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MVP Award Goes to…

Posted By Christopher Rowe On Sep 26 2011 @ 3:41 pm In MLB | 5 Comments

As the 2011 season draws to a close, most of the playoff teams have staked their claim on a postseason berth. Only the wildcard qualifications have yet to be determined and those will excitingly come down to the final games of the [1]season. Exciting September baseball affords the best non-division winner to overcome divisional deficiencies and still make the postseason. Despite wildcard debates, I do reserve the right to plead with the Commissioner and MLB to refrain from further expanding the wildcard to prevent fixing what isn’t broken.

[2]Individual awards will not be announced until mid-November but they are only predicated upon regular season statistics. In March 2011 I made predictions on this very web portal regarding NL & AL Cy Young, MVP and Rookie of the Year.

Ryan Braun 0.333 (4) 33 110 107 (5) 333
Matt Kemp 0.324 37 (3) 120 112 342
Prince Fielder 0.293 35 114 91 306
Justin Upton 0.291 31 88 105 312
Albert Pujols 0.300 37 98 102 308
Joey Votto 0.312 28 101 98 313
Miguel Cabrera .341 (1) 29 103 107 (5) 323
Adrian Gonzalez 0.338 (2) 27 117 107 (5) 342
Jacoby Ellsbury 0.322 (8) 31 103 117 (3) 356
Curtis Granderson 0.266 41 (2) 119 135 (1) 321
Jose Bautista 0.304 43 (1) 103 105 (8) 310
Robinson Cano 0.304 27 116 103 (10) 327


My MVP picks:

[4]NL-Ryan Braun, MIL – Some say Matt Kemp being close to a Triple Crown (HR, RBI, runs scored) should eclipse this race. I disagree. Braun is the most feared hitter in the National League and has forced opposing pitchers to walk him in favor of facing Prince Fielder! That makes as much sense as walking Ruth to get to Gehrig with the bases loaded. Braun leads the NL in BA (.333) but ranks fourth in HR (33), third in RBI (110), second in runs scored (107) and total bases (333).

[5]AL-Miguel Cabrera, DET – As many different opinions exist here as players on the ballot. While this race features a different player leading nearly every statistical category, MVP is about the most effective, most feared, most productive overall player. Jose Bautista (43 HR) and Jacoby Ellsbury (356 TB) may not seem to be in the same league but they along with Curtis Granderson [6](119 RBI, 135 runs scored), Robinson Cano and Adrian Gonzalez can each throw their hat into the proverbial ring.

Any and all of these players coul be considered a viable candidate and Bautista is a tempting pick from a mediocre team. Cabrera is hitting .341 (leads AL) with 29 HR and 103 RBI but put any pitcher in the game on the mound to face Miguel to decide a game. Cabrera and his Detroit Tigers are headed into the playoffs meaning they have played more meaningful games. Cabrera is the right choice for AL MVP. Even his teammate Justin Verlander says he would vote for Cabrera.

Still to come will be Rookie of the Year candidates as well as Manager of the Year, GM of the Year and comeback player of the year. You’ve seen Cy Young Award and MVP candidates.

Voting will proceed through November 15 – though postseason stats and performance will not count for these regular season awards.


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