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However Slim Chances, Keep Hope Alive

Posted By Christopher Rowe On Dec 22 2011 @ 8:22 pm In Philadelphia Eagles | 3 Comments

Like it or not, the Eagles bandwagon is still moving (though it is lighter after the hordes hopped off a few weeks ago). Thanks to a win in Miami followed by the Jets’ abject failure to field a football team (Eagles 9-0 vs. Jets since 1973) and the kindly NFC East being a festival of mediocrity, the Philadelphia Eagles at 6-8 do actually have a shot at the division title.

[1]This merry ride of delusional bird brains continues for one more week as these drooling fools hope that the Eagles can put a second beat-down  on the Dallas Cowboys. This also requires the New York Jets to take down the cross-stadium Giants who would be 7-8 and potentially tied with the Eagles if they beat Dallas. Eagles hold tiebreaker having beaten the Giants twice this season.

[2]Should Dallas somehow lose, the final game of the season will determine the NFC East champion which could the Cowboys, Giants or Eagles. If Tony Romo and the Boys manage a victory, it will seal the fate of Eagles fans everywhere – resigning them to focus on next year for at least the fourth time this season.

This former Philadelphia Dream Team has been pronounced dead more often than recycled extras in a low-budget zombie movie (and come back to life more frequently than a birthday cake with trick candles). Should Dallas win, any moderate remaining hope that the potentially 6-9 Eagles could be tossed into the jumble of teams vying for wildcard spots would be dashed.

[3]Foolhardy Eagles fans should face the reality that a cascade failure of teams like Detroit (9-5), Atlanta (9-5) and the cacophony of claustrophobic 8-8-caliber teams (like New York, Chicago, Seattle and Arizona) would have a better shot than the Eagles.


Previous meetings aside, Dallas remains in control of their destiny and by kickoff (Saturday @ 4:15 PM) they could be in even better position. The Cowboys may have a chance to clinch the division crown before they host the surging Eagles. Dallas (8-6) leads the second-place New York Giants [4] by one game and currently resides two games in front of the third-place Eagles (6-8) heading into the final two weeks of the regular season.

Only one of those teams will reach the playoffs, and the Cowboys could clinch that spot Saturday with a win and a Giants’ loss. New York and New York kickoff in New Jersey (Meadowlands) at 1 PM Saturday. Philadelphia needs a Jets victory combined with defeating Dallas to remain alive in the division.

[5]If the Eagles win over Dallas they have a stay of execution for one more week. For the Eagles to repeat as East champions, they must beat the Cowboys and Washington at home on Jan. 1. They need the Giants to lose to the Jets and then beat Dallas in their last game. That would leave all three at 8-8, so Philadelphia would own the tiebreaker based on divisional record.

[6]Look for a real barn-burner should the Eagles get the news shortly after kickoff that last week’s punching bag (Rex Ryan’s NY Jets) may have tackled and spackled those New York Football Giants. Remember that these LaGuardia losers from last week can now help their own cause and revive the playoff hopes of the Jets with a rebound win over Broadway Blue.

Eagles vs. Redskins for a season finale is supposed to conjure up a rivalry. Even with infinitesimal playoff hopes on the line, this is a rivalry that lacks sizzle. Eagles-Washington has gone the way of the stereotypical crying American Indian, leather helmets, Joe Theisman, Jack Kent Cooke and NFL games at Franklin Field.

[7]Washington is 5-9 and having a poor season due to injury, acrimony and a general lack of alacrity in any phase of the game. Aside from volunteering to be a recycling plant for Donovan McNabb, the Redskin rivalry doesn’t seem to have a lot of zing. What is important is the fact that the Eagles have to win and get help from the Jets over the Giants to have even a slim hope that the season finale could matter. Philadelphia is 3-1 in their own division this season (lost to Giants in Week 3) but their last game against Washington was a 20-13 win in October.




Philadelphia Eagles 9-0 record over New York Jets is the longest active streak in the NFL (dating back to 1973).

[8]LeSean McCoy will have broken two single season franchise TD records which have stood since 1945 when Steve Van Buren rushed for 15 TDs and scored 18 overall. McCoy has scored at least one TD in all but one game this season. One difference between VanBuren and McCoy is that Van Buren played in a 10-game NFL season.

[9]Clyde Simmons had 19 sacks in 1992. It didn’t seem like all that big a deal. Reggie White had 21 in 1987 (a strike-shortened season). White then had 18 in 1988. No Eagles sack artists has come close since Simmons in 1992. William Fuller had a couple of 13 sack seasons in the mid-1990s. Hugh Douglas had 15 in 2000. The highest total in recent years is Trent Cole with a pair of 12.5 sack seasons.

 Jason Babin has changed all of that. He has racked up 18 sacks this year


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