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Take A Risk, It Might Pay Off (or will it?)

Posted By Chris Mosca On Mar 14 2012 @ 12:56 pm In Golden State Warriors,NBA | 7 Comments

Playing it safe is no longer an option for the Warriors.  After whiffing on DeAndre Jordan and Tyson Chandler during free agency, they were practically forced to shake up their roster to bring legitimate size to their front court. 

 The Facts: The Warriors traded Ekpe Udoh, Monta Ellis, and Kwame Brown to the Milwaukee Bucks for Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson.

Since the Warriors failed to attract a dominant center via free agency, they took a different route, which naturally received more criticism than any offseason free agent signing.  What deserved more criticism was their obvious desperation when they were willing to throw 7 million dollars at Kwame Brown, the NBA’s symbol of unmet expectations.  If they traded an asset (or even a potential one) for Kwame Brown, the internet in the Bay area may have actually exploded and Y2K may have actually culminated.

In elementary school, it was almost more embarrassing to make the Effort Roll than to fail the grade altogether.  Almost.  Joe Lacob and Peter Gruber (owners) are putting forth an effort and are having themselves a multi-million dollar learning experience.

Forget the stats.  Management wasn’t interested in stats especially when they’re skewed by the absence of a seat on the bench for Monta.  His shooting percentage has always been a weapon used to devalue him.  For a guy averaging 35 plus minutes per game for his career (40+ in the last two years) and having a poor supporting cast outside of Curry, the abundance of  tired and ballsy shots are going to skew his overall stats. 

The Warriors have been interested in parting with Monta Ellis for two and half years now.  Coincidentally, two and a half years ago, Stephen Curry was drafted and the term ‘co-existence’ suddenly became a bigger fad than Beanie Babies and parachute pants in the 90′s.  Co-existence was muttered about 40 times per game and most likely dominated headlines for blogs just like this one.  There are ‘co-exist’ bumper stickers everywhere.  The 2009 draft had a subliminal effect on the creation of that bumper sticker despite both causes being completely unrelated.   

For two and a half years, Monta’s name has been incessantly included in trade rumors for a reason.  Judging by Monta’s disposition (smiling his ass off in a devilish way) in last night’s interview, he got his due closure.  Imagine going to work everyday knowing that they’ve tried to send you packing on more than one occasion but just couldn’t find any suitors.  What will that do to your psyche?

The Warriors brought in Andrew Bogut as the answer to the Warriors’ gaping hole in the middle that also fits Mark Jackson’s defensive scheme.  The trade also indicates that Bogut’s ankle is healing correctly.   They didn’t give up on Ekpe Udoh.  Udoh is undersized to compete with the stature of players like Bynum,Chandler, Dalembert, and Howard while Andris Biedrins is still learning how to walk and chew gum at the same time. 

Somehow, the Bucks were able to untangle the antlers of Scott Skiles and Stephen Jackson in order to unload his contract.  The Warriors are reportedly shoppingJacksonas I write this and I hope they can send him away just as easily as the Bucks did.  The only thing Stephen Jackson will be responsible for in GoldenState is limiting the development of Klay Thompson and leaving Brandon Rush wondering why his ass is getting sore.  The Warriors surely won’t miss Kwame’s 5 inch vertical leap, his joyous and enthusiastic, I mean monotone and uninterested demeanor.

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