: 51 Rec. 547 yards            3 TD           


2011 Projected Stats:

Rushing: 1105 yards            7 TD

Receiving: 53 Rec.            560 yards            4 TD


Forte had a bounce-back season in 2010 under Mike Martz’s offensive system. Martz is utilizing Forte like he did with Marshall Faulk in St. Louis, using a lot of screen plays and zone blocking. Forte isn’t going to pile up the rushing yards but will be effective enough in the receiving game to make up for it.



#13- Steven Jackson: RB-St. Louis Rams  [5]


Age: 27

Height: 6’2

Weight: 236

Bye Week: 8

Keeper Status: Good



2010 Stats:

Rushing: 1241 yards            6 TD

Receiving: 46 Rec.            383 yards            0 TD


2011 Projected Stats:

Rushing: 1225 yards            8 TD

Receiving: 42 Rec.            305 yards            1 TD


Jackson is another player who’s been at the top of the fantasy mountain for years but is becoming more and more of a question mark as the tread on his tires is worn down. At age 27, Jackson is entering his 8th NFL season and has a total of 1878 carries. Jackson may finally have some support in the passing game with Sam Bradford budding into a big-time quarterback but with Jackson only playing a full season twice in his career, it won’t be surprising if he misses 1-3 games. Regardless, he’s the best option at this point.


#14- LeGarrette Blount: RB-Tampa Bay Buccaneers  [6]

Age: 24

Height: 6’0

Weight: 247

Bye Week: 8

Keeper Status: Great


2010 Stats:

Rushing: 1007 yards            6 TD           

Receiving:  5 Rec. 13             0 TD


2011 Projected Stats:

Rushing: 1275 yards            10 TD

Receiving: 12 Rec.             56 yards            0 TD           


Blount was a steal off of the free agent wire last season as a rookie when he lit up opposing defenses late in the season including a 110-yard game against Detroit in week 15 and a 164-yard performance against Seattle in week 16. As a rookie, Blount’s 1007 rushing yards led all rookie running backs in 2010. In 2011, Blount is the obvious feature back for a young and budding Bucs team. With his athleticism and frame, Blount could be a real dark horse at the #15 spot. Concerns include Blount’s off the field attitude as well as opposing teams not overlooking the second-year back in the game plan anymore.


#15- Peyton Hillis:RB-Cleveland Browns


Hillis had a monster 2010 season but will be on every defense's radar in 2011.


Age: 25

Height: 6’1

Weight: 240

Bye Week: 5

Keeper Status: Good



2010 Stats:

Rushing: 1177yards            11 TD

Receiving: 61 Rec.            477 yards            2 TD


2011 Projected Stats:

Rushing: 1225yard            8 TD           

Receiving: 42 Rec.            298 yards            1 TD           


Like Blount, Hillis is a high-risk/high-reward pick if you choose to take him early. His monster 2010 season not only landed him on the cover of Madden 2012, it also landed him on the radar of every defense the Browns are going to face this year. The good news is that the Browns have a shell of a passing attack, which gives Hillis more opportunities. The bad news however, the Browns have a shell of a passing attack which lets everyone know where the ball is going. While Hillis’ smashing running style is exciting to watch, it’ll be interesting to see if he’s durable enough to withstand an entire season (throw in a Madden Curse reference you’d like). If Hillis can maintain throughout the season though, he could be another steal in the mid to late second round.

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