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Who I Love and Who I Hate! Week 7

Who I Love and Who I Hate!  Week 7

Week 6 is in the books and now it’s time to move forward and focus on week 7.  For all you Fantasy players who won, congratulations!  For those who lost, this is the time to regroup yourselves and make sure that you put in the best possible players in your lineups.

Every week, I probably put in around 5-6 hours into preparing for all of my fantasy teams.  I know it sounds crazy, but like I have stated in my other articles, I am addicted to Fantasy Football.  Between all 3 of the leagues that I am in, I have a combined record of 14-4 which gives me a 77% winning percentage on the season.  Now I’m not telling you to drop everything you’re doing in life and put in more hours into preparing for your Fantasy Football match-ups, that would be asinine of me.  But I will give you a few tips on how to prepare and know which players to put into your starting lineups.

1.  LOOK AT THE NUMBERS!  I always stress this to people who ask me who they should start.  Look at the numbers folks.  For example, if you have a Wide Receiver going against a 28th ranked pass defense and another Wide Receiver going against a 10th ranked pass defense, YOU START THE ONE THAT IS GOING AGAINST THE EASIER DEFENSE!  I’m not saying bench any of your stud players or high pick players, but if you’re having a difficult time deciding between two mid-tier players, compare the match-ups and numbers.

2.  WHAT TEAM IS YOUR PLAYER ON!  For instance, I have Brandon Marshall on my fantasy team, which is a good team!  Outside the fantasy world…he’s on the Dolphins.  Dolphins are winless and just terrible.  They have a quarterback named Matt Moore and outside of Brandon Marshall, they have no one else.  Inconsistency is major in these situations because like the Dolphins, they don’t have a good offense or a good quarterback.  Brandon Marshall’s numbers are effected by the way the quarterback plays.  Find a player who has a good quarterback or is on a high powered offense.

3.  START A GOOD KICKER!  Kickers matter.  I have some friends who put in a kicker who they know nothing about.  Look at Sebastian Janikowski.  He averages over 10 points a week in fantasy.  He’s beating out half of the running backs and wide receivers out there.  Look at the team the kicker is on.  Do they make a lot of trips to the redzone?  What is their redzone TD-FG ratio?  Find a team that gets to their opponents side of the field often and employ their kicker because chances are they will have a good amount of field goal attempts.

 Lets talk about the players I love this week and the players I hate!


Chris Johnson

Can Chris Johnson finally have an explosive game this season?  I think that this is the week for Chris Johnson to show that he is well worth his luxurious contract he signed before the season.  Houston gives up 107 ypg (yards per game) to opposing running backs and 5 touchdowns on the season.  They surrender an abysmal 4.6  ypc (yard per carry).  The Titans are playing at home and against a Texan’s offense that’s been a bit off since Andre Johnson has been out.  These are the top 2 teams in the AFC South, so this will be a battle and Johnson will need to step up if the Titans are going to win this game.  Prediction: 115 total yards, 2 TDs

Darren Sproles

When the Saints go marching onto the field, Sproles is going to be in the spotlight.  New Orleans are going to have control of this game early and will turn to the ground in the 2nd half, which means more of Darren Sproles.  The Colts give up 137.8 ypg and 7 touchdowns on the season.   Sproles is good at running, catching and returning.  The Colts are just a disaster and it looks good for Sproles going into this game.  Prediction: 60 rushing yards, 25 receiving, 80 return yards, 1 TD

Colt McCoy

Colt McCoy is playing at home against Seattle and it appears that Hillis won’t be able to play this weekend with a hamstring injury.  This means that McCoy is going to have to throw a bit more against a shaky Seattle secondary.  Seattle gives up 268 ypg through the air and 6 touchdowns on the season.  They have only racked up 8 sacks on the season, so the pressure won’t be there for McCoy.  Prediction: 280 yards, 2 TDs 1 INT

