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Is God guiding Tebow To the Super Bowl?

Posted By Adam Sharp On Jan 13 2012 @ 9:22 am In New England Patriots | 6 Comments

Tebow started over Kyle Orton for one reason and one reason only, to put butts in the seats. Then, after being smashed by the Detroit Lions, uproar began throughout the league. They said that Tebow should be benched and must stop the “God talk.” Then Tebow won seven in a row. This streak turned spectators from Pilates into Jehovahs Witnesses. The Bible says in Ruth 2:12, “May the Lord repay you for what you have done. May you be richly rewarded by the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge.” So the question is raised, has Tebow earned the most prestigious prize in football?

Well it seems that Divine Intervention is leading Tebow straight to the Super Bowl.

Denver has been playing with high energy ever sense Tebow was named the starter. Even after losing three straight, and limping into the playoffs, the “Tebows” remained optimistic. God then stepped in and gave Tebow a physically and mentally beaten Steelers.

Ben could barley walk and looked no better than 60%. With two minutes left in the fourth Ben had the chance for another classic drive, but his injury proved costly as he was sacked three times and fumbled once.

The best secondary in the NFL looked subpar due to injuries and the fact that they had to stay on the field longer than usual. Tebow threw for 316 yards, including five of the top ten longest passes the Steelers gave up all season. After God answered Tebow’s prayers in the first round, He has blessed him once more with a beatable Patriots team.

During the course of the regular season the Patriots only played two teams with winning records, and they lost both. So, if they beat Denver, it will be their first win over a better than five-hundred team. We all know that Tom Brady is battle tested and holds an impressive 14-5 record in the postseason, but many others on the team only remember the quick elimination last year. Brady is also an unimpressive 2-6 against Denver lifetime and was the last quarterback the Broncos beat in the playoffs. Out of the four top seeded teams, I believe Denver imagines the Patriots as the most likely win.

Denver lost to New England in the regular season, but the loss may have given Denver confidence. Denver was up 16-7 at the half, but then three second half turnovers lead to their demise. It is as if God has shown Tebow how to accomplish his mission, but taught him to be careful on the way. If Tebow can limit his turnovers anything is possible.

Tebow is a winner. He proved it in college and is now doing the same in Denver. So how far will God allow this Divine Intervention to continue. If He allows Tebow to throw for 316 yards against the Steelers, He could let Tebow throw for 500 yards against the Patriots second from worst passing defense. And will He allow Tebow to do what he does best, run the ball. The Patriots are giving up 117 rushing yards a game, middle of the pack defense, and Tebow averages around 45 yards a game. If Tebow can get two or three first-downs with his legs, Brady can be turned into a spectator. This would make it a long day for the Patriots.

It cannot be said as a fact that God plans on Tebow winning, but Belichick definitely plans on trying to assure a Tebow loss. With New England not the dynasty it once was, Belichick wants to show his genius and keep his job. Belichick has defeated John Fox in the postseason once before, in their Super Bowl match-up, and Belichick has recruited Josh McDaniels to make sure that Tebow does not surprise him. Belichick surrounds himself with winners, he knows who they are and what they can do. He knows Tebow is a winner and bringing in McDaniels may assure victory.

McDaniels was the one who drafted Tebow. He knows all the tricks and abilities Tebow is capable of. Brady says on ESPN Boston that, “He obviously has some inside information on that team and those players because he coached them.”

So we will see. God has given Tebow a difficult challenge. But He has given him the easiest possible route to the Super Bowl.

In the end Brady’s skills, Belichick’s genius, and McDaniels inside knowledge may be too much for anyone’s destiny to run through. Final 27-24 Patriots in a nail bitter. God will leave Tebow’s Super Bowl Trophy for another year.

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