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Posted By Kevin Scholla On Nov 13 2011 @ 3:38 am In Chicago | 1 Comment

This must be prefaced by the following: I love football. I have always liked and respected Joe Paterno. Since these horrific developments at Penn State University have become public I have changed my opinion on Paterno and I have felt physically sick for obvious reasons. The alleged actions of a perverted monster who allegedly abused many boys for years while others may have turned a blind eye has become the most disgusting, awful story I have ever had to deal with in sports or news. From Monday through Saturday my emotions on this case have poured out. I have recorded many of them. I will now share them.

I’ve been a big Paterno fan for years. That said, is there really any other course of action than to force him out? A guy was raping boys in the shower and they told school officials? YOU CALL THE COPS AND SAY ‘A CHILD IS BEING RAPED COME DOWN HERE AND SHOOT THIS GUY’!

Paterno to retire at season’s end

You know what would have helped the victims more than a prayer? The most powerful guy at Penn State stopping it when he had the chance.

Pedophile Supporting University

And honestly I think this is a horrible decision. You either fire him NOW or keep him. You don’t say ‘due to not doing enough to stop child rape, Coach will retire after the season.’!!!

Joe will be cheered on Saturday. Again football is bigger than dog killing and football will be bigger than boy rape. Especially if they root for the dog killer who has no ties to his team and has never won a thing. Joe has been there forever and is a winner. They’ll surely give a long, raucous, standing ovation. Here, here for child molestation! Disgusting.

Not reporting even the slightest possibility of child rape is wrong. Period.

Goodbye Joe. Next time you hear of possible child rape, report it.

This PSU board of trustees clown is a horrible spokesperson. The only reason he’s the spokesperson I assume is because the rest of the board is right out of The Night Of The Living Dead.

No one likes sports more than me. That said, IT’S JUST SPORTS! It doesn’t trump dog killing, it doesn’t trump the mistreatment of women, and it certainly doesn’t trump child rape! Joe Paterno is a football legend. I have always respected him and liked him. Now we are finding out that he was apparently told of child rape and only did the bare minimum! Sorry old man. That doesn’t cut it. Sandusky is the real monster here of course but Paterno and the rest of these people need to pay too. Dearly. And these idiot ‘fans’ jumping around etc. don’t even know what they’re talking about. They just can’t see through their football haze. Take the names out Penn State fans…if coach X knew about coach Y raping child Z …you’d all say he’s gotta go…but when you insert people’s favorite team they don’t think clearly! Or put the names in. The names of your son or brother or cousin or nephew. Get it??? Stupid, stupid people.

We’re all too aware of race discrimination and sex discrimination but let’s not forget age issues. If Joe Paterno was 39 years old EVERYONE would say ‘He didn’t call the cops???? Fire him.’ But because he’s grandfatherly it’s only natural to think there must be an explanation. Wrong is wrong. If you do not protect the weak when you are 18, 39, 70, or 100 you have failed and you are wrong.

Its just like these Philly people who would hate Vick if he were a Cowboy or Giant. If this were Tressel or Bowden or Spurrier, Penn Staters would want him fried. Stop putting football ahead of morality.

Feeling sorry a football coach is fired? He’s lucky he’s not going to jail like his colleagues or getting raped like the little boys! I’d say losing your football job is pretty light if that’s all you get for failure to report child rape to police.

They didn’t fail to report stealing from the bake sale till or cheating on a test…they failed to report child rape. Disgusting. All of them.

How a grown man that actually saw an innocent child being molested and turned around and walked away gets a pass is beyond belief! That McQueary guy should not only be fired but should be held accountable for the rape of that child and any other child who was molested by that monster after that incident.

AND YOU DON’T STOP THIS????? Mike McQueary, a graduate assistant coach who testified that he went into the locker room one Friday night and heard rhythmic slapping noises. He looked into the showers and saw a naked boy about 10 years old “with his hands up against the wall, being subjected to anal intercourse by a naked Sandusky,” according to the grand jury report.

Jerry Sandusky Rumored To Have ‘Pimped’ Boys To Donors! 

I’m starting to think over 50 percent of men are sick, evil bastards and/or really stupid. Males. You don’t see women doing this. Every once in a blue moon a woman is caught molesting a kid but it’s rare. This Sandusky case is certainly extreme but look at all these other men always grabbing the niece or nephew or neighbor. These priests and scout masters and camp counselors. These people are the devil. Pure evil. Satan. This is another reason I like women better.

So I’ve been Facebook unfriended by a Penn State grad. Wow! Dumped for my opposition to CHILD RAPE. God speed.

The current players at Penn State are innocent and deserve no vitriol. Plenty of fans and students are also seeing this clearly and I feel bad for all of them. Those people are not Sandusky etc. THAT SAID- can we put away the Penn State shirts and flags and Penn State default pictures for a little while? We get it. You still like your school…but right now it’s a slap in the face to the victims. Of course not everyone associated with the team or school is not a sicko but showing your support for a school or a football team is really very insignificant right now. Put on a friggin regular shirt for a few days.

Enough with this – ‘Joe Paterno did so much for so many players and charities’. That is absolutely true! He also failed to report to cops that one of his assistants reported to him NINE YEARS ago that he witnessed a naked man anally raping a boy. So the fact that he’s done good for many has nothing to do with this failure.

Nebraska should not be subjected to these rioting fans. It may be appropriate to go Cornhuskers 1-0 here.

Huskers win! Good.

So there it is. Now that a few days have passed I have been able to calm down and think more with my head and less with my heart. I have felt feelings of hate for Sandusky. Feelings of disgust for Paterno and McQueary. Feelings of outrage toward fans and students that rioted. I have stepped back and I can say now with a clear head I FEEL STRONGER THAN EVER about my initial take on the whole thing. Sandusky if guilty deserves death. Paterno’s record of football games means nothing compared to the boys who were assaulted. Students who resorted to that idiotic behavior over a football team are a disgrace. You do not look the other way when a child is being harmed. You have all failed. You are the worst the world has to offer. The worst.

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