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“TO” on DJax – “Show Him the Money!”

Posted By Christopher Rowe On Sep 7 2011 @ 2:59 pm In Philadelphia,Philadelphia Eagles | 12 Comments

This just in… Terrell Owens has an opinion on the Philadelphia Eagles – and we get to hear it whether we’re interested or not. Six years after wreaking havoc on the Eagles organization with childish behavior, flamboyant antics and generally being a self-centered pain in the ass, the unemployed NFL receiver and questionable reality TV show host is still trying to cause trouble.

[1] [2]This time TO has dispensed with sit-ups in the driveway routine offering his unsolicited opinion regarding his colleague – a fellow client of Drew Rosenhaus. Appearing Tuesday on 97.5 The Fanatic radio with Mike Missanelli in Philadelphia, Owens was asked whether current Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson should play in the Week One game against the Rams.

[3]“Absolutely not,” Owens said. “I would have to better myself and my family and my situation.  That’s ridiculous.” When asked whether or not he [Owens] would play one more season for the Eagles at $600,000, Owens responded “ABSOLUTELY!”

Owens went on to state that he had the best time of his football career during his brief time (most of two seasons) with the Eagles. This included a failed Super Bowl run following the 2004 season in which Owens put forth a Herculean effort despite injury.

[4] [5]DeSean Jackson, in the final year of his rookie deal, is slated to earn $600,000 in 2011. Jackson intended to hold out of Eagles Training Camp but was advised that would retard his eligibility for free agency and conceded to report to camp. Mind you, Jackson would need to play out the final year of his contract or be subject to the same contract fulfillment in 2012. Jackson decided it might be prudent to report to camp and play out the contract, knowing that he would have a year of media coverage to make his case public.

[6]Owens pointed out that Jackson has received advice “to go in there, be a man about it and play under the existing contract. . . but I guarantee you, if he goes out and gets hurt, God forbid, he’s not going to get the contract that he probably would have gotten if he held out.”

Conversely, holding out would not guarantee Jackson a more lucrative contract. The Eagles may still choose to slap the franchise tag on Jackson for 2012, garnering DeSean approximately $11M while the team literally buys itself another year to devise a long term contract structure. That plan worked fairly well for the Eagles regarding Michael Vick.

Jackson, who like Owens is represented by Drew Rosenhaus, has offered a low-key position due to the histrionic (bordering on certifiably insane) mess that T.O. created in his quest for a new contract in 2005.  Had [7]Owens handled his business differently (or with any modicum of decorum, rationale or shred of perspective outside of his own reality), Jackson possibly could be a bit more aggressive now. Owens acknowledges now that he may have gone too far.

[8]“I probably would have handled it in a more professional way,” Owens said of his own experiences.  “I still stand by the fact that I never tried to do anything out of the norm to tarnish my relationship with the Eagles.  My [9]agent tried to do the necessary things to try and do things behind closed doors to ensure I got a good contract at that time.” That strategy failed.  Drew Rosenhaus was unable to negotiate a new deal for Owens with the Eagles because the Philadelphia brain trust wholeheartedly refused to validate Owens behavior.

[10]Should DeSean Jackson suffer a serious injury before getting a new deal, his strategy will have failed, too. Even guaranteed contracts in the NFL are not guaranteed, though these contracts are front-loaded with guaranteed signing bonuses. Jackson has the option of taking out an insurance policy, which is a common practice among NFL players (Ron Jaworski has admitted that players frequently are advised to purchase policies as far back as his playing days in the 1970s and 1980s).

[11]The Eagles are not obligated to negotiate with Jackson during the season but they would be well-served to address the issue regarding their intentions with Jackson. Eagles President Joe Banner is slated to make a public address tomorrow regarding the state of the organization. Topics of discussion should include final roster cuts, DeSean Jackson’s contract status, the benching of Danny Watkins, the re-signing of Joselio Hanson and the viability of WR Jeremy Maclin and Steve Smith.

If Jackson gets hurt, the Eagles can always call T.O. or Randy Moss.

[12]Asked if he’d play again for the Eagles, Owens proved his lack of familiarity with reason and logic and general sanity saying exuberantly, “Dude, of course . . . I loved Philly.  I loved playing there.  I’ve never had a feeling like scoring a touchdown, going to the sideline and having all of Lincoln Financial Field chant my name.  I had the best time of my life and my career in my years in Philadelphia.”

[13]He’s right about one aspect of this.  All of the Eagles Faithful undoubtedly  would be chanting Terrell Owens name if he returned to the nest… Most in Eagles Nation would add a few extra choice words…

[14]If the Eagles want to make some extra money, they should stop charging for preseason games and schedule a final return of Terrell Owens to Lincoln Financial Field. Flight Night be damned, this would be more of a bloody affair than the Christians vs. the Lions in the old Roman Coliseum. Let the fans have at the likes of one Terrell Owens – and it better be televised because it would be TO’s final show.







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