Malcolm Floyd

Yes I know they’re playing the Jets, relax.  Jets only give up 200 passing yards a game and have 9 interceptions, so why would I love any receiver going against the Jets?  Last week, the Dolphins went in with Matt Moore, and Marshall still had a good game considering Revis was all over him.  This week, the Jets get a better QB in Rivers and monstrous targets to deal with.  Vincent Jackson will be getting most of the attention and Gates is back and healthy which gives the Jets another person to worry about.  The Chargers also have a pretty good running game with Ryan Mathews and Tolbert back there.  All in all, the Jets have a lot on their plate and it doesn’t help that the Charger’s second wideout is 6’5.  With most of the attention geared at VJ, Gates and Mathews, Floyd should be able to get some more looks and rack up some yardage.  Prediction: 7 catches 95 yards 1 TD


Steve Smith

DO NOT BENCH STEVE SMITH!  I REPEAT! DO NOT BENCH STEVE SMITH!  All I’m saying is that I don’t like his matchup.  The Redskins have a pretty good secondary and a great cornerback in DeAngelo Hall.  What the Redskins lack is rush defense.  Redskins give up over 100 ypg and 4.6 ypc.  Carolina has a 3 headed monster in D-will, Stewart and Newton.  I think that Carolina will not need to throw as much in this game and will instead use their legs to power them to a win.  Prediction: 3 catches 45 yards

John Beck

Welcome to your first start of the 2011 season.  Last time you started was in 2007.  Beck might be a bit rusty, and it will not come at a good time either.  Carolina only gives up 219 passing yards per game and lack a rush defense.  Like I stated above, Carolina will be looking to run the ball and I think the same goes for the Redskins.  John Beck is going into his first start since 2007 and against a good secondary so I see the Redskins play calling to be conservative this weekend and turning to their running backs.  Prediction: 180 passing yards, 1 TD 2 INT

Steven Jackson

Everything is bad about Jackson’s situation.  He is on a terrible team, going into Dallas who is looking to kill someone after their New England defensive meltdown and Bradford might not even play in the game.  Yes they acquired Lloyd, but without a good quarterback under center, Lloyd is pretty much useless and so is Jackson this week.  Dallas gives up 70 ypg, 3.3 ypc and only 1 rushing touchdown on the season…. yaaa that doesn’t look good at all.  Sit Jackson in shallow format leagues.  Prediction: 50 total yards

Maurice Jones-Drew

This is a case where I would say don’t sit your stud, but, if you have another good option (Sproles, Graham, Murray, Battle), I would sit MJD.  Baltimore is just too good of a defensive team all-around.  Jaguars have nothing going for them on offense other than MJD.  It will be easy for Baltimore to focus on MJD and letting Blaine Gabbert throw to ummm no one.  Every receiver for the Jaguars has been disastrous.  Gabbert has only thrown for 4 touchdowns and his season high is 221 yards. Baltimore has nothing to worry about except MJD and they will definitely shut him down.  Prediction: 75 total yards 0 TD


Well those are the players I love and Hate for this week.  If you need any help with your lineups on who to start and sit, please comment below or tweet me at Themisk22!  Good luck to everyone in week 7!

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My name is Themis Katris and I live in Chicago. I am a die hard Bulls and Bears fan and an avid fantasy football player. I graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a degree in Criminal Justice and Political Science. I am currently in law school at John Marshall in Chicago. In my spare time I watch ESPN or the NFL network, play basketball, workout and hangout with friends. Any questions, comments or opinions on Fantasy Football, please do not hesitate to shoot them my way.


In response to “Who I Love and Who I Hate! Week 7”

  1. Greginator Oct 21 20111:03 pm


    Calling yourself a fantasy football expert is like being a gambling expert. Do you also go to Atlantic City and Vegas and coach people on how to play the slot machines or guess at the roulette wheel?

    You suggest benching Brandom Marshall and Steven Jackson who were valuable last week and say you hate Steve Smith but he should be started – then suggest that this is the week CJ2K finally explodes onto the scene… based on what?

    I’m in 4 leagues and spent 10 minutes of my research and am at least 5-1 in all of those leagues. You spend 5 hours and suggest starting Steve Smith (with 45 yards) is a good idea??????

