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Dirty Bird Blog: Tweet Tweet Chirp Chirp

Posted By Clifford Pine On Jul 29 2011 @ 1:53 pm In Montreal Alouettes | No Comments

Twitter is a great tool to get your message out. I know that I use it frequently to learn, inform & entertain. I’m not the only one, a lot of people use this medium to reach the masses. CFL players are no exception, they connect with fans and inform people of their own messages. And yes, they also use it to do a little trash-talking, be it playful or otherwise.

Former Alouettes RB Avon Cobourne uses Twitter to get his message across. He promotes his company Chill-Son that makes mouthguards  and sports apparel with a heavy football feel. He retweets messages of positivity & hope from his fellow players.  And last Sunday, he offered his thoughts on his former football team’s play versus the RoughRiders. To wit:







Good to see he’s watching the game to try to find any flaws & weaknesses in his upcoming opponents.














Say what you will, but he’s not afraid to mix it up with fans. This is the kind of swagger we Alouettes fans have always loved about Avon. Mostly because he backed up his talk on the field. So naturally, it’s gonna hurt even more when your team is losing and one of its former stars seems to be revelling in it.

And of course, he had a few choice words regarding Dwight Anderson’s infraction:








Seems like there’s no love lost between the CFL’s top 2 trash-talkers…which of course will add to the watchability of tonight’s match-up. No doubt these two guys will be chirping back and forth from start to finish.

To be fair, Avon did tweet this when Anthony Calvillo went down to injury:








From the day he signed with the Ti-Cats, Avon’s gone out of his way to say that he bears no ill will towards the Alouettes organization. He wanted more money & no one can fault him for that. And of course fans are gonna say what they will to him, especially in cases where the Alouettes are winning and the Tiger-Cats are losing. That’s sports for you.

I’ve met Avon a number of times when he was an Alouette and will never say anything bad about him as he was a true gentleman in every sense of the word to me.  I get that he’s gotta get his guys fired up and maybe he felt a little Twitter trash talk was the way to go. But at the end of the day, he’s gotta bring his A-game on the field. I’m sure that as eager as he’s been for today, there’s a whole bunch of Alouettes who’ve had this day circled on their calendars too just to see their old pal Six Deuces.

As they say on Twitter, “Get ya popcorn ready!”


As I reported last time, Anthony Calvillo will be playing tonight and also making his debut this season will be one of Calvillo’s favourite targets in Kerry Watkins. Always a deep threat, Watkins has been sidelined since training camp with nasal surgery. I know AC will appreciate having such a weapon in his arsenal as he typically loves to stretch Hamilton all over the field and Watkins makes it look so easy.


As usual, look for my live tweets during tonight’s epic game.  I’ll be watching from the comfort of my couch with some ice-cold beer and assorted snacks. Sadly, these will not be part of the snack lineup:











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