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2012 NFL Mock Draft Pt. 1

With the end of another exciting college football season after Alabama’s 21-0 victory over LSU, it’s time to focus on the NFL playoffs.  The juniors and seniors that will be declaring for the NFL however, will be more focused on pro days and combines in the coming weeks and months.  With the draft three months away and the college football season coming to a close, now is the perfect time for Pro Sports Bloggings first 2012 mock draft.

(Draft order will change according to playoffs.  Order is set based on playoff seeding)


1.  Indianapolis Colts – QB Andrew Luck – Stanford

The Colts have all but confirmed the selection of Luck first overall.  With the status of Manning up in the air after three neck surgeries, the Colts need to plan for their future.

2.  St. Louis Rams – OT Matt Kalil – USC

Sam Bradford is a franchise quarterback and more important than getting him a receiver such as Justin Blackmon, the Rams know the importance of keeping their quarterback upright first.

3.  Minnesota Vikings – CB Morris Claiborne – LSU

While it would again be tempting to take Blackmon, the Vikings need to sure up what has been a shaky secondary.  No better way to fix that then to take the top corner off the board

4.  Cleveland Browns – QB Robert Griffin III – Baylor

With the status of Peyton Hillis up in the air, the Browns could grab Trent Richardson at this spot.  Grabbing the talented Griffin however would give the Browns a true franchise quarterback, something the team has lacked in a long time.

5.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers – RB Trent Richardson – Alabama

LeGarrette Bount saw his touches decrease by half and his yardage by nearly 25%.  Richardson is the best talent on the board and while running back isn’t their most pressing need, it would be too hard to pass him up.

6. Washington Redskins – CB Dre Kirkpatrick – Alabama

Washington gave up too many big plays last year to not draft a cornerback.  If Griffin is off the board, then expect the Redskins to grab Kirkpatrick and be a front runner in the Matt Flynn sweepstakes.

7.  Jacksonville Jaguars – WR Justin Blackmon – Oklahoma State

Despite Blaine Gabbert’s struggles as a rookie, don’t look for the panic button to be hit just yet.  Provide Gabbert with the drafts best receiver and then let the learning continue.

8.  Carolina Panthers – DT Devon Still – Penn State

Carolina struggled to stop the run all season which didn’t help the dynamic offense.  Still was the 2010 Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year and his 6’4 310 pound frame should add the run stopping ability they desperately need.

9.  Miami Dolphins – OT Riley Reiff – Iowa

Matt Moore showed enough this season to earn the starting spot for next season.  Along with Jake Long, taking Reiff would solidify the line and add much needed protection over Marc Columbo.

10.  Buffalo Bills – DT Quinton Coples – North Carolina

While Coples didn’t have a senior season to go off of, he would be a great fit in the new 4-3 scheme (yes another new defense Bills fans).

11.  Kansas City Chiefs – OT Jonathan Martin – Stanford

Martin could be a big upgrade at right tackle and as the top rated pass blocking tackle, would be a perfect fit for the Chiefs.

12.  Seattle Seahawks – QB Ryan Tannehill – Texas A&M

Perhaps I’m crazy here, but if the Seahawks don’t land Matt Flynn, I think Pete Carroll finds his quarterback in the sure armed Tannehill.

13.  Arizona Cardinals – LB Luke Kuechly – Boston College

The Cardinals were top 10 in the league in sacks last season and if they pass up Melvin Ingram, I think they land Kuechly.  Look for the Cardinals to possibly take a defensive end, tackle or compliment to Fitzgerald as well.

14.  Dallas Cowboys – CB Janoris Jenkins – North Alabama

Similar to Jimmy Smith from last year’s draft, Jenkins has all the talent to be a first-rounder but has had multiple run ins with the law.  Where better to take trouble and turn it around than the Cowboys?

15. Philadelphia Eagles – LB Dont’a Hightower – Alabama

It’s no secret that the weak link to the Eagles “Dream Team” was the inability to stop the run.  If Kuechly is gone, who the Eagles like, look for them to take Hightower.  Michael Floyd is also a possibility if the team decides it has had enough of Desean Jackson.

16.  New York Jets – SS Mark Barron – Alabama

As the top safety on the board, Barron would add depth to a position that took a hit once Jim Leonard went down.  Rex Ryan being the defensive guru that he is, will jump all over this selection.

17. Cincinnati Bengals – OG David DeCastro – Stanford

The Bengals have found their franchise quarterback and receiver in Andy Dalton and A.J. Green, but they need some much needed protection for Dalton up front.  DeCastro is a big guy who will push to start from day one of camp.

