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Cy Young Award Goes to…

Posted By Christopher Rowe On Sep 26 2011 @ 2:50 pm In MLB | 2 Comments

As the 2011 season draws to a close, most playoff teams have staked claims on their postseason berth. Only the wildcard qualifications have yet to be determined and those will excitingly come down to the final games of the season. While I was opposed to the wildcard implementation in 1995, I [1]now concede that it works. Wildcards promote exciting September baseball and affords the best non-division winner to overcome divisional deficiencies to still make the postseason. I do reserve the right to plead with the Commissioner and MLB to refrain from further expanding the wildcard and prevent fixing what isn’t broken.


[2]Individual awards will not be officially announced until mid-November but they are predicated only upon regular season statistics. In March 2011 I made predictions on this very web portal regarding NL & AL Cy Young, MVP and Rookie of the Year. Six months and 160 games later we take a second look on the 2011 season that is about to close

[3]We present now the leading candidates for National and American League Cy Young. Still to come will be Rookie of the Year candidates as well as Manager of the Year, GM of the Year and comeback player of the year.

Roy Halladay 19 233.2 2.35 220 1.04
Clayton Kershaw 21 233.1 2.28 248 0.98
Cliff Lee 16 226.2 2.38 232 1.03
Ian Kennedy 21 222 2.88 198 1.09
Matt Cain 12 221.2 2.88 179 1.08
Cole Hamels 14 213 2.75 193 0.98
Shawn Marcum 13 196 3.31 156 1.12
Justin Verlander 24 251 2.40 250 0.92
Jered Weaver 18 235.2 2.41 198 1.01
C.C. Sabathia 19 237 3.00 230 1.23
Josh Beckett 13 187 2.70 170 1.00
Danny Haren 16 230.1 3.16 184 1.02
James Shields 15 240.2 2.84 221 1.04
Doug Pfister 10 208.1 2.94 137 1.09

 My picks:

[4]NL-Clayton Kershaw, LAD is the en vogue pick because he has 21 wins for an abysmal Dodgers team. While I respect and admire that Kershaw and Arizona’s Ian Kennedy each have 21 victories… wins are not the only stat that matters. Cole Hamels WHIP (0.98) equals Kershaw. Roy Halladay has more IP. Cliff Lee has 7 SHO. Kershaw boasts more strikeouts (248) by 16, ties for best WHIP and leads all categories except total IP.       Congratulations Clayton Kershaw.

[5]AL-Justin Verlander, DET – Hands down leads every category and completely dominant both on the mound and according to the stats. This is a slam dunk, stone cold lead pipe lock if there ever was a certainty. Most dominant season since Sandy Koufax, Whitey Ford or Bob Gibson.

Voting will proceed through the final week of the regular season and postseason – though postseason stats and performance will not count for these regular season awards. More awards to come including MVP, Manager of the Year, Rookie of the Year!


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