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Posted By Christopher Rowe On Nov 14 2011 @ 8:53 pm In Philadelphia Eagles | 7 Comments

Stop the ride. We are ready to get off now.  It has been 13 seasons… (12-1/2 seasons to be exact) and while we have tallied up 121-79 regular season and 10-9 postseason record, Eagles fans are spent. We collectively feel more wretched than Donovan McNabb on his final legendary drive in Super Bowl XXXIX. Fourth and guts on the 20 yard line!

We’ve celebrated 5 NFC Championship games but lost four of them (two when favored) and lost a Super Bowl by a stalled drive and a weak stomach. The worst of these NFC Championship losses may have been the most recent in a winnable affair against these same Arizona Cardinals (well a much better version of this franchise from three seasons ago). None were more disappointing than Super Bowl XXXIX where Reid and Gang Green managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of very real entirely possible victory.

Finally speaking for Eagles Nation we have a message for Andy Reid with his condescending Shaquille O’Neal mumbley-peg press conferences and his pass-happy unbalanced offense and his weak decade of linebackers and his refusal to run a proper Red Zone offense and his insistence that offensive line coaches can become defensive coordinators at the professional level and his bloated, stubborn determination that indeed Andy “Planet” Reid has figured out the Holy Graile of football previously undiscovered by Knute Rockne, Al Davis, George Halas and Bill Walsh… we stand together… and we say vehemently and vituperatively… ENOUGH! We can take no more!

Who holds the NFL record for most 4th quarter leads blown in losses (5) in one season after a sad and sordid effort against the lowly Arizona Cardinals – not to mention the 49ers, Bills, Bears and Falcons (every opponent short of the Dallas Cowboys and St. Louis Rams) – in yet another home implosion?

Who boasts the worst Red Zone offense and defense in the NFL?

Who can’t find a way to get either of their two starting receivers into the lineup despite one of them being 100% healthy?

Who can’t manage to offer their backup veteran NFL QB a single snap where a turnover, flub, fumble or fiasco is not involved – forcing their starter back on the field with bruised ribs?

Who lets a rookie safety in his first start cover the likes of Larry Fitzgerald one-on-one?

Who fails to register a linebacker sack for 9 NFL games (and only has one to show for their effort)?

Who flaunts three of the best CB in the league but refuses to use them in a way that maximizes their strength as cover corners?

Who spent more money in the abbreviated offseason but actually promises to finish worse than they did in 2010 when they made a first round playoff exit to the eventual champion Packers?

Who plays just terribly enough to register 3 wins a 6 losses but finds themselves as far out of the playoff standings as the “Suck-for-Luck” hierarchy?

You know who…E-A-G-L-E-S-EAGLES!!!!!!

If any optimistic, naïve, woefully trusting, still believe in Santa Claus childlike fans remain out there, there is plenty of room on the bandwagon since most of us have jumped off.

When you lose winnable games to San Francisco, Buffalo and Atlanta, you know that any team can have one good or one bad week exceeding explanation.

When you blow 5 fourth quarter leads in one season (3 at home, 2 on the road) and you still dredge up the same old tired schpiel citing “We have to execute better” or “I’ll take the blame for that one” then you actually have to believe your own press.

The statute of limitations has run out on Andy Reid and his excuses and his pompous superiority and his narcissistic obstinacy. Andy Reid is the longest-tenured coach in the NFL and yet he has ZERO Super Bowl rings.

There are no Super Bowl trophies in the Philadelphia Eagles trophy case and while Reid has as many Eagles Super Bowl appearances as legendary Dick Vermeil let’s learn two salient points together. Vermeil got to the Super Bowl with a far less talented team than any of the five Eagles NFC championship squads. Vermeil also took the Eagles to the Big Dance in the pre-salary cap Era – and remains the only NFL coach to take teams to the Super Bowl both pre-salary cap (lost to the Raiders in Super Bowl XV following the 1980 season and then returned 19 years later with the St. Louis Rams Greatest Show on Turf. Joe Gibbs couldn’t do this in his return. Nor could Jimmy Johnson, Mike Ditka or George Seifert. Even Bill Cowher only came close grazing the pre-salary cap era by a couple of years.

Andy Reid has fewer Super Bowl titles than Bill Bellachek, Tom Coughlin, Mike Shanahan, Mike McCarthy, Sean Payton, Tony Dungy, Dick Vermeil and Mike Tomlin.

Reid has as many Super Bowl appearances as Jon Gruden, Lovie Smith, Ken Whisenhunt, John Fox and Chan Gailey.

Every other name on that second list has been fired, relocated or retired yet Reid soldiers on somehow escaping blame or responsibility for the failure of his regime. Every year Reid’s gravitational pull grows stronger yet his public persona engenders the ire of the fans.

Every year there is a new scapegoat, be it Brad Childress, Sean McDermott or Juan Castillo. While we’re at it should we blame Jon Harbaugh, Steve Spagnuolo and Jim Johnson too – just to take the heat off Andy Reid?

Planet Reid gradually becomes less like jolly old St. Nick and more like that sad-sack Santa Claus imposter patrolling the sidelines at Franklin Field so many years ago. Tired, spent, bereft of hope for change and lost in what used to be the promise of a new day… now futilely attempting the same song and dance to hold the masses at bay until they are no longer amused and finally revolt against the sated monarch.

For whom the bell tolls, Andy Reid… it tolls for thee. With apology to social philosopher and pastor Martin Neimoller… it has long since passed the time to find sacrificial lambs. Gone are the likes of Jim Johnson and Donovan McNabb while Pat Shurmur and Leslie Frazier and Steve Spagnuolo left of their own accord. At some point, after they have taken away Brian Dawkins and Brian Westbrook and Jerimiah Trotter (three times) and all of the players and the offensive line and the linebackers and then Brad Childress and then Sean McDermott and Juan Castillo and at some point there will be no one left… so they will come for Reid…

At 3-6, I officially declare the Philadelphia Eagles 2011 season to be over.

Stick a fork in them, they’re done. Even if they manage to run off 7 straight wins, it will only put them at 10-6 and even with such an improbable streak, they would still come up short in tiebreaker games with Atlanta, San Francisco, Chicago and the New York Giants for wildcard spots.

The Dream Team has awakened to the vision of their very own worst Nightmare on Broad Street. It is time to cut our losses and finally lay our hopes to rest. Reinvention is the only way to return to contention.


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