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Carlos es muy loco! Guillen’s antics help the Angels go from no-no, to yes, thank you.

Carlos Guillen is an idiot! He sure showed Jered Weaver and the Angels, who’s the boss. Now, he owes his own pitcher, Justin Verlander an apology. Let me rewind..

Verlander was unbelievable today and should have no hit the Angels. However, he was done in by his teammate, Carlos Guillen. Detroit was already leading 2-0 when Guillen launched a home run off Weaver in the bottom of the 7th inning. Instead of putting his head down and rounding the bases, Guillen admired his shot while staring down Weaver. Weaver, not liking being shown up, had a few choice words for the Tigers 2nd baseman. Umpire, Hunter Wendlestedt, noticing all of this, warns both dugouts. The deal was sealed though, as Weaver threw one up and plunked the next batter, Alex Aliva. Weaver was ejected, along with manager Mike Scioscia.

After the dust settled, Verlander made it back out to the mound a good 20 minutes later. Realizing that baseball etiquette had taken a back seat, Erick Aybar laid down a bunt, reaching 1st on Verlander’s error. Two batters later, the Angels had a run. Two batters after that they had their first and only hit of the day – and their 2nd run. Verlander came back to strike out Torii Hunter to end the 8th, but the damage was done. Talk about waking up a team with one stupid move, that’s exactly what Guillen did with his admiring job.

Baseball etiquette says that you don’t try to bunt late in the game with a no hitter on the line.

I also love the hypocritical Tiger players. Their dugout was all smiles after Guillen’s stunt. They all had that “what’s with him” look on their face after a pissed off Weaver left the field. I guarantee, if Weaver was hurling a no no, and Hunter admired a home run late in the game the Angels were leading, they would be livid, and ready to fight. Instead of smiling, someone ought a shake some sense in to Guillen. Selfish teams, with selfish players, don’t always end up on top. We’ll see with Detroit.

As long as they have Verlander, Detroit can win anywhere. Not since I watched Nolan Ryan back in the 70′s & 80′s have I seen a performance as dominant. He was topping 100 mph throughout the 8th inning! That is unfair, and quite amazing.

No hitting an Angels team isn’t easy. This is team that rarely works counts, but does employ slap hitters with speed. It makes Verlander’s effort all that more impressive.

Weaver only gave up 4 hits, in almost 7 innings of work, while striking out 8. Two bad pitches did him in. One was a 2-run shot that Magglio Ordonez hit out in the 3rd inning. Unfortunately, Mags has always hit Weaver well. Maybe Ordonez can rub some of his class off on Guillen?

The Detroit announcers made reference to the fact that the winner of this game will probably be the front runner for the Cy Young. I guess Verlander has the advantage right now.

Funny thing, one extra base hit in the 8th or 9th, and the neither Verlander or Weaver would have gotten the win.

I should mention that the stole another base today, giving them 9 in the 4 games.

So Weaver’s 8 game winning streak is now kaput, but they still got a split in Detroit. A 6-4 record on this 10 game road trip wasn’t bad.

Angels begin a 6 game home stand against the Twins and Mariners, starting Tuesday. They only trail the wheeling-dealing Rangers by 2 games.

Go Angels!!

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O'kay I'll talk about myself a little. I've been working in the television/radio industry for over 21 years. I started at 2 so I am just a tad over 21 (That is a joke). My career has taken me around and and even out of the United States. Right now I call Vegas home, but I just never know where life will take me next. Until 2002 my irrational love for the California/Anaheim/LAA had taken me down some very dark roads, but with Arte Moreno in charge I finally saw the a light at the end of the road. I really love most every sports and having as much fun as possible.

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In response to “Carlos es muy loco! Guillen’s antics help the Angels go from no-no, to yes, thank you.”

  1. Jonas Brother Singh Jul 31 20118:36 pm


    You are an idiot

    1. Bill Mahoney Jul 31 20119:38 pm


      You got me there..Have a great day!! Go Angels, or for you, Tigers!!

  2. Jerry Jul 31 201110:20 pm


    Did you even bother to watch the rest of the game leading up to that incident?

    Weaver started the whole thing by yelling at both Ordonez and Cabrera after the Ordonez home run. Weaver chose to believe Ordonez was “disrespecting him” by watching his home run. Could it be that Ordonez didn’t run because it was going to be a foul ball or a home run? What’s the point of racing to first base in that case?