18.  San Diego Chargers – LB Melvin Ingram – South Carolina

The Chargers need a pass rusher and with Ingram slipping down to their spot, A.J. Smith will be licking his chops to get the versatile linebacker.

19.  Chicago Bears – WR Michael Floyd – Notre Dame

It’s become obvious that while Devin Hester is the best return man ever, he just isn’t a receiver.  The Roy Williams experiment failed, the status of Johnny Knox is up in the air and Earl Bennett is just serviceable.  Time to get Cutler a true number one receiver.

20.  Tennessee Titans – DT Dontari Poe – Memphis

Poe has exceptional mobility for his size and will be able to take up multiple blockers at once for the Titans in hopes of improving their run defense.

21.  Cincinnati Bengals – RB Lamar Miller – Miami

Many analysts feel that Miller may actually be better than Richardson.  With Miller falling into the Bengals lap, it give them a good compliment for the hard-running Cedric Benson and another piece to their young core.

22.  Cleveland Browns – WR Kendall Wright – Baylor

If the Bengals take Griffin with their first pick in the draft, why not fill their need for a receiver with Griffin’s teammate at Baylor.  Perfect match.

23.  Detroit Lions – CB Alfonso Dennard – Nebraska

The Lions have needed secondary help and help at linebacker for quite a few years.  This could be the first time since 1998 that the Lions select a cornerback in the first round.

24.  Pittsburgh Steelers – LB Vontaze Burfict – Arizona State

A mean, hard-hitting linebacker in the black and gold, no not Harrison, but Burfict will soon bring his mean streak to the Steel City.  Burfict’s attitude and aggressive play will fit in perfectly as James Farrior’s career is coming to an end.  Another option is nose tackle Dontari Poe if he is still on the board.

25.  Denver Broncos – TE Dwayne Allen – Clemson

If Denver stays with Tebow, they need to get him all the weapons that they can.  The All-American tight end would be a perfect fit in Denver’s option based offense.

26.  New York Giants – OG Kelechi Osemele – Iowa State

True the Giants secondary has got burned on many occasions, but most of that was due to injuries.  The offensive line is the main concern for the Giants and Osemele provides a big body to protect their ELIte quarterback (see what I did there).

27.  Houston Texans – DT Jerel Worthy – Michigan State

The Texans defense was a surprise this year, but they could still use help up front.  Worthy can provide depth behind Shaun Cody.

28.  New England Patriots – CB Stephon Gilmore – South Carolina

Knowing the Patriots, they won’t draft here since they always make trades for positioning.  They do however, need to improve on their secondary which was dead last in the league against the pass.  If Gilmore decides to declare for the draft, the Patriots could use his physical play at the line

29.  Baltimore Ravens – C Peter Konz – Wisconsin

If Konz declares, he will be the top center on the board.  His elite blocking ability will help the Ravens get younger with their line.

30.  San Francisco 49ers – WR Mohamed Sanu – Rutgers

If you have watched the 49ers play this year, you know what a bust Braylon Edwards was and how inconsistent 2009 first round pick Michael Crabtree has been.  Coach Harbaugh wants to keep quarterback Alex Smith around long-term and they will need some weapons to help him out.

31. New England Patriots – WR Alshon Jeffery – South Carolina

New Englands passing attack relies heavily on the two great tight ends, but aside from Wes Welker, their receiving core is just average.  Jeffery improved his stock in the Capitol One Bowl and will give the Patriots the much needed vertical threat they have been looking for.

32. Green Bay Packers – DE Fletcher Cox – Mississippi State

The Packers have always loved to shore up their line in the first round.  Cox will help out the run defense and allow more pressure by the front three.

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In response to “2012 NFL Mock Draft Pt. 1”

  1. Corey Rioux Jan 10 20126:54 pm


    No way Blackmon falls that far in the draft, he’s a top 4 pick no matter what. Also Cleveland isn’t going to be looking for a QB, they need a WR and or RB or possibly could be trading down to spot number 6 or 8 to Washington or Miami allowing one of them to select RG3.

    I also believe Jeffery will be selected before ND’s Floyd and Baylor’s Kendall Wright, he’s more of a true prospect with size and ability.

    I could be wrong so don’t quote me on this, just trying to give my 2 cents worth.

    Thanks for the info, looking forward to Pt. 2


    1. Michael Waterloo Jan 10 201210:30 pm



      Thanks for the read and you could very well be right. I did this draft without any trading going on and keeping the picks where they are now. I believe that the Browns will take Griffin if he is on the board, although they could snatch up Richardson. Jeffery is definitely improving his draft stock and could very well move up the boards come April!

