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Just Play the Game!

Posted By Stephen Gonzalez On Feb 20 2012 @ 12:12 pm In English EPL | 4 Comments

Though stories have been presented in the past, it seems recently there are names that have emerged as problems, cancer’s to the team, racists, and simply babies. We know the players I am talking about, and unfortunately they are players that are superstars for their respective teams; rather than just another face on the team that can be replaced by anybody else. I am talking about the likes of guys such as Carlos Tevez, Luis Suarez, Mario Balotelli, and John Terry. These lads often seem to shine for their teams as well as for the media.

Carlos Tevez caused a frenzy in Manchester due to his refusal to be subbed in late in a game. Last year Tevez was the biggest threat to all the premier league where he co-lead the EPL in goals. His furious attack and determination led him to be a nightmare for anyone in the back, and his skill proved to be second to none. Now, with the likes of Eden Dzeko and Sergio Aguero, Manchester City were going to be an unstoppable force when those two complimented Tevez. But Tevez wouldn’t let things be that easy. Turns out, everything is about him. His desire to go back with his family in Argentina can be understood, but too good to get subbed in late in a game? Are you kidding me? How arrogant can one be to believe their too good to go into a game? To me, it is disgraceful and poor taste by someone who gets paid millions to play a sport, to act like a child on the sideline because they shouldn’t be a late sub. Unfortunately for Manchester, their problems with Carlos Tevez are only followed by potential super-star Mario Balotelli. I have talked about the guy before and there is no doubt that he could be outstanding, but his temper tantrums on the field, and off field¬†discrepancies can only lead people to think that he will be one those players that was “the greatest player that never was”. As a manager, it’s hard to trust him. Sometimes you’re going to get an amazing performance, but sometimes you’re going to get moping, whining, and childish outbursts because he can’t control himself. The two of them need to grow up and understand that the life they have received is one the millions of people around the world could only dream to have, but instead of embracing it, somehow these two are managing to destroy their image day after day.


Luis Suarez and John Terry are equally tarnishing their reputations as well, but only in a slightly different manner. On the field, both Terry and Suarez are reliable, dependable, and big pieces to both their teams. How do they manage to ruin this? Well, Former England captain John Terry has been accused more than once of racial abuse on the field. As if you can’t stoop low enough, he also was convicted of having an affair with English Teammate Wayne Bridges wife! Cheating is already publicly frowned upon, and he goes and sleeps with a teammates wife? It is despicable. Luiz Suarez is very similar. Accused of racism on the field, unnecessary gestures to fans, fighting, basically anything to get him suspended or fined. ¬†The one big question I have for them is, how do the players on their own team feel about them? Does Suarez and Glen Johnson hang out off the field? Is Ashley Cole and Didier Drogba okay with what John Terry says? It seems these two would have trouble facing certain players on their team in the face after some of their actions. These four only some of the names that have the media in a frenzy. They can all be brilliant, but they are letting themselves slip away from legend to the faces in sports young players are urged not to be like.

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