    Guillen did what he did as a response to Weaver.

    You should watch the whole game or do some simple internet research afterwards so that you know what the hell is going on. Here let me help you with a link:,0,2055671.story

    Or perhaps you should quit intentionally misrepresenting what happened, which is a disgrace to journalism if that’s what you are doing.

    1. Bill Mahoney Jul 31 201111:43 pm


      Thank you Jerry for being so passionate. I watched both the Angels and Tigers broadcast, thank you, but thanks for the link.

      Once again, the Tigers had the Angels down, with Verlander throwing a no no. All Guillen has to do is let his bat do the talking. Walk back to the dugout, and let his guy get back out on the mound as soon as possible.

      There was no need, no matter how dumb Weaver was acting, to do that, at that moment. Like I said, his actions woke up the Angels, albeit anemic, offense.

      I guess we can just agree to disagree.

      Have a fine day, and thanks again for calling me out.

      It would be great if someway , somehow, these two could meet in the playoffs.

      1. Lance Aug 1 20113:24 am


        i agree with the previous commenters. This is nothing but a one sided fan rant.. yuck!

      2. Jerry Aug 1 20117:39 pm


        Bill, I’m not arguing with the main point of your article, which is that Guillen’s antics were out of line. I don’t necessarily agree with that, although I think the majority of people would probably agree with you. In this respect I admit I may be biased by my Detroit Tigers fandom, and my feeling that Weaver was acting like a hotheaded spoiled brat and deserved whatever he had coming to him.

        Again, my problem with your article is that you made no mention of Weaver’s behavior between the 2 home runs, which provides a context which at least partially explains why Guillen would try to show up Weaver.

        Someone reading your article would simply conclude that Guillen hotdogged it after his home run and Weaver got angry and threw at Avila on the next pitch and that was the entire story!

        To be fair to Guillen, you should mention that Weaver jawed at both Ordonez and Cabrera after Ordonez’ home run. Weaver thought that Ordonez lingered at the plate too long, but Ordonez said he was watching to see if the ball would be fair or foul. And Ordonez has no history of acting disrespectfully toward other players. I can imagine there may have been some talk on the Tiger bench at that point that if someone got a chance, they would show Weaver what hotdogging it at the plate REALLY looked like.

        You have a right to your opinion, I just wish you hadn’t left out information to justify your point of view.

        I’m not sure it would be good for baseball if these teams met again in the playoffs. Weaver could be just crazy enough to try to decapitate Guillen the next time he takes the mound against him. That would be a bad scene.

        1. Bill Mahoney Aug 1 20119:19 pm


          You are absolutely right, Jerry. I have written about 60+ blogs on the Angels, and i believe this may be the first time I didn’t tell the complete story. I am an Angels fan, but have never been hesitant to call them out on stupid plays, and decisions. I just wanted to see the Verlander throw a no no, so I didn’t point out the most obvious things.

          Weaver was wrong, in my opinion, on Mags. I worked around him for 3 years, and found him to be a great guy. He was great to everyone, from other players to security guards. I wasn’t a huge fan of his bright yellow Ferrari, but that’s a different story. I don’t now his rep. in Detroit, but from what I remember, he has never been the showboating type of guy.

          I plan on making amends in my next Angels blog, after Wednesday’s game against the Twins. I should also point out that I didn’t mention Aybar elbowing Verlander in the 8th. I like Aybar, but that was a classless move. I think Aybar may find out what a Verlander fastball feels like next year.

          I think there are times that a person needs to fall on the sword, for lack of a better term, and that’s what I need to do. I want the Halos to do well, but I hate complete homers.

          On the Tigers, I grew up a huge fan courtesy of Mark Fidrych, Dave Rozema and Tito Fuentes, etal. One of my baseball road trips was to see Comerica park 2 years ago..Awesome digs! Love the old pictures on the concourse.

          Have a great day..


  3. SteveJ Jul 31 201111:06 pm


    It’s pretty clear that Jered Weaver is a hot head and a sore loser.

    The notion that Ordonez was “admiring his home-run” requires a bit of delusion which can happen when you are a sore loser who has just given up a two-run homer.

