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Super Bowl XLVI: Running Game Diary

Posted By Corey Rioux On Feb 5 2012 @ 11:14 pm In NFL | No Comments

Nothing’s better than a running game diary of America’s biggest sporting event; this is why I’m here.

Over the 14 days that chronicled up to tonight’s Super Bowl, every storyline was told in one way or another. Yet, I’m not here for that, I’m here to get away from those exotic prop bets. I’m here for all the right reasons to love football.

Not only have we reached the nirvana of the NFL landscape, we have skimmed through countless weeks of the regular season, the playoffs, and numerous fantasy leagues concluded on a harsh or exhilarating note. Yet, knowing that the only game that remains is for NFL supremacy, TV’s across the globe will be set to witness the one thing we all love, the greatest sporting event mankind has ever encountered, The Super Bowl.

And not only is this just another championship bout, the sport’s land will witness a Super Bowl rematch between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots.

So, before we begin; here is my exclusive Super Bowl XLVI game prediction: New York Giants, 27  New England Patriots, 24.

All times Eastern Standard Time (EST).

(10:00 AM-6:00 PM) After countless hours of pre-game, I only decided what type of pizza was appropriate for the occasion. And that Jerry Rice is ESPN’s worst analyst. Plus, among non-Patriot “experts” the Giants are the clear-cut favorite. Just bring the game on already.

(6:00 PM) Is it me, or does Faith Hill not age?

(6:15 PM) Sorry, but I don’t want country singers, we need a true rockstar. Give Steven Tyler another chance. I’m serious.

(6:18 PM) Now, Kelly Clarkson, that’s someone I can deal with even though she was once on Vince Wilfork’s diet…..

(6:24 PM) Heads or tails? I’m going heads.

(6:25 PM) Plus, where the hell is Cris Carter? Oh, yeah right, my bad.

(6:26 PM) New England’s strategy has already begun. Choosing to kick. Even though that’s vintage Belichick.

(6:29 PM) We are underway, football fans.

(6:32 PM) The salsa-dancing show has already begun in Indy, Cruz for the first down.

(6:35 PM) New England’s weak secondary already showing, bad positioning.

(6:38 PM) Here comes TB12, what does he have to prove? Everything.

(6:40 PM) 2-0, Giants. Not a very good start for Tom Brady, like I’ve said before, over-confidence. My heart stopped when the flag came out, though the Brady rule was about to take place.

(6:49 PM) 12 men on the field…..things that define a win or loss in this situation.

(6:51 PM) New York extends the lead with a Victor Cruz touchdown, 9-0. Eli is showing the strength of persistence throughout this playoff run. Penalties always come back to bite you, as well as a weak defense.

(6:53 PM) By the way, the salsa-dance continues. It will never die.

(6:58 PM) New England picks up their first first down, signs of momentum could build from here on out.

(7:00 PM) End of 1st Quarter, 9-0, New York. Pats are threatening for their first score of the game. Hoping New York didn’t get hot at the wrong time.

(7:05 PM) Gostowski hits a 29 yarder to give New England their first points of the game. 9-3, New York’s lead.

(7:11 PM) Ninkovich caught some Jacobs on that chip block. Don’t want to get in his way.

(7:14 PM) I told you. Steven Tyler, ladies and gentleman (in the Patriot’s box).

(7:22 PM) JPP already making a difference. Brady’s getting frustrated early.

(7:24 PM) At this point I think Pat’s fans are getting a tad worried considering the inconsistency of both offense and defense.

(7:24 PM) Have I ever told you how much I despise Welker’s mustache? It’s almost as bad as Flacco’s.

(7:29 PM) Penalties kill football teams again and again. Unless you have Sean Weatherford, beautiful punt.

(7:34 PM) Gronk gets his 1st catch of the game as the Pats obtain some breathing room. What ankle?

(7:42 PM) Huge sack eluded by TB12, gives New England a first down in the redzone with 28 ticks to play in the half.

(7:47 PM) Touchdown, New England. Brady finds Woodhead in the middle of the endzone to give the Patriots their first lead of the game, 10-9 with the Gostowski PAT.

(7:48 PM) With New England getting the ball to start the 3rd, this is a huge momentum swing.

(7:50 PM) Halftime, New England leads New York, 10-9. Time to bring out Madonna (unfortunately).

(8:03 PM) This is extremely painful to watch, I’d rather shove soda cans down my throat at this point.

(8:05 PM) At this rate, I’m hoping for a wardrobe malfunction…..

(8:07 PM) Is it normal to claw your eyes out? Let’s get the game going, please.

(8:10 PM) I have to admit, Cee Lo Green brightened my mood.

(8:22 PM) And we return to the 2nd half, finally.

(8:23 PM) Wait, who’s that!?!?!?! OCHOCINCO!!!

(8:24 PM) The Law-Firm emerges as a factor here in the 3rd with a long run to the right on a pitch from Brady.

(8:27 PM) New York’s defense a little flustered here, not stopping anything.

