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Colts Could’ve Had Cake

Posted By Steven Keys On Mar 7 2012 @ 5:46 pm In Indianapolis Colts | 1 Comment

Have your cake and eat it too. That’s the maxim. Translation: You can have the best of both worlds, you can have it all.

Origin: I’m guessing Marie Antoinette of “Let them eat cake” fame.  She, the Queen of France and wife of Louis XVI, both fatalities of the French Revolution (1789) who bravely met the guillotine for their love of cake. That’s an over-simplification and probably a bad rap to boot.

The Indianapolis Colts could’ve had their cake and eaten it too. Translation: Mr. Irsay could’ve drafted a new quarterback and kept the future first-ballot Hall of Famer and franchise-builder Peyton Manning on his roster as well.

But that’s if recent rumors are reliable. Chiefly, that PM is throwing with velocity, wanted to finish his career in Indy and was open to restructuring his contract, including the $28 million bonus he was due to receive if the Colts opted to keep him on board.

Kurt Warner spoke on Total Access Tuesday night as everyone was digesting Chris Mortensen’s (ESPN) breaking story on Manning’s impending release. The well-qualified Kurt who knows something about new beginnings (Cardinals) believes Peyton needs to find the “right fit,” franchise-wise. Makes sense.

What he said next was puzzling: “You know what (Peyton) brings to the table.” A year ago I would’ve agreed whole-heartedly with Kurt. Not anymore. And with apparent NFL restriction on Colts getting a private workout with the QB before the bonus date (3/8), it’s even harder to know what the four-time MVP holds in his hand, health-wise.

Many believe Peyton Manning’s damaged-goods. Maybe it’s true, maybe not, depending on which public-relations campaign you follow. But no matter. Deals can be re-worked to accommodate such risks. As long as the changes comport with NFL rules, public policy, State & Federal law, both sides can mutually agree to do just about anything.

And there in may lay the real issue with Jim Irsay.

Irsay may not be all that keen to know Manning’s full capability or in spreading risk. He may want to bake his own concoction and start fresh from scratch, working his own recipe for success (Luck / RG3). Leaving his mark on the Colts and leaving the Manning era to the history books may be what now motivates the Indianapolis owner.

Writing strictly as a fan I’d have tried just about anything, within reason, to keep Peyton on the Colts’ roster. But what do I know? What do any of us really know whose opinions rely solely on the media rumor mill? Pretty silly then to question the decision-making of an NFL owner who’s privy to most the inside scoop.

You’d be foolish to think the Colts’ owner doesn’t fully appreciate what Peyton Manning has done for him, his organization and the State of Indiana. He must and then some.

Jim Irsay may believe his own legacy would end up on the guillotine if he partook in the cake that Peyton Manning represents today. Even if you re-work the contract and spread the risk, the Colts’ would never be Jim’s team as long as Manning was working the kitchen.

Speculation on where Peyton will land, assuming it‘s not the golf course, will dominate the news cycle. A nice change from Lin-sanity and Bounty-gate (Did anyone, excluding Saints & Packers’ fans, not think Minnesota got the shaft that January day in 2010?).

Low-flying long-shots: KC and Minnesota. Both Super starved franchises are under the radar, but like many teams, have QB question-marks. And interestingly, both the Chiefs (DeBerg / Montana) and Vikings (Moon / Cunningham / Favre) have histories of taking on decorated, time-worn veterans, unready to fade-away and with something left to give.

Targeting the town where Peyton will touch-down requires three tallies: team finances, team talent and team leadership (coaches). Alternatively, you can keep it simple and just tune-in to John Clayton (ESPN) and Jason La Canfora (NFL Network) for the latest word.

Transfer of power can be constitutionally calm or it can be a bloody mess (Ted & Brett). From the congenial tenor of their Wednesday press conference (“To Jim I’ll forever be grateful” / ESPN / 3-7), it looks like everyone’s gonna’ keep their head in this revolution.

And would you have expected any different in the Hoosier State?

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