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Buffone Fantasy Football Guide Rbs 41-45: Age Kills

Posted By John Buffone On Aug 1 2011 @ 10:22 am In Fantasy Football | No Comments

We’re drawing towards the end of the line as far and running backs are concerned and looking over number 41-45, we’ll see a string of former big-time fantasy names that have slowed down to a crawl. However, it’s not uncommon for an aging back to have a rejuvenation year so pick carefully and you could winning the aging running back sweepstakes.


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#41 C.J. Spiller:RB- Buffalo Bills


The Bills invested a lot into Spiller but his opportunities could still be limited.


Age: 23

Height: 6’11

Weight: 196

Bye Week: 7

Keeper Status: Fair


2010 Stats:

Rushing: 283 yards            0 TD

Receiving: 24 Rec.            157 yards            1 TD


2011 Projected Stats:

Rushing: 370 yards            2 TD

Receiving: 19 Rec.            131 yards            0 TD

With youth on his side, the Bills first round draft pick laid a real rotten egg last year in his rookie campaign. Besides not being able to find the end zone, Spiller also fumbled five times on only 74 attempts. Until Fred Jackson goes down or becomes ineffective, Spiller will have to continue to season himself and wait for his opportunity.


#42- LaDainian Tomlinson:RB- New York Jets


Tomlinson was once the king of the fantasy hill. Now he's been reduced to a flyer pick.


Age: 31

Height: 5’10

Weight: 215

Bye Week: 8

Keeper Status: Poor




2010 Stats:

Rushing: 914 yards            6 TD

Receiving: 52 Rec.            368 yards            0 TD


2011 Projected Stats:

Rushing: 356 yards            2 TD

Receiving: 22 Rec.            135 yards            0 TD

How the mighty have fallen. Tomlinson was arguably the best fantasy back ever when he averaged 1569 rushing yards, 66 receptions, and nearly 20 total touchdowns per year from 2002-2007. Although LT had a nice season in 2010, it looked like those 13,404 career yards caught up with him. He may be a great locker room presence but that doesn’t do much for your fantasy team.


#43- Ronnie Brown: RB-Free Agent


Brown's fantasy career has been as disappointing as his real-life one.


Age: 29

Height: 6’0

Weight: 230

Bye Week: N/A

Keeper Status: Poor


2010 Stats:

Rushing: 734 yards            5 TD

Receiving: 33 Rec.             242 yards            0 TD


2011 Projected Stats:

Rushing: 344 yards            2 TD

Receiving: 20 Rec.            122 yards            0 TD

Brown has been a relatively big disappointment to his fantasy owners throughout his six-year career. It always seems like he is one year away from greatness and unfortunately for him (and his owners), it looks like that year will never come. With injuries stunting Brown’s potential (and his future with the Dolphins), Brown could be on his way to being an afterthought.


#44 Thomas Jones: RB- Kansas City Chiefs


Jones has kept himself in phenomenal shape but is being slowly phased out.


Age: 32

Height: 5’10

Weight: 212

Bye Week: 6

Keeper Status: Poor



2010 Stats:

Rushing: 896 yards            6 TD

Receiving: 14 Rec.             122 yards            0 TD


2011 Projected Stats:

Rushing: 445 yards            3 TD

Receiving: 6 Rec.            26 yards            0 TD

Jones has been surprisingly durable throughout his 11-year career, missing only 12 games in 176 matchups. While Jones may still see some goal line carries, the Chiefs have found their franchise back in Jamaal Charles and are grooming Dexter McCluster to accent him. This leaves Jones completely phased out in the receiving game and in order to preserve his legs, the Chiefs will probably limit his carries substantially.


#45- Brandon Jacobs:RB- New York Giants


Selecting Jacobs is always risky since all his worth is at the goal line.


Age: 28

Height: 6’4

Weight: 264

Bye Week: 7

Keeper Status: Poor


2010 Stats:

Rushing: 823 yards            9 TD

Receiving: 7 Rec.     59 yards      0 TD


2011 Projected Stats:

Rushing: 498 yards            4 TD

Receiving: 2 Rec.            11 yards            0 TD

Jacobs has been the thunder to Ahmad Bradshaw’s lightning for the past few seasons and has racked up the majority of his fantasy points at the goal line. The smash-mouth style of running Jacobs uses could finally catch up to him this year as the team’s running game transitions more towards Bradshaw and potentially D.J. Ware.


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