    1. Themis Katris Oct 21 20111:33 pm


      Thank you for your comment. I’ll address each part of your comment
      first I never said bench Brandon Marshall. I said his numbers are based on how well the Quarterback plays, and if you believe that Matt Moore will be good enough to enhance Marshall’s fantasy numbers then you should start him. But no where in my article did I say bench Marshall.
      Every week is a different matchup. Steven Jackson is a good fantasy player, but do you really think you should start him against the #1 ranked rush defense in the league when St. Louis doesn’t even have its #1 QB behind center? Obviously you are going to play Steven jackson in deeper leagues (12-14 team leagues). But in an 8-10 team league, he is borderline RB2 in my opinion and won’t produce this week.
      Steve Smith is a top WR this year. So no, I am not going to tell people to bench him. I clearly said I don’t like his matchup, that doesn’t mean that he won’t have a big game because he could. I just think that the chances of him having a big game against the redskins are slim.
      I am 6-0, 5-1, and 3-3 in my 3 leagues. My 3-3 league I have lost by a combined 14 points in 3 games lol. I am not saying I have a better opinion than you on who to start and who to sit. I am just giving suggestions.
      If all my predictions are wrong, you can definitely come back and be the devils advocate lol. I appreciate positive and negative feedback, it helps me become a better blogger for Fantasy.
      Thank you for your comment

    2. Themis Katris Oct 21 20111:35 pm


      you are right though in saying not to sit Steven Jackson. I should revise and say sit him in shallow formats. I would not suggest to sit him in deeper leagues.

  2. David Willow Oct 21 20112:38 pm


    Steven Jackson is worth sitting if you have the depth, his match up this week is a stinker with Bradford being a game time decision and the Cowboys ranking #1 against the run.

    I’ve been in lots of fantasy leagues and have won and lost, but one thing I have found is true throughout is that anyone can win in fantasy with only 10 minutes of research a week, but for 4-5 seasons your 4-11.

    Much like gambling, it takes luck, but can be a skill game if your smart about it.

  3. Christopher Rowe Oct 21 20113:53 pm


    I too play in a few fantasy leagues… it is a crapshoot pretty much… even the most ardent researchers suffer poor to mediocre seasons. The difference can be that the shrewd researcher may eke out a few wins by risking that spot start (Ben Tate or Curtis Painter) or knowing the feasibility of the matchup. Best to be both lucky AND good but the cream often rises to the top. Chris Johnson remains a mystery of course…

    1. Themis Katris Oct 21 20115:40 pm


      you are right, it is a crapshoot. It all starts from your draft also and how well you did. I mean in my one 10-team league, my first 4 picks were: (1) Rodgers, (2) Gore, (3) Forte, (4) Bradshaw. And I have a flex position. That is a solid core group. You have to have some knowledge and have done some research to build your team. Not anyone can be good at fantasy football. Most newcomers to the fantasy game don’t fair well (just seeing from the leagues I play in with friends/co-workers)

      Anyone can go into a casino and throw 50 bucks on Red and double up, or sit down at a blackjack table and get 2 blackjacks in a row. It takes no skill. I believe that fantasy football can be a skill once you’ve played a few years. Especially if you are in a league in which you can win a lot of money…10 minutes of research might not be enough per week.

      But i appreciate everyone’s comments and I hope you can give me feedback as I continue to write.

  4. Greginator Oct 21 20114:23 pm


    What would be great would be to suggest a league-wide starting lineup for Start-Em, Sit-Em then compare the results to see how successful you are. We used to do one in the days before all of this internet tracking and prediction and were often surprised by the results (Jason Janson was more valuable on average than Jerome Bettis). Kind of like “Wins Above Replacement”

    1. Themis Katris Oct 21 20115:33 pm


      I will start tracking my predictions and see my success rate. But it is fun to just do a little research and look at the numbers etc.

      Thank you for your comments though

  5. Garth Sova Oct 22 20111:11 am


    Magnificent goods from you, man. I have understand your stuff previous to and you’re just too excellent. I really like what you’ve acquired here, certainly like what you’re stating and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still take care of to keep it sensible. I can not wait to read far more from you. This is really a wonderful site.

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