    Weaver yelled at Ordonez to run the bases and glared at the 14 year veteran as he made his rounds. Bush-league.

    It is also clear that the matter should have ended when Ordonez flied out during his next at bat, and ran across the mound on his way back to the dugout to give Weaver his two-cents worth — which was entirely appropriate.

    It is not at all clear why Guillen feels he needs to get involved after the matter has been settled.

    But that hardly compares with head hunting.

    Weaver started the whole thing by yelling at Ordonez, and he ended it with his ejection.

    You can hardly equate Guillen with Weaver for the Jerk of the day award.

    And the idea that Guillen’s and Weaver’s antics (which did NOT take 20 minutes) somehow leads to a hit in the bottom of the 8th is a strange assertion — as is the notion that Verlander was somehow going to automatically get a no-hitter with 2 innings to go against a division championship contending team in the Angels.

    1. Bill Mahoney Jul 31 201111:37 pm


      I love the passion and the disagreement shown. I should have said approx. 20 minutes, my mistake.

      I will still assert that if Guillen doesn’t show his machismo, most likely Verlander gets back on the mound in a reasonable amount of time, and I believe, finishes the thing off. The whole game changed after the Guillen home run and subsequent actions of both himself, and Weaver.

      The home run was payback enough for Weavers yelling. There is a time and a place to show up an opposing pitcher that is acting stupidly, but that time isn’t when your guy is throwing a no hitter. We will never know, but I’d like to think Verlander, with what he showed through 7 innings would have been a lot better off if Guillen would have let his bat do the talking.

      Have a great day Steve! Baseball sure gets exciting last couple months, doesn’t it?

  4. nml Aug 1 201110:14 am


    Please Mr. Mahoney, stop trying to act self-righteous and smug. The pros have spoken about the incident and they all understand Maggs was just there a minute to see if the ball was fair or foul as it was clear it was hit far enough, but was it fair? Look at the replay, he did not sit there and strike a pose, just long enough to see it was fair, why run if it isn’t? Weaver, like his brother, is a hot head and low rent. Weaver yelling at Maggs was uncalled for and should have looked at the ball’s trajectory like most pitchers do when they have a ball hit hard against them. Guillen, yes, responded to Weaver dogging Maggs earlier. If you bothered to see the big picture, you wouldn’t also be acting like a classless homer and jerk, aka, your Weaver dual personality.

    So, continue your smugness and haughty dialogue, as your shortcomings are showing and you don’t know much about baseball.

    So, thank you for your useless headline and amateur journalism and please don’t try to patronize people who clearly know more than you.

    Don’t bother to respond as I won’t read it or care as I see you are clearly a whining homer and have issues. Perhaps we can get you a crying towel, perhaps a matching set, so you and Weaver can have a good cry together with a beer and a shot of humility.

    Weaver lost the respect of many people, more importantly he didn’t stay composed in the heat of a pennant race and put his own ego ahead of the team trying to win the game. In front of a national audience, he lost his bid for the Cy Young as Verlander is clearly the most dominant pitcher in the AL.

    Enjoy the offseason, as the Angels most certainly will watching the Rangers, Tigers, Yankees and Red Sox go at it to win the pennant. Have a nice day and good bye. Tell Weaver I could give him a referral for an anger management course. Perhaps if he brings his brother he can get a discount. Have fun dude, outta here, my work is done and I’m done with you…later, hater.

  5. Dano Aug 1 201112:14 pm


    Bill you hit the nail on the head!

    Unfortunately, that nail is going to be one of the several that are holding down the top of the coffin that you decided to put your ability to ‘reason rationally’ in.

    You have said in your comments that Mags is classy, just not Guillen. But wait..Golden Child from Long Beach State Surfing and Barber school Jef… sorry… Jare… Jered Weaver said that Magglio was classless too? If it is as you say… then golly, Weaver blew his top earlier in the game for no reason, and is just a little “whacky”. I dunno, great article though!

  6. Joel Zola Aug 1 201112:35 pm


    As stupid as Guillen acted, I don’t think it ruined Verlander. Torii Hunter was the only one who was right when he said that both sides acted stupid and unprofessional. Maggs and Guillen have always been classy players during their Tigers careers. But Guillen acted like a fool yesterday, but was in no way responsible for Maicer Izturis getting a soft bloop single.

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