  2. bebe Jan 11 20128:00 am


    Alshon Jeffrey wont be selected before Floyd, not a chance! Plus Arizona won’t go defense first in this draft, they will take Floyd in that 13 spot…..they need someone to compliment Fitz badly and they have said so much in the Arizona Republic since the season ended, unless they can get the WR they need for Fitz via free agency.

    1. Michael Waterloo Jan 11 20124:03 pm


      Hey Bebe,

      I agree with you about Jeffery not going before Floyd. And I also agree, as I wrote in Arizona’s selection, that the Cardinals have many needs and very well could take a receiver to compliment Fitz. Should be interesting to see which route they take!

  3. Corey Rioux Jan 11 20125:54 pm


    Like the input guys, I assume we all have our own opinions. As a Cleveland fan I pray that we do not take RG3, I don’t think Holmgren plans to draft another QB, but instead to build around McCoy or even go after Matt Flynn if the Packers decide not to franchise him.

    I’m gonna stick behind my Jeffery decision for now, I guess we’ll find out come post-combine.


  4. James Centifonti Jan 11 20129:29 pm


    Way to early for a mock, still have free agency that begins on March 13th & maybe some trades even before the draft that will change things.

    I’ll post one here just after some players sign. This one is interesting just in terms on some players you have going at some slots.

    1. Michael Waterloo Jan 11 201210:19 pm


      Hey James,

      Appreciate the read and disagree, not to early for a mock. I realize all of the moves that have to take place, that’s why I labeled this as part 1, as I will do one each month leading up to the actual draft. I do agree that Kuechly would be the best fit for the Eagles if he is around and the organization loves the guy. If not, I still feel they will take a linebacker though!

  5. James Centifonti Jan 11 20129:42 pm


    As much as I’d love to see the Eagles draft a LB in round 1, they haven’t since 1979.

    I always expect them to draft some sort of lineman. But if the don’t I’d hope Kuechly slides to them & if not then Barron is who they should take.

    Both would aide a huge weakness down the middle of their defense.

    1. Christopher Rowe Jan 11 201210:57 pm


      Eagles may surprise us this year… when was the last time they even HAD a dominant linebacker?

      1. Michael Waterloo Jan 11 201211:02 pm


        Chris long time no talk hope all is well! and depending on your definition of “dominant” I would say Jeremiah Trotter

      2. James Centifonti Jan 12 20128:53 am


        Yeah Trotter is probably the last “decent” or capable player they had accutally suited to play the middle. I’ve watched Kuechly a lot this year and same with Burfict who reminds me of Ray Lewis when he is not losing his mind taking a personal foul penalty & when he wasn’t benched by Arizona St towards the end of the year because of it.

        This would be an area I’d imagine they’d have to change ASAP “if” they landed Spags.

        1. Christopher Rowe Jan 12 201210:35 am


          Sounds like a young, raw version of Ray Lewis. Then again, so was Terrell Suggs.

          Agree Trotter was the last dominant Eagles linebacker for a year or two and Bradley had a good year or some say Simmoneau…but it has not been since the days of Seth Joyner and the Reggie White/Clyde Simmons/Eric Allen/Wes Hopkins teams (as James alluded to). Reid simply doesn’t value the LB position.

          Spagnuolo does as a Johnson disciple (as did McDermott who was not allowed to develop them) and it is time for a defensive authority figure. Fouku, Chaney, Matthews and Rolle are cokplimentary players but how great would it be to grow the legend of the next Butkis or Urlacher or Lewis or Singletary? You need Spagnuolo in order to make defense a priority rather than a secondary side dish!

          1. James Centifonti Jan 12 201211:38 am

            Well for me it would depend on how things unfold in the draft. But they should consider drafting Barron at #15 and then use the 2 picks in round 2 if needed add a 2013 pick in to move back in to round 1 and draft Burfict.

            Andy may really have no choice if this is truely his last shot with the Eagles. If not hope Kuechly falls or that it doesn’t cost too much to move up a few spots to land him.

  6. James Centifonti Jan 12 20129:01 am


    Shocked you don’t have Courtney Upshaw but have Dont’a Hightower. Both are close in early draft grades

  7. Christopher Rowe Jan 12 201212:52 pm


    Good to have great debate back again so thanks to both of you for sparking it. Trotter (a Rhodes draftee) is the only Eagles LB to make the Pro Bowl since the 1990s

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