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Manager of the Year Award Goes to…

Posted By Christopher Rowe On Sep 26 2011 @ 4:08 pm In MLB | 13 Comments


Gibson's Arizona club goes from worst to first

As the 2011 season draws to a close, most of the playoff teams have staked their claim on a postseason berth. Only the wildcard qualifications have yet to be determined and those will excitingly come down to the final games of the season. While I was opposed to the wildcard implementation in 1995, I now see that it promotes exciting September baseball and affords the best non-division winner to overcome divisional deficiencies and still make the postseason. I do reserve the right to plead with the Commissioner and MLB to refrain from further expanding the wildcard and prevent fixing what isn’t broken.

[2]Individual awards will not be announced until mid-November but they are only predicated upon regular season statistics. In March 2011 I made predictions on this very web portal regarding NL & AL Cy Young, MVP and Rookie of the Year.

My Manager of the Year picks:

[3]AL Manager – Buck Showalter, BAL  With all due respect to Joe Maddon and Jim Leyland, Buck Showalter has a much larger hill to climb trying to save the Baltimore Orioles franchise. Despite their 2010 and 2011 season records, Showalter has amassed 99 victories over the past 13 months. Moreover the team has been playing much better during the month of September in a spoiler role and can put some icing on that cake in the season finale.

[4]NL Manager – Clint Hurdle, PIT  Most writers will go for the manager that has most wins on the season (Manuel) or perhaps largest separation between division winner and their second place team (Leyland) or new manager taking his team’s division for the first time in 30 years (Roenicke). Even Kirk Gibson took his squad from worst to first.

[5] [6]Clint Hurdle took over the Pittsburgh Pirates, a franchise that has been losing for the better part of a generation. Not since 1992 have the Pirates sniffed the playoffs and on July 15, 2011 Clint Hurdle had his Pirates in first place. There is hope in Pittsburgh and we’re not talking about the Steelers for a change.

NL Manager of Year TEAM W L COMMENT
Kirk Gibson Arizona 93 66 Worst to First for Sparky’s legacy
Tony La Russa St. Louis 88 71 How many postseason appearances?
Clint Hurdle Pittsburgh 71 88 July 15 first place first time in 19 years
Charlie Manuel Philadelphia 99 60 Best record in MLB; Fifth NL East title – what more can be said? Don’t ask Charlie that!!!
Ron Roenicke Milwaukee 94 65 First Division title since 1982; Mike Scocia’s coaching tree includes Joe Maddon and Bud Black as well!
AL Manager of Year TEAM W L COMMENT
Terry Francona Boston 89 70 Wins 90 games and lose a job for a 9 game lead? Possible
Ron Washington Texas 93 66 2010 AL Championship wasn’t fluke but still no respect
Jim Leyland Detroit 92 67 No one picks Leyland to win and yet he often does. Why?
Buck Showalter Baltimore 67 92 100 wins since August 2010
Joe Maddon Tampa Bay 88 71 when will this manager get respect?

 Still to come will be Rookie of the Year candidates as well as GM of the Year and comeback player of the year. You’ve seen Cy Young Award, MVP candidates and Manager of the Year candidates. Voting will proceed through the final week of the regular season and postseason – though postseason stats and performance will not count for these regular season awards.


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