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Posted By Mark Cook On Mar 15 2012 @ 4:35 pm In New Jersey Nets | No Comments

Have you ever been rejected? jilted? lead astray? Has a person ever misled you so much that you felt like you couldn’t trust another word that person says. Well in this case, Nets fans feel that way about Dwight Howard.


Now, grant it DH had shown a lot of indecision in this process, but to basically hold the Magic, Nets and the rest of the NBA “hostage” with his constant waffling on whether to stay or to go somewhere else. It puzzles me that DH would give up “control” of his playing future because he didn’t want to become a villain (a la Lebron James). Are you serious?


NBA players have the rare opportunity to determine where they can take their talents. NFL & MLB players don’t have the same amount of “power” when it comes to their careers. Some people like to compare this scenario to what happened with Carmelo Anthony last season. But, I flatly disagree because Melo made it clear that he wanted to go to New York.


This whole situation was a “mess” for the last two seasons. Not, only should Nets fans feel duped by this seven foot swindler but the Magic should feel the same way. I think it’s silly for Magic fans to “believe” that DH really wants to be in Orlando, when it took the pressure from his mom and team management to “guilt trip” him into staying put. I predict this time next season will be in the same position.


Howard will be wanting out because his team won’t have enough weapons to win a title. The only difference is that the Nets shouldn’t be stupid enough to listen to DH’s overtures of being the “man” in Brooklyn. Getting screwed once should be good enough for Billy King.


I say forget him, move on, build around D-Will. If D-Will decides to go elsewhere, then we have to re-build again. I know it will be hard Nets fans but I would rather have a team that wants to play for us instead of dealing with a “star” who doesn’t know what he wants from hour to hour.


Good luck DH, don’t call us when you’re ready to leave Disneyland!


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