(8:28 PM) Touchdown. Tom Brady hits Hernandez across the middle to extend the lead further as the Patriots go up, 17-9. Giants got some work to do on offense if they plan to stay in this one. Look for Eli to go vintage Manning on this upcoming drive.

(8:31 PM) Just heard my Patriots fan grandfather started burning his Pats stuff til’ that touchdown. Proves the point of this game in the hearts of the community’s in New England. Rhody Pride.

(8:33 PM) Jake Ballard is slower than a parked car.

(8:37 PM) Patriot’s defenders on a mission to deliver some blows to these New York receivers.

(8:38 PM) Tynes’ field goal sneaks inside the left post to end the Pats 17-0 run and decrease deficit from 8 to 5. New England still leads, 17-12.

(8:45 PM) The Seinfeld commercial beats all other commercials. Enough said. Leno. And the infamous Soup Nazi.

(8:48 PM) New York finally makes a stop and gets the ball back around midfield. Here comes Eli.

(8:51 PM) Hakeem Nicks just walked away from a disaster. Lucky on that fumble, Hakeem.

(8:54 PM) Giants need a 1st on this 3rd and 8. Absolutely need it.

(8:55 PM) Eli takes the sack and New York must settle for a FG attempt.

(8:55 PM) Tynes puts it through for the second time decreasing the deficit to 2. New England leads 17-15 still with the football.

(8:59 PM) End of the 3rd. One quarter to play for the Lombardi Trophy. New England stil leads 17-15.

(9:03 PM) Brady makes a mistake, avoids the sack and throws the ball deep to Gronk and it’s intercepted by LB Blackburn. Giants football.

(9:04 PM) Bradshaw loses the football, but New York gets the bounce again. Giants retain the ball.

(9:05 PM) Giants use a timeout to avoid the delay of game penalty. Could be a monumental timeout. Have to convert on this 3rd and 7.

(9:09 PM) Offsides Ninkovich, another chance for New York, 3rd and 2.

(9:09 PM) First down New York. Must score this drive.

(9:14 PM) Eli driving, attempting to weaken the defense.

(9:16 PM) Another timeout taken by New York to avoid the delay of game. Only 1 left.

(9:18 PM) Incomplete on 3rd and 10, forcing New York to punt, still down 17-15. New England ball, 9:24 to play.

(9:22 PM) Giants successfully getting to Brady, could be a sign of life. And a cause for concern.

(9:27 PM) A little trickery on a reverse handoff to Welker for the first down.

(9:29 PM) Pats are eating the clock, 4 minutes remain.

(9:30 PM) Welker drops a wide open pass, could be a break for New York.

(9:31 PM) Incomplete on 3rd and 11. Pats forced to punt, giving New York the ball with a little less than 4 minutes to play. Giants start at their own 12.

(9:32 PM) 38 yard completion down the left side in-between 2 defenders to Manningham on 1st down, Belichick is challenging the call on the field of a catch.

(9:35 PM) Call upheld, New England loses a timeout, 2 remaining.

(9:37 PM) New York marching into field-goalish territory with 2:10 remaining.

(9:38 PM) 2-minute warning, Giants ball in field goal territory down 17-15.

(9:41 PM) 1st and goal Giants with 1:09 remaining.

(9:43 PM) Touchdown Bradshaw as he goes up the middle, looked like he wanted to fall at 1 yard line, but fell into endzone. Nonetheless, Giants take the lead, 21-17. 57 sec remaining in the game.

(9:45 PM) Giants go for 2 points, unsuccessful. 21-17. One last chance for Brady, down by 4.

(9:47 PM) Branch drops a ball across the middle…….

(9:48 PM) Hernandez drops one too….3rd and 10. 48 sec left.

(9:48 PM) Brady sacked by Justin Tuck for his 2nd sack of the game. 4th and 16. 39 sec left.

(9:50 PM) 1st down Patriots, complete to Branch. 32 sec left as he gets out of bounds.

(9:50 PM) 1st down to Hernandez, 17 sec left.

(9:51 PM) 2nd and 5, 9 sec left, near the 50. Down 21-17.

(9:52 PM) 5 sec left, one last Hail Mary for Super Bowl legacy.

(9:53 PM) Incomplete. Giants Win!!!!!! Super Bowl XLVI Champions!!!! Eli grabs his 2nd ring and once again, he defeats Tom Brady.

I hope you liked the diary, Sunday night marked Super Bowl greatness as the New York Giants fended off the New England Patriots, 21-17 for their second title in 5 years.

New England failed to achieve immortality as Brady and Belichick both walked off the field the same way they did last time, with their heads hung. Everything was put on the line in Indianapolis and there wasn’t a better way to end it.

Finding themselves at 7-7, the Giants were staring at not making the playoffs for the 3rd consecutive year, but soon life was sparked and they now go down as Super Bowl Champions, writing history once again.

Congratulations to New York’s organization as they conclude a remarkable run some of us will never forget. And for New England, this adds fuel to the fire as it stings a bit more. For the NFL and all of its fans, the 2011 season is signing off.




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