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Buffone Fantasy Football Guide Rbs 26-30: The Search Continues

Posted By John Buffone On Jul 26 2011 @ 10:03 am In Fantasy Football | No Comments

As we chug along through the running backs, it’s time to begin evaluating the upside of a player. The fantasy studs are off the board at this point but there are plenty of dark horses and rookies that can still have a huge impact on your team.

 Running backs 1-5 [1]              Running backs 11-15 [2]

Running backs 6-10  [3]           Running backs 16-20 [4]

Running backs 21-25 [5]

#26- Fred Jackson: RB-Buffalo Bills


Jackson could still see the majority of carries for Buffalo in 2011.


Age: 30

Height: 6’1

Weight: 215

Bye Week: 7

Keeper Status: Poor


2010 Stats:

Rushing: 927 yards            5 TD

Receiving: 31 Rec.            215 yards            2 TD


2011 Projected Stats:

Rushing: 837 yards            5 TD

Receiving: 24 Rec.            198 yards            1 TD


Jackson has really flown under the fantasy radar for the past two seasons even though he’s averaged 994.5 yards per year and well as 38.5 receptions per year in the past two seasons. Jackson was supposed to be the door opener for rookie CJ Spiller in 2010 but the veteran didn’t relinquish a thing and looks to still be the primary back in Buffalo. His time will be split more with Spiller this year but Jackson could still be a formidable backup on your fantasy team.





#27- Ryan Grant: RB- Green Bay Packers


If he's a Packer in 2011, Grant could put up numbers reflective of his 2009 campaign.


Age: 28

Height: 6’1

Weight: 222

Bye Week: 8

Keeper Status: Poor


2010 Stats:

Rushing: 45 yards            0 TD

Receiving: 0 Rec.  0 yards    0 TD


2011 Projected Stats:

Rushing: 823 yards            5 TD

Receiving: 22 Rec.            188 yards            1 TD


At one point in his career, Grant was the Rodney Dangerfield of fantasy football; he couldn’t get any respect despite continuously rushing for nearly or over 1000 yards while averaging 8 touchdowns per season from 2007-2009. Then in 2010, Grant was high on a lot of people’s boards and he in turn, injured his leg in week one and was out for the remainder of the season. Green Bay proved that they didn’t need Grant to win a Super Bowl and may opt to not re-sign him. But if he is a Packer, he will be a nice accent to an already explosive offense if he comes back at 100 percent. Let Grant be a low-risk/high-reward pick; don’t expect him to carry your team.


#28- Mark Ingram: RB-New Orleans Saints


Ingram has the potential to lead New Orleans in all rushing categories in 2011.


Age: 21

Height: 5’9

Weight: 215

Bye Week: 11

Keeper Status: Good


2010 Stats:

Rushing: N/A           

Receiving: N/A


2011 Projected Stats:

Rushing: 923 yards            5 TD

Receiving: 9 Rec.            46 yards            0 TD


The 2009 Heisman Trophy winner found himself falling to #28 in the 2011 NFL Draft and finds himself at the same spot on this list. Ingram is a strong, powerful back that is capable of picking up a lot of extra effort yards after contact. However, Ingram lacks the explosiveness to get through the holes of stretched out defenses that will be created via the serious threat of the New Orleans passing attack. Throw in the presence of Pierre Thomas, Chris Ivory, and the ever-so-slight possibility of Reggie Bush returning, and Ingram may see himself working in a large running back committee in 2011. Ingram is a mid-fourth to fifth round pick unless you really feel he’s your keeper of the future.



#29- Jahvid Best: RB- Detroit Lions


When healthy, Best has the ability to put up huge numbers running and catching the ball.


Age: 22

Height: 5’10

Weight: 199

Bye Week: 9

Keeper Status: Fair


2010 Stats:

Rushing: 555 yards            4 TD

Receiving: 58 Rec.            487 yards            2 TD


2011 Projected Stats:

Rushing: 789 yards            4 TD

Receiving: 48 Rec.            405 yards            1 TD


With all things considered, Best should be higher on this list because of his 2010 performance. However, he missed significant time due to a turf toe injury which brought up questions about his durability. To combat that theory, the Lions drafted Mikel LeShoure in the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft to take some pressure off of Best. LeShoure is a much more physical back that will vulture some of Best’s touchdowns but Best is still the better option as a receiver. Barring injury, Best will still be the feature back in Mo-town.


#30- Mikel LeShoure: RB- Detroit Lions


The Lions drafted LeShoure as an insurance policy for Best and fantasy owners may want to follow suit.


Age: 21

Height: 6’0

Weight: 230

Bye Week: 9

Keeper Status: Good



2010 Stats:

Rushing: N/A

Receiving: N/A


2011 Projected Stats:

Rushing: 691 yards            4 TD

Receiving: 21 Rec.            171 yards            1 TD


One big rule in fantasy football; always handcuff the injury risks. If Best goes down, LeShoure becomes the number one guy in Detroit and will rack up more points than projected. The rookie out of Illinois is a very physical back who welcomes contact and has enough speed to outrun